Is work at home university a scam?

Company: Work at home university (WAH)

Product type: Scam

Cost: $ 97

Rating: scam scam and scam


WAH university scam

WAH university is an online education website that claims that they can provide an educational program to you for 60 minutes a day for a period of three months which will make you a successful business person.

According to them, this program is going to teach you how to build a successful business online during that time frame for a one time payment of $ 97.

Work at home university basically charges you $ 97 up front for lessons that you can get online for free. The lessons they offer promises to give you information on how and where to find businesses willing to pay you to promote their product.

This kind of business is called affiliate marketing and what these companies pay is called a commission. You can get this information free online or from many of my post on this topic.

Businesses like Amazon, E bay and many others both big and small will pay a commission for your referrals. You can follow the links below to learn more about this for free!

What is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

What are the top affiliate networks?

WAH university also promise the lessons will teach you how to get in the proper mindset for online business. This information you can also get online for free. You can check out my # 1 recommendation for online marketing and you will learn a lot about business mindset for free.

They also go farther to tell you that they will teach you about links and CPA. This is all big talks that will make some people fall for their scam. CPA is part of affiliate marketing and is basically Cost per action (CPA). This is money you get paid when you refer someone to a merchant’s site and this person takes an action. In this case, an action can be clicking on an ad, buying a product, enrolling to a program, impressions and much more.

For more on this topic, follow the link below,

What are the top affiliate networks?

So if you look closely and type the lessons topic by topic as they are listed on the site, you will see that they make people pay for something they can get online for free. In a nutshell, they don’y teach you anything new and worth paying for.

Topics like building a website, web hosting, customizing your site, web blog and post are all going to be covered on this site. I have already written a summary on these topics and you can read them by following the link below;

How to get started with an online business

Build and maintain a website 


$97 is not too much to pay for a program. The problem is, once you register with them, the up sells begin. At every turn, you will have to pay more to get something they recommend as very vital for your success.

Many legitimate online businesses that teach people how to build a successful business online offer free membership. This free membership gives you time to get a feel of the site before making up your mind to upgrade or not.

One of such sites is wealthy affiliate,  my #1 recommendation for online marketing. Their free membership does not expire. On top of the starter lessons, you can also build, host and customize two websites for free.

Do not waste your hard earned money on a scam. If you are here because you really want to learn how to run a successful business, follow the link below

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Cheers Denise


  1. Hi Tatihden,

    Good review. I agree with you. they are a ripoff. If they would tell people that this information is available for free but they organize it for you and present it in a user friendly package like what WA gives, I might say OK but NOT! Forget about it!

    WA has the most to offer for free and easily to get help.
    Good advice!


    1. Hi Forrest,

      Couldn’t agree with you more. WA has tons to offer for free in one place; live tutorials, structured lessons, a huge community of helpers, keyword tool, domain registration platform, website building platform and more.

      Worst of all is the testimonials that make people feel that they are going to make money over night. That’s not true, except for the times when you are stealing from innocent people and when you win a lottery, there is no way you can make over night riches.

  2. Yeah well it’s a shame so many people are jumping on the internet marketing wagon these days and offering education that is outdated (or already freely available online). When you think about it a one off payment of $97 is pretty high for what they are offering. Thanks for highlighting this waste of time bunch

  3. Wow, this looks like a total ripoff. I do like the idea of learning affiliate marketing and I’d be happy to pay $97 if the training was high quality and legitimate but this just looks like garbage.

    This Wealthy Affiliate looks like a better option if you as me. do they only teach affiliate marketing at Wealthy Affiliate or do they also teach other ways to make money online?


    1. Hi Robert,

      Wealthy affiliate teaches a variety of business techniques; not just affiliate marketing. They have lessons and live video tutorials on topics related to affiliate marketing, email marketing, content marketing and much more.

      They constantly update their content to keep up with changing markets. WA have a starter membership for those who are not ready to fully commit.n

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