Is survey club legitimate?

Survey club is a legitimate website that was founded in 2005 to help people make money by participating in market research. It is located in Denver Colorado.

Market research is carried out by a variety of companies to find out what is trending and to know what customers think about their products and services.

This information help these companies adjust their marketing strategies and focus their efforts towards those products and services that sell.

Survey club acts as a middleman between you and these companies. They provide a legitimate platform where businesses can request for surveys and people like you can respond to these surveys.

How does Survey club work?

Like I mentioned earlier; they are a research recruitment platform that companies and organizations use to find out what consumers think about their products and services.

It is free and easy to join. First you need fill out ” the become a member form” to create an account with them.

Then you will need to complete your profile with information about your age, marital status, household income, zip code, gender, race , e.t.c.

When you submit this profile, they will use it to match you to available surveys. Market research target specific group of people. For example, men between 55 and up for use of the blue pill or women of child bearing age using birth control pills. So, you will only qualify for such a survey if you fall in that category.

Once you are a member, you can visit the “available studies” section to start responding to surveys. You get to decide which studies you want to respond to, click on it and follow the instructions to begin If you qualify. Typically, you will go through a series of questions before the survey start. Your answers to those questions will determine whether you qualify or not.

When you complete a survey, cash will be deposited into your survey club reward account. You can claim your reward as Amazon gift cards or receive them as checks in the mail. The minimum cashing threshold is $20.

You can screen available surveys by type, length and reward.

There are 6 types of surveys displayed on their “available study” page. These types are, paid survey, taste test, mystery shopper, clinical trials, focus groups and research panels.

Surveys can range in length from 5 minutes to over 31 minutes. There are four reward categories; cash, sweepstakes, points and gift cards. Some surveys offer bonuses and other offer free stuff for additional information from you.


  • You get paid $0.10 even when you don’t qualify for a survey
  • The cash out minimum of $20 is not too hard to attain.
  • You get to make some spare cash on your free time from home
  • Some of the focus group surveys can pay as high as $200
  • If you qualify for some clinical research surveys, you could earn as high as $1000 or more (there are however not common).
  • There are a variety of payment options like, Amazon gift cards, checks and now PayPal.
  • You know upfront, how long a survey is going to take.
  • They try hard to respect your privacy.
  • You get linked to other survey panels on this platform


  • Surveys are very time consuming. The worst part is when you waste time answering what you think is a survey, only to find out they where qualifying questions. Then after about 5 minutes or more of responding to question, you find out that you do not qualify. Then you get a meager $0.10 for your time.
  • It is frustrating when you get redirected to another site to complete your survey. Most surveys will redirect you to the websites of the company requesting the survey. From what I have gathered, you will make more money if you registered directly with this company than going through survey club.
  • When you qualify for a survey, that company gets access to your personal information. This can be a problem as people have experienced spamming as a result of this. I will advise you to create a new email address for survey club and any other survey platform. This way, you personal emails don’t get lost in the spam.
  • It could be a while before you reach that minimum $20 cash out threshold. Surveys are not always available and you won’t qualify for a lot of them.

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Bottom line

Survey club is a legitimate market research company. They help companies find people to answer their surveys and they help people make a few dollars responding to surveys.

They have mixed reviews online, with some saying it is the best thing that ever happened to them, while others think Survey Club is a scam.

For many, it is too time consuming and the pay is meager. This is true if you have better things you rather be doing. In my opinion, affiliate marketing is better than surveys.

If you are wandering what affiliate marketing is, it is the type of marketing done online where you get paid for referring people to buy someone’s product or services.

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Survey junkie and swagbucks are two survey sites I usually recommend to my readers. They offer similar services too.

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