Leadpages.net review

Leadpages.net Review

Leadpages.net Review: Is It a High-Quality Landing Page Creator?


If you are trying your hand at affiliate marketing, then building landing pages can feel like it is a full-time job. When your business wants to encourage more customer conversions from its advertising efforts, a high-quality landing page can reduce bounce rates while improving your overall revenues.


Although you can create a landing page from scratch to start collecting leads, Leadpages.net makes that process faster and easier to complete.


How Does Leadpages.net Work?


Leadpages.net is an online tool that helps businesses of any size to start collecting email subscribers. It provides users with numerous templates that can serve as a landing page, webinar, or lead magnet to help establish marketing lists.


It also provides templates for sales pages and several other needs. The goal is to help you gain more subscribers, but Leadpages won’t let you send regular emails to them. You’ll need to use another service for your communication needs.


If you have used the page builder from WordPress in the past, then this tool will make you feel right at home. A live preview of your work appears on the right side of your screen, while you can access layouts, styles, tracking, and widgets from your creative sidebar.


The tracking is surprisingly useful, allowing users to set up their primary search engine optimization settings while incorporating analytics and tracking codes.


Although you don’t have unlimited creativity with the builder, Leadpages still incorporates plenty of flexibility. You can resize column widths, move elements around, and customize the page to reflect current branding. It is an intuitive solution that doesn’t require coding knowledge to create something that looks clean and structured.



What Are the Best Features of Leadpages.net?


Outside of the landing page builder that Leadpages offers, three other branded features are worth using when using this tool.


The first is called “Leadboxes.” This tool gives you a way to create custom popup forms that display automatically or based on visitor actions. It provides a way to link buttons you create with the drag-and-drop builder to create a two-step opt-in solution that meets or exceeds the current rules and regulations in this area. Only one type of Leadbox style is available, which means you can identify every site online that uses this feature.


Then there is “Leadlinks” to use. This feature enables you to sign up your existing subscriber list to a single offer with a single click. It isn’t an e-commerce solution, but you can have them join a sub-list or a webinar that you host by offering a link. It would be helpful to use this feature with AWeber or 1Shopping Cart, but the terms of service for Leadpages prevent this action from happening.


The final feature is called “Leaddigits.” You can use it to have your leads opt-in to email lists or webinars using automated text messages sent to a mobile device. Prospects can text a specific number to get something of value, like a review to an incredible landing page builder. Then this feature sends a reply asking for the email address where the content gets sent. It’s a less disruptive option that can help you with in-person networking events.


Advantages of Using Leadpages


Leadpages is a user-friendly tool that doesn’t take long to learn. It’s a lot easier to start making pages with this resource than it is to use raw HTML. The templates have a few limitations with their flexibility, but most users will find them to be a nice fit with out-of-the-box compatibility.


The greatest strength that Leadpages offers is its sorting function. Users get to see what landing pages work the best by the conversion rate it earns. That means you can use relevant data immediately without having a complete understanding of what the analytics are for your website or brand.


Leadpages provides integrations with several marketing platforms, including GetResponse, AdWords, Hubspot, Salesforce, Marketo, Shopify, and Twitter. Working through Zapier gives you access to more than 1,000 apps that give you the exact functionality required to build your online structures.


If you’re using WordPress, then Leadpages provides a plugin to use to configure your popups and landing pages from the admin console. Users even have the option to specify them as a standard page, which gives it a custom URL for extra SEO support. The plugin also provides the opportunity to make the landing page you create your home page.


If you want to specify the exit intent of a popup or set a time delay for it, you can take those actions from the back end of WordPress if you prefer.


Some Concerns from Using Leadpages


Although the primary editing functions of the drag-and-drop builder are comfortable to use, it can take a lot of trial-and-error to get your spacing and alignment correct. Several of the tools at your disposal with Leadpages are collapsed into specific sections, which means you need to take some time to discover where everything is before you can start creating.


The number of native integrations available with Leadpages is minimal when compared to similar tools. If you could use Calendly or Zoom with it, this resource would have a tremendous amount of value. Even though it works with Zapier, you don’t get full functionality with several options.


Every tool or platform has some eccentricities to manage. When using Leadpages, the bugs tend to be more noticeable because of how they impact the features. It also gets frustrating because the user interface doesn’t always respond in the way you expect.


Split-testing isn’t available with the drag-and-drop editor – you must use the standard version to access this feature. The entry-level plan from Leadpages doesn’t even offer this service.

What Is the Price of Leadpages?


Leadpages is one of the most affordable investments an entrepreneur can make today for the value received in return. Although prices are subject to change, the standard plan at the time of this review is only $25 per month, but it is billed annually.


You receive one site with the entry-level plan, unlimited traffic and leads, and free hosting. That price includes the alert bars, popups, and landing pages needed to create more conversions.


Entrepreneurs can upgrade to the Pro plan at $48 per month, which is also billed annually. You receive three sites at this level, along with online sales and payments. It includes ten opt-in text campaigns, email trigger links, and unlimited A/B testing.


If you go for the advanced plan at $199 per month (billed annually), then you get up to 50 sites, more opt-in text campaigns, and the advanced integrations offered by Leadpages.


All plans qualify for a free 14-day trial to see if the service can meet the needs of your small business.


The Leadpages Verdict


Leadpages is an alternative for small- to medium-sized businesses who have specific landing pages to build. Although it doesn’t let you make significant changes to some of the templates, most entrepreneurs and owners can find a few styles that work.


There is always a risk that the limited styling options could result in a landing page that doesn’t match your brand.


When your budget is tight and you need tools to start growing, Leadpages does make sense. There may be some limitations to consider, but it does have enough features and resources to get your online presence to where it needs to be.

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