Landing page, Instapage: Does It Create More Conversions?

Instapage Review: Does It Create More Conversions?


Finding a profitable online presence can be a challenge for the modern entrepreneur. Self-promotion seems like a waste of time, especially if your content targets a competitive niche. Having a way to stand out means a business of any size gains an opportunity to develop leads and create potential conversions.


One of the most useful tools for today’s e-commerce efforts is the landing page. This content promotes an idea, validates pain points, and encourages a specific action from the visitor.


Although anyone can create a landing page using Divi on WordPress or their preferred builder, Instapage promises to make that process simpler and more manageable.


Does this service deliver on its promises?


Can Instapage Deliver Up to 400% More Conversions?


One effective way of generating traffic for a website is to advertise online. Banners, social media, and more can create clicks that lead interested visitors to your domain.


Once a visitor arrives, the quality of the landing page determines whether that person stays or goes.

Instapage says that its page-building tools can increase conversions by up to 400% without making adjustments to your current ad spending.


The reality of this cloud-based service is that it requires your marketing knowledge to make its tools useful. If you know nothing about how to sell, then structuring a landing page isn’t going to do you any good.


When you need help with the structures of your content, then Instapage’s features get a chance to shine.


Best Features to Use with Instapage


The template landing pages offered by Instapage are designed to high standards, enabling you to achieve a variety of goals on one URL. Filters make it easy to find the exact design that you want to use for your site, and Instapage has them divided into categories to find something made for your goods or services.


Each template covers the signup forms, downloads, registrations, and sales processes so that you have an all-in-one solution to use.


The editor that Instapage provides makes it easy to modify the content and structure of the landing pages to suit the needs of any company. Anyone can change the default state to reflect brand statements better – and you don’t even need to use a template to create content with the drag-and-drop design.


Unlike the services offered by competitive landing page designers, you have absolute freedom with your creativity. Although the lack of boundaries could be overwhelming for some entrepreneurs, you do have grids and markers on the builder that ensure everything lines up as it should.


Several customization options let you create something unique with only a couple of clicks. Button editing enables you to change font settings, color, hovering, and more. You can even add custom CSS to the page elements in the template to have complete control over the appearance. If you require additional functionality, then Instapage permits custom JavaScript to satisfy your requirements.


The integration options with Instapage are quite useful. It works with a broad range of third-party providers, including email marketing, analytics, and webinar design to promote goods or services. You even have the option to connect a landing page to PayPal or Shopify to collect online payments.


If you need even more services and apps, Instapage gives users the option to integrate it with Zapier.


Concerns with Using Instapage


The primary issue with Instapage when using its services is the misrepresentation of availability. Although the marketing content says you receive over 200 templates from which to choose, you actually get about half of that figure. Some of the selections aren’t a complete landing page to use, which means you must carefully choose what to use on your site.


Instapage integrates with Google AdWords to let you see data inside of your dashboard. It would be helpful for the connection to offer a one-stop place to make changes.


The landing pages enable you to provide the information that your customers want. They also look very similar to competing products from other industry providers. Although that means you can transfer your content without difficulty, it also requires your marketing expertise to make your goods or services stand out from the competition.


If you have a business with even a minimal e-commerce presence, then you’re almost forced to use the enterprise plan. Since the limitation is 30 landing pages and 30,000 visitors, the cost profile may not make sense for some companies. The high prices also make it somewhat unsuitable for the casual entrepreneur or someone trying to develop a side hustle.


Instapage uses heatmaps to show you where people are interacting with your page. This tool can help you to discover where visitors don’t see forms or buttons, but the analytics information can be misleading to some beginners.


Analyzing the Benefits of Instablocks


The proprietary approach that Instapage uses for template use is called Instablocks. This tool enables you to create multiple landing pages with reusable assets that get inserted into any design.


You could build a custom testimonial asset that offers positive feedback for visitors to see before adding it as a “block” to this feature. It is useful for headers, footers, or a call-to-action that you find works well.


Anything that you create with Instapage can get saved as a block so that you can use it on multiple designs.


Users get access to a selection of template choices to serve as a starting point to create these assets. If you upgrade to the Global Blocks functionality, then you can update the blocks in your library to see them automatically applied to every published page using that specific resource. The standard plan requires you to update the individual designs instead.


What Is the Monthly Price of Instapage?


The subscription cost of Instapage is subject to change, which means you must verify the current price.


At the time of writing this review, the first page that you build with Instapage is free. If you want additional ones, then a variety of plans are available. The entry-level option is $199 per month for businesses, although a 25% discount gets applied if you pay for the entire year in advance.


The entry-level plan gives you up to 30 landing pages, five sub-accounts, and 30,000 visitors per month. You can decide to sign up with a 14-day trial to see if Instapage can maximize your digital advertising performance.


Customized enterprise-level plans are available for companies that have needs that go beyond the entry-level requirements. You must contact the sales team to discuss your options in this category, which means an instant quote isn’t available. The 14-day trial is still available if you find your company in this situation.


The Instapage Verdict


Instapage puts a singular focus on landing page creation. It is one of the most useful tools in the marketer’s toolbox to generate more conversions, but this approach isn’t the best choice for every business.


If you don’t funnel visitors from Internet advertising campaigns, then the cost of Instapage may not make sense. Small businesses might benefit from a thorough SEO campaign to create higher levels of organic traffic instead.


When you need to create landing pages quickly, Instapage gives you the structures needed to get the work finished. The time saving features of Instablocks are one of the most innovative solutions out there right now.


Instapage is one of the better landing page builders available today. Although it has a few shortcomings, it is worth taking a look to see if it can meet your specific needs.

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