Wealthy affiliate scam or not

There are so many scams out there that I won’t blame anyone for thinking that everything promising to help you make money online is a scam. It is probably the safest way to approach any new program on the internet these days. There are two times more scams than there are legitimate programs.

The sad thing about this is that, people who genuinely want to make a living online are hindered by all the noise on the internet. It takes patience and a lot of investigative skills to sort out the junk and find gold online.

A good way to approach an online business is to find one that gives you a free ride so you can get a feel of the program before making a commitment.

Today, I want to tell you a little about wealthy affiliate and how they helped me achieve my dreams.

It was December 2015 when I started looking online for a way to subsidize my income. I searched for work from home jobs in the hope of working for someone and making extra cash. After a few scams, I stumbled on to wealthy affiliate.

I enrolled into their free starter program and started learning how to build my own business and become self employed. I went from wanting to work for someone to working for myself. I built my first website with them for free and started publishing content.

Today, my first website, which I’ve upgraded to a paid website, tatihsportstrollers.com, receives many visitors a day and often times, some of them buy something I recommend and I make money in the form of commission.

What did wealthy affiliate (WA) teach me?

WA taught me how to use my website to make money via affiliate marketing, social media marketing and more. WA has a successful community of helpful members who will make you feel at home from day one.

What does WA offer?

They offer a lot with both their free and premium membership.
With the free membership, you will have access to the first certification lesson titled online entrepreneur certification-getting started.

In this course are step by step lessons that teach you everything from start up, set up, writing content, sharing your content and monetizing your website. You will also be able to build up to two free websites fast and easy with WA.

As a premium member, you can get up to 50 websites hosted for free and all your websites will have 24/7 security and full redundancy. So, if you ever loss something, they have duplicates to help you replace it.

There are tons of step by step lessons, video lessons and live classes. You will have access to one on one coaching. You will be able to buy your domain name and built your website all in one place.

The competition

WA beats the competition hands down. They provide their members with so much stuff that normally cost about $100+ a month for a monthly fee of $49.

I could go on and on about WA but it is better if you saw things for yourself. You can check it out by click here,

cheers Denise

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