Is survey money machines reliable or is it just another scam? is not a market research company nor a survey company. Created by Hailey Gates in 2005,  the  website is a  compilation of list of over 200 legitimate, paying survey companies.

She allows you access to this list for free simply by signing up with her website. You don’t actually take surveys on this website. The allegedly stay at home mom claims to have made thousands of dollars just by doing surveys online in her spare time. She says wants to help others achieve the same feat thereby coming up with

After you submit the information required on Survey Money Machines  site to register, you’re taken to a video that summarizes what you have to look forward to as a paid survey taker and also tell you to check your email.

Survey Money Machine sends you two different direct links to survey sites everyday instructing you to sign up for them.  In the video, Hailey promises to send you highly valuable, helpful information that will get you off to the right start as a paid survey taker but what you actually receive is very different.

In that same video, Hailey begins to emphasize the fact that you need to sign up with all of the survey companies she recommends so that you can maximize your income.

Hailey specifically requests that you sign up for at least 14 and preferably 20 different survey companies sent to you. All of these emphasis and pressure is because Hailey Gates likely makes commissions for each new survey network on her list you sign for.

The main issue with this website is the outrageous earnings claims that is made on the sales page of the website. Hailey claims that by taking surveys on those recommended sites you can make between $150 and $300 a day.

This ain’t true! After spending a lot of time creating profiles with these various networks that Survey Money Machines refers you to, you will quickly discover that you’re not going to get paid for surveys like you were promised on their sales page because the pay is so little and many survey sites offer points not cash.

The points earned is used to enter sweepstakes, bid on auctions within their members’ area, etc. and thousands of points are needed to get something reasonable there.

You’ll also notice that these points and bonuses accumulate at a painfully slow pace making it virtually impossible to get anything out of these survey databases without spending a great deal of your time which can be likened to part -time or full-time job.

On the promotional page, the program also claims that if you don’t make $25-$150 in the first hour of trying to take surveys, Haily Gates will write you a personal check for $100. Well, don’t be fooled by this chest beaters.

The problem with this is that you will definitely earn $25 but the money you’re “earning” is most likely bonus money companies award your account once you sign up. If you sign up with about 14 or 20  various companies as she advised within the first hour, you could accumulate $25 or more in bonus money. But the problem is each company has a level of earnings you have to reach before you are paid out.

So even if you are able to accumulated $25, it’s spread out over multiple companies, that each have their own rules and regulations about how to cash out your earnings. This simply means you will not cash out $25-$150 check within one hour of signing up.

Survey Money Machines users complain that most of the survey network  they signed up with flood their email with unwanted spam messages.

Though many of companies listed on Survey Money Machine are free. But don’t be surprised that some of them at a point in time do require a credit card or require you to complete offers. Most of these offers are not free! You have to purchase something before you get paid.

So if you are not ready to spend hundreds of hours of your time taking surveys that you can cash in for sweepstakes entries, little cash or stupid rewards points for auctions, Survey Money Machines is not a decent resource for you.

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