Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint from Authority Hacker

The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint from Authority Hacker: Is It a Helpful Link Building System?


The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is one of the newer programs offered by Authority Hacker. Its goal is to help any website owner to develop a more robust search engine optimization profile by teaching white-hat link-building methods that add to your domain authority.


When you can prove to visitors and search engines that your expertise provides value, then the chances of ranking higher on targeted keywords can rocket upward. While everyone else is fighting over small spaces, you can be the skyscraper that towers over the rest of your competition.


It isn’t easy to stand by yourself when other marketers start chasing the next shiny object that comes along. What you’ll find with this coursework is a set of tools that could help you to become the next example of what it means to be a success in this space. It won’t happen by magic, but your hard work could unlock several potential advantages.


Authority Hacker took four years to develop the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint. The question that any review must answer is this: how effective is the program?


Outline of the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint


The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint guides you through seven modules that teach you the basics of organic link building for SEO purposes. You should take each one consecutively so that the information you receive builds on top of each learning opportunity.

The first module is a simple overview of the course from Authority Hacker. It outlines what you can expect to learn while hyping you up to browse through the other modules.


You’ll begin with a keyword and content overview. It shows you how to produce information with expertise that can work to generate organic links. You’ll also learn why it is useful to target challenging or highly competitive keywords to build your knowledge.


The third module takes you through the process of gathering prospects. You’ll learn how to target the hottest prospects with specific emails and outreach efforts that can lead to conversions. You’ll need to have some spreadsheet skills to get the most out of this part of the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint course.


Then Authority Hacker takes you through the data management skills needed to produce SEO results using this method. When you learn how to organize your outreach efforts into usable information without angering others or having messages sent to spam folders, then you get to take a step forward in your optimization efforts.


The fifth module outlines how to complete your first outreach effort with your website. You’ll learn how to send out a mass message blast in a safe way using popular subjects.


Then the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint takes you through the negotiations that you’ll go through with some potential conversions while going through a dozen advanced tactics to improve your online presence continually.


What You Need to Complete the Course


The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint requires you to have accounts with four specific providers to complete all of the modules it provides. You’ll need to sign up with Ahrefs,, MailShaker, and G-Suite from Google.


The premium versions of these accounts have a combined cost of about $250 per month – and subscription costs are subject to change at any time unless you lock-in a long-term contract. Take advantage of the free trials that are sometimes available through these providers so that you can see the value that Authority Hacker provides with this content.


You’ll also have a one-time cost that gives you access to the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint.


What Does the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint Get Right?


Link building requires skill and talent to create positive outcomes. If your goal is to build affiliate websites, then you need this SEO option to generate organic traffic.


The information you receive in this course is uniquely valuable because it takes you through every aspect of link building. You’ll learn how to set up your software, manage databases, use outreach templates, and complete the follow-up work that maintains the value of each connection.


You’ll receive all of the information in a plan that lays out the steps for you in consecutive order. When you follow the modules as intended, then the pieces of the optimization puzzle starts coming together for you with this specific skill.


It also provides an email picker tool that reduces the time you spend sorting through messages, adding plenty of value by itself with this one feature.


What Could Be Improved with the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint?


If you’re new to search engine optimization, then the information offered by the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is going to seem like it is a foreign language. Learning this skill is helpful, but you are going to need a background in SEO to understand the principles taught in this course.


You may need to complete some of the other programs from Authority Hacker before you’re ready to tackle the benefits found in the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint.


If you prefer the black hat method of building links, then there won’t be much buy-in for you from this course. You’ll learn a new, systematic process of obtaining valuable links without paying for them, but it is going to take time to build your authority. When your primary goal is to achieve immediate results, then this course won’t give you the help you need.


The future plans you have for your website must also be taken into account when using the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint. If you sell your domain in the future, then you’ve got a valuable database that can increase the final price – and requires you to start over when you begin building the next website.


Should You Consider the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint?


If you only put in a couple of hours each week with your affiliate marketing work, then the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint isn’t the right investment to make. You’ll need to put in a significant time investment to complete the tasks that you’ll learn from this course.


Authority Hacker creates content that requires you to have excellent organizational skills. You need to keep your offline files in order while understanding how your online structures work under different circumstances. If you’re still trying to find specific data points because you’re unsure of where you stashed them, then the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is going to add more stress to your life.


You must also have extensive spreadsheet experience with a program like Microsoft Excel – or be willing to learn how to use it. The Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint uses this method of data organization extensively.


If you have already taken a course like The Authority Site System and want to build links organically, then the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint is the perfect addition to consider. Although there isn’t a “bulletproof” method of SEO that can guarantee results, you’ll find that the practices outlined in this course are remarkably reliable.


When you are getting started with building on your next affiliate marketing site, then this course teaches you how to treat that effort as a typical business.


The methods used by the Shotgun Skyscraper Blueprint will take about six months to start generating meaningful results. If you don’t mind investing the time to create long-term successes, then you’re going to love the information that Authority Hacker provides in this affordable course. It won’t give you a quick boost in most instances, but this course will teach you how a slow-and-steady pace will help you to win the expertise race.


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