Is Wealthy Affiliate Free?

The answer to this question is YES and NO. Wealthy  Affiliate is an affiliate training program that offers an unlimited free starter membership. It also has a paid premium membership.

The starter membership introduces you to affiliate marketing techniques. The certification course for starter members includes 10 lessons.


The lessons cover topics related to niche selection, building your website, getting your website ready for the search engines and understanding keywords and their importance.

With the free membership, you can build a free website and Wealthy affiliate will host it for free too.


The catch however is that, this website will end with because it is free and technically not registered in your name.

Say for example you want the name “larry’s golf ideas” as you domain name; then you URL will be


If you buy your own domain then you can have a name like or .net, .org and so on because you own it and it is registered in your name.

With the free membership, you get this free hosting but no backup for your website and no 24/7 support as premium members do.


So you will need to find a way to backup your website in the event of a crash, hack or any number of things that can harm it.

The free membership stops there. If you want more lessons, tools, and security you will have to become a premium member for $49 a month.


It is about $30 a month if you pay yearly and about $25 a month if you pay the yearly membership during their black Friday sales period which usually last about 72 hours.

The free starter membership at Wealthy Affiliate is meant to introduce you into affiliate marketing.

With this level of membership, you can build your free website and use it to test the waters.


You can play around for sometime till you feel comfortable that you have found the right niche for your business.

At this time, you can upgrade to premium membership. Then you can register your own domain name, build a new website and move your free website to it.


It is always better to have your own domain name registered. When you own a domain name, no one else can take it.

More so, people trust sites that end with .com, .org or .net better that ones that end with

At wealthy Affiliate, you can now get a free SSL certificate with every website you build as a premium member.


Your website will be secure, backup regularly  and you will have access to 24/7 customer support among many other things.

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