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Rating: Legit is a part of the growing Gig Economy community in which people provide short-term contract-based work for freelance and independent workers.


Freelancers get to choose the kind of work that they prefer rather, than being mandated into a job where they do any work that comes their way. Participation in the gig economy is constantly increasing.


Today, websites like Upwork,  Fiverr are used to hire people from anywhere in the world for short-term employment covering any forms of jobs.  Ride-sharing apps like Uber can be used to hire a local driver for a ride. Similarly, can be used to hire someone located close-by to run errands just like Craigslist, TaskRabbit, Daily Delivery etc. is an online Marketplace where registered members can hire someone in their neighborhood to run errands like Cleaning,pick ups, lawn mowing, groceries, etc.



You can also choose to become an errand runner and make money by running errands for others in your neighborhood. The site basically connects individuals who are looking to make some extra income in their free time by running errands to other set of people who need help with errands around the house and are willing to pay someone to do it.


Founded by a US based Canadian Internet Entrepreneur, Utsav Sarkar in early 2017, is one of the fastest growing start-ups in today’s so-called “gig” economy and has already gained a large amount of users (the site  surpassed 1 million users within 6 months) in it’s short span since launch.


People from all over the world including USA, CANADA, Singapore, Australia, Indian, UK, and New Zealand use the site. The site has proven to be a great way for students to make side income. Similar to an Uber driver, errand runners get to choose their own work schedule and errand employers get to pick out of numerous errand runners who runs the errand.


 How do you send/run errand?


Signing up for an account at comes at no cost and also enters users into a monthly drawing where 50 lucky winners win a t-shirt or a cap.


The website is simple and user friendly. Users looking for help around the house, can submit an errand listing. This is done by completing a short form and providing all details about the errand including your location and compensation then you can start getting applicants from your neighborhood who will run your errands for you!


Users looking to make some extra cash in their free time, can search for errands nearby and apply to run them. Errand runners after registering create their profile then apply for Errands that they  might be interested in around them.


Services offered by errand runners include Baby Sitting, Computer & IT, Driving Services, Handyman,Laundry, Events & Photography, Fun Errands Groceries, Outdoor House cleaning, Indoor House Cleaning, Pet Services, Pick Up / Drop Off and more.


How is the Payment done?


It’s stated that users should update their profile with their PayPal email.  There is a payment threshold of $10 which means you can withdraw  when your account reaches this amount. You will get paid via PayPal. You can also add to your income via referrals. For every sign up through your custom referral link, you get USD$0.10. You can check your referral dashboard to see how much you have made.


The site have a 35% trust rating already. That’s surprising especially as it is a new website that’s less than a year old. Anyway, you should be extra careful when dealing with new businesses.


You should do your own research before placing an order or making an investment. hasn’t had any complaints so far and neither is there popular testimonials but with the daily increment in the number of users (the site already passed 1 million users in August 2017).


I believed it’s a legitimate money making site. Despite rising incomes, more and more people find themselves pressed for time. Paying someone on to run your household errands frees up more of your time and significantly reduces stress.


It also provides a short-term employment opportunity for others. This said, tread with caution.

Have you used before? Please tell us about your experience. Is this site trust worthy?


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Cheers Denise


  1. Thanks for this article…i have been considering this kund of work since before i was injured i drove truck as my primary jib and in between i drove taxi…it is something i can do… And i am great with people will walk dogs and do deluveries puck ups baby sitting unless its pets.. But this article hwlps me to decide..i thunk i will contact the company and see about going to work…. Will keep you updated on how its going..

    1. I am happy you found this article helpful. Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need more information about legit work from home jobs.Good luck in your endeavors.

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