Home income system scam; Review

Home income system has been around a while. One thing about their program is how much they tell you it is real and not a scam but I beg to differ. In this home income system review, I will explain thoroughly why I believe that this program is a scam.


What is Home income System?


Home income system is an online system that tells people that they can make money online from the comfort of their home. Usually, people come to hear about them from one of several fishy news sites that tell you stories about single moms or desperate dads who lost their job and started making thousands from home with the home income system.


In these stories, they tell how these people start making enough money to live a decent life by working just 2-3 days a week from home. I am curious as to how they make this money but it is not explained on this page.


They recommend following 3 simple steps to begin. The very first step is to click on a link that takes you to the home income system official site. The first thing I notice as I land on the site is that, it is not secure as shown in the image below,




Red Flags


In secure website


This is  a reg flag because, any website that collects money from clients, need to be secured. If they are not, they cannot protect your personal information. You will risk loosing your hard earned money to some pervert online. 

They claim the payment system is iron clad secure but the website is not. How does that even makes sense? Anyway, that is just one problem.


Rush tactics


My other problem is how they say in writing and in their video that spots are limited. They say they limit the spots because they want to give their members undivided attention which they can’t do with a large group.


Anyhow, they ask for your name, email address and phone number (don’t give your phone number, except you want unwarranted calls) to grant you access to the next video which they claim will grant you access to more info. 


Well, you can get access to the second video by just trying to click out of the page. When you do this, a pop up will ask you if you want to leave or stay. If cancel to stay, it will take you to the second video, which congratulates and tells you that positions are available. Very bizarre, don’t you think?


Of course positions are always available, they want to make money just like you. Positions are not limited to begin with. They have been doing this for years. This is the first program I came across three years ago as a newbie trying to find a way to make money online. 


I was lucky that I never got sucked in like many did. I did my due diligence and search for reviews online and they were bad. 


No official website


What they do is, they change their name every now and then. They also change the look of their website too to throw people off. The part that really worries me is that, unlike many legit websites I know, they never have a fix URL to their website (very fishy).


Today it URL is theinternetsupport.com but when I first came across it three years ago, it was homeincomesystem.com. When you search by their old URL, you are rerouted to buydomains.com.


You can go online and type amazon.com and be sure to land at Amazon every time but not with Home income system. Today they are theinternetsupport.com then tomorrow they are abc.com or xyz.com and that keeps changing. How do you keep track of them enough to get your money back if you are not satisfied? 


Unrealistic claims


Anyhow, lets move on. In this second video is a beautiful woman who tells you how lucky you are to be there. Congratulates you for creating your account (mine you I did not), and joining one of the easiest programs to make money online. 


Now, the woman in that image, is the same one who sells the work at home program (WAH) to people. In fact, this is the exact same video. This is supposedly a whole different make money program known as home income system. Or is it?


She shows several accounts with totals in the thousands. She claims theses are all hers and she will show you how to earn like her. I watched the video to the end and she did not show anything that explained even remotely how she makes her money.


She claimed link posting was the key. Really?


Link posting


If you are wondering what this is, it is the process of pasting links online and hoping that someone will click on it and buy what you are selling. Sometimes, these links will say something like “single mom makes $8739 a month with this easy system” .


This is similar to affiliate marketing, the difference however is that, with affiliate marketing, you usually need a website and permission from businesses to post their links. Also, these links are legitimate in the sense that they sell actual products or services.


For example, an affiliate link might take you to a page that sells golf clubs. If you buy that item, the person posting the link makes commission. 


Link posting on the other hand is clandestine in the sense that, you will get links from the home income system to post online on all of your social media pages. 


You will be encouraged to spam these sites with the hope that someone might click on these links. If someone does, they will be taken to the website of home income system, where they will be told exactly what you where told and the process begins again. 


So, what they sell is not a good or service. They sell people a dream which is very wrong. 


If you make any money, it will be little, compared to what they will make. You are better off learning affiliate marketing and making legit money online. Why, because no fortune 500 company will give you links to post for them if you are not a legit affiliate yourself.


And, fortune 500 companies are not desperate for people to post links online for them because there are already thousands of affiliate marketers online doing just that. 


The truth is, affiliate marketing is not easy. Don’t believe the BS about companies not wanting to hire people to post links for them. If they will pay you $300 an hour to post links as home income system claims, then they can hire you to do the same thing period! 


Fake testimonials 


If you watch the videos of the testimonial of home income system, you will notice that none of the lips of the people in the video match the words being said. This is worrisome as these people could be saying something entirely different. 


Anyway, there is the fact that every time you try to leave, you get this pop up asking you to stay. Then you are offered a discount if you stay. If you go through this process long enough, you will only have to pay $47 instead of $97. 


This is not a one time payment, as long as you don’t cancel your membership, you will be paying a recurrent fee of $97 every month.  


Bottom line


You do not need to pay any fee to jion most affiliate programs. Home income system in my opinion, is a scam. They have been around for a while and do not have an official website. They change their website so often that members can’t keep track.


There are many legitimate programs like Wealthy Affiliate that will teach you what you need to know about making money online. They let you start for free and have complete access for 7 days to test their program before you decide to upgrade.   

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