Computer Assurance Scam Review

The computer Assurance program is an online program that claims to have the means to give you access to an online job in just five minutes.

They claim that you need no experience to start. You can work from the comfort of your home and be your own boss.


The catch however is that you have to act fast as positions are limited.

Computer assurance claims to have been featured on CNN, NBC, USA today, abc and fox news. They say this has led to a lot of popularity and thus the limited spots.

It is my opinion that this program is a scam. I will explain below. 



What does Computer Assurance offer? 


  1. They say if you can spare 60 minutes a day, they can offer you a proven work from home system that has helped thousands of people like you.
  2. They do a good job of listing the things people hate in a job like waking up early to get ready for work, driving to work, having a boss and needing special training to make money.
  3. They also give a list of the thing they want in a job like making good money immediately and spending more time with family.
  4. They claim that work from home opportunities are in huge demand and yet they also claim that spots are limited. This is a huge red flag.
  5. They go further to claim that huge companies like Walmart and Amazon will pay you big money to post links for them. Another red flag. Why will Walmart pay you $15 to paste one links for them when they can easily hire someone with minimum wage to do it for them. It doesn’t add up. It’s not like you have some special skills. The claim is you don’t need education or skills of any kind.

The truth about the Computer Assurance program

The computer Assurance program is a scam. This program is just a substitute of well known scams like computer made simple, computer experts online, computer colleagues and computer journey.

Do you see the trend, all these programs start with “computer”. They all have the exact home page and they all claim exactly the same thing.


Look at the image below for this program and then the next for computer colleagues and you will see what I am talking about.


It’s sad how these people scam people of their money. Just last week, one of my readers wrote that they had charged him the initial $97 then later said he had to pay more. He paid two more fees before realizing that the program was a scam.


The sad thing is, with all their money back guarantee, he found himself scammed with no way to get his money back. I unfortunately did not know how to help him get his money back too.

The best thing to do is to avoid this program to begin with but if you fall for them, suspend you credit card so they can’t charge you any additional fees.


The owner of this program Linda Miller is fake. They don’t only use stock photo, they also use fake names. They claim this is for privacy reasons but I beg to differ.

Look at the images below for yourself. The one on the left is for computer assurance and the one on the right is for computer colleagues.



Do you see that in the case of computer colleagues this same woman who is Linda Miller today was called Denise Adams. That alone should make you stay away from this program.

Legitimate programs do not do that at all.


Furthermore, every time you try to leave the website you get a pop up promising you to stay and get a discount. This is very weird thing for a website that claims to be so popular.

It seems like they are very desperate to get your money and some personal information.


Finally, they claim they will teach you how to post links online. This is sad because no one ever made a living online by posting links.


What are you looking for, a job or a business opportunity?


I ask this question because many people go online looking for a job they can do from home. Then they come across programs like these that takes them completely off track.

If what you are looking for is a job, then the computer assurance program is not the place for you. You can find real online jobs by going to 


They have a list of the top 100 legitimate work from home jobs. These jobs do not require you to pay money to get in.

All you have to do is look at the job requirement, put in your application as you will do with any other job and wait for them to call you back for an interview.

If you are looking for a business opportunity, computer assurance is also not the place to go. To build a successful online business, you need to learn many techniques.


You need to know how to find a lucrative niche, choose a good domain name, write captivating content, advertise and build leads. You will not learn any of this from the computer assurance program.

If you are serious about building a successful online business, then try wealthy affiliate’s free starter membership. This platform teaches you in an easy to follow manner all about online marketing.


The lessons are task oriented so that you apply them as you learn. You will get 10 lessons in the free members area and if you are still interested, you can upgrade to premium to have access to all the available lessons and tools.

Click here to join the free starter membership. 


  1. Thanks for keeping me from making a big mistake I seriously was considering trying Computer Assurance. am glad I di my research.

    1. You’re welcome Debra. I have been slammed by these people before. They change their name every time but their tactics and websites don’t change.

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