Is survey club a scam or not?

Company: Survey club

Membership: Free

Rating: 2 stars

Recommendation: Okay for tokens and small cash

Survey club is a survey site that was founded in 2005. It has about 16 million participants in 6 continents (they claim).

How does survey club works?

Survey club is the middle man between businesses and participants. Businesses are always researching on their products and/or services and finding ways to target the population and improve their sales. One way of doing this is through surveys. This is where survey club comes in, they provide the platform where participants take these surveys.

Basically, you enroll in the program for free by creating an account and giving them your demographics. Survey club then match you with studies in your area. You take the surveys and get paid.

For example, say company A wants to know how new moms between the ages of 20 and 30 rate a new nursing pillow. Company A have sold some of these pillows but how do they reach moms who have bought these pillows to find out their reaction? This is where companies like survey club comes in, they sample their members for those who fit this profile and set them up for this survey. Company A then pays these members who participate and complete the survey.

The good thing is, survey club always pays what they promise unlike some illegitimate survey sites that promise exorbitant pay checks just to attract clients to their scam.

Why not survey club then?

All this so far sounds really good so why do I not recommend this site. Well for starters, surveys are very limited. Then many surveys pay $ 1 to $ 2 for surveys that last about 10 to 15 mins. Imagine now that you have enough surveys to last you eight hours which is a normal day’s worth of work, and you do them in 10 minutes each and get paid $ 2. From this scenario, you will make $ 12 in an hour and $ 96 a day.

The above scenario does not happen a lot because many times, you only qualify for one or two surveys a day. Now you see that even though survey club is a legitimate club, you cannot make sustainable income this way.

Another down side to this program is the fact that survey club can do with your email address as they wish. Many clients complain that many of the surveys are advertisements which end up as spams in their emails. It is therefore advisable not to use your regular email when joining survey club (create a new email just for this).

Generally, it is better to join a market research company directly, instead of going through a survey site. Either way, if this program is legitimate, you should never have to pay to take a survey.

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