Making money reviewing products

How can I make money reviewing products? This is a very popular question on the internet these days. Many people are now looking for non-traditional ways of making money and the internet is a very lucrative place to look at.

There are several steps you need to take before you can become successful in making money by reviewing products. First, you need to figure out what product or group of products you will like to write your reviews on. Then you need to build a website on which you will write your reviews. Next you need to write a good amount of reviews on you website. After this stage, you need to focus on lead generation and monetize you website by posting affiliate links to the products you review or posting ads to your site.

Finding a market niche

There are so many products online that you can write reviews on but before you can start making money from reviews, you need to figure out what it is you want to focus on. It is at this stage of the process where you try to narrow your topic to a unique population.

You need to choose a market niche in order to begin. A market niche is a small and specific subsection of a market. Let’s say for example that you are interested in writing product reviews about baby products. The term baby products is an umbrella term and is too broad but you can use this as your point of origin and begin to narrow down. Baby products range from hardware like car seats, cribs, monitors to software like videos.

You can decide to focus on strollers or car seats as I have done on my website at or maybe you could prefer to write product reviews about educational toys for babies or something totally unrelated to baby products.

The point here is for you to narrow down enough but no too much, so that, when a visitor comes to your site, they can easily find information about related products and not have to dig through so much noise to find it. When you narrow down, you become an authority in your niche faster.

Once you have decided on your niche, you need to set up a website or blog.

Building a website or starting a blog

There is a difference between a website and a blog. Google for example and many other sites, give people the opportunity register and start a blogs for free. These blogs however must adhere to certain regulations as stated by the site providing it.

A website is an independent platform where a person can display to the world information and material. You can set up a WordPress website for free. You can either do it by downloading it yourself or going through a third party. It is easier with a third party because they make sure it is downloaded and installed properly and it is protected from malicious software.

Another part of building a website is buying a domain name. At website must have a domain name to function. This domain name is like an address to your website. Domain names usually end with .com, .edu, .org, .net and many other dots.

You can either get a free domain name or buy one. Domain names can sell for as low as a few dollars or as high as $ 15 or more. Once you have a domain name, you can complete the set up of your site.

At this stage, you need to find a place to host your site. There are many places you can host your site for a monthly fee. The fees vary but you can register at wealthy affiliate and get you site built and hosted for free. You will benefit from all the free lessons they have on their website about affiliate marketing.

Once you’ve completed the set-up of your website, you can start writing content.

Writing content or product reviews. 

To make money from your site, you need to have content on your site that attracts and keep people reading. You do not have to write like an English major or go pedagogic. All you need is to write as though you were having a conversation; simple and fun to read.

As you add content to your site, you will begin to see visitors and as time go by, the number of visitors will increase as long as you chose the right keywords. By right keywords, I mean those with low competition but reasonable monthly visits. For more information on how to choose a good keyword, visit my post titled “why is a keyword research important?”

You can draw traffic to your site by sharing your content on a variety of social media like twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. When you start having a substantial amount of traffic to your site, you can begin to monetize your site.

Monetizing a website

There are several ways to monetizes a website. You can use email marketing, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and a bunch of other methods.

When you write product reviews, the easiest way to make money is by doing affiliate marketing. This is the type of marketing where you write reviews about a product and post product links from a retailer’s site to your website. By posting links, you connect your website with that of the retailer such that, when anyone clicks on those links, it takes them to the retailer’s website. While at the retailer’s website, should they buy this product, you will make money as commission for referring this person.

Let’s take the example of amazon affiliate program. As an affiliate of amazon, I post product links to my website When people visit my site and click on any of these links, it takes them back to amazon. If they buy anything on amazon as a result of this visit, I get paid some money as commission.

Another way to monetize your site is to post ads to your site. If people click on these ads or just hover on it, you could make some money.

In conclusion

If you want to learn more about making money by writing product reviews, go to wealthy affiliate and register with their free program and start going through the step by step lessons they offer on this topic.

Thank you for reading. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below and I will get to you as soon as possible.

Cheers Denise

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