Is secure job position a scam?

Company; Secure job position




Product: Secure job position (education).

Owner; Kelly Simmons (an alias, she does not exist)

Recommendation: Stay away from it. It is a scam

Price: $77 (it can go down to about $47 when you keep trying to leave.

Who is Kelly Simmons?

The first thing I said when I stumbled onto the secured job position website was, “not again”. Why, because I have come across many sites that look exactly like it. All they have in common is the owner Kelly Simmons. Check out my review on replace your job and you will see what I am saying.

I have looked up this Kelly Simmons but couldn’t link her to a real person so I concluded that the name is an alias and she does not exist. That brunette with the pretty innocent smile has been photo shopped.

I have seen this exact picture on so many websites that look exactly like the one on secure job position. The only difference from site to site is the name. For people like me who have had plenty of experience online, it is easy to spot this scam but not so much for the new comer.

Tell tale signs

On secure job position website, she is known as Kelly Simmons but she goes by different names on other similar websites. Just look at her, does she look like a bad person? No, but that is the trap the scammers are using; emotional appeal.

That is not all these scammers have under their sleeves. They use logos of popular TV networks to fool you into thinking they are legit. After all, if CNN, NBC, ABC and all the other alphabet soup TV networks they display on this site back this site then it is legit right?

Wrong! You should know that these networks don’t even know that their logos are being used without their permission. Sometimes they file complains but it takes time for these to be resolved.

By the time the proper authorities come around these sites disappear with the hundreds of thousands of dollars they have scammed from innocent people. Then another new one just like it pop up and does the same scam all again.

Wake up folks, hydra is not a fairy tale anymore; scammers are real live hydra. Close one site and two appears boom!

Then there is the problem of coercion every time you try to leave the page. You kept getting offers and discounts every time you try to close the window.

They remind you how this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and you are lucky to have found it but if you don’t act fast, you might loose your position.

Other times, the subsequent page presents a congratulatory message to you saying  “there are only 7 positions available”, and other times  it reads “you have 70% discount or more”

They claim that you will have your money back if you are not satisfied but then I wonder, why not just make a free trail period where people can get the chance to test drive the program to determine if it is what they are looking for.

What is the underlying Scam?

This scam is old and this scammers revamp it all the time. It is a link posting scam where victims are asked to create accounts on many social media sites and post links they are given in other to make money.

The thing is, these links bring anyone who clicks on them back to secure job position’s website or other associated sites and makes money for this Kelly Simmons or whoever they are.

For the most part, link posting does not work because people have learned to steer clear of such links especially as some of them are virus links to a variety of ransom ware  viruses.

Can you make money with this program?

This link posting will make very little (nowhere near what she claims) or no dollars for you but it will sure take a lot of your time and some of your conscience because you will be helping this scammer make money.

This Kelly Simmons person gives you enough information to motivate you but not enough to make you independent.

She fails to tell you that the method she uses is illegal and that there is a legal alternative known as affiliate marketing and that instead of scamming people you can actually use it to make legit money online.

If you want to learn more about affiliate marketing, read the post tittle what is affiliate marketing and how does it work?

I believe in test drive and any site that does not give me at least a week to test drive their program in order to get a feel for it before committing, is plain scary. Yes, you should take the same approach and you will be saved from a lot of pain.

What is the verdict?

Like I said at the beginning, secure job position is a big scam; Run and don’t look back. If you are serious about making money online, read my review on wealthy affiliate and maybe visit them and test drive for as long as you want.

Do not rush into anything and don’t go in thinking you will make big money now. It takes hard work and time to build a successful online business. If you want money now, you are at the wrong place and you are heading for a rude awakening.

I could be wrong, you could win the lottery and have the money now but it won’t happen from posting links online.

Cheers Denise


  1. Hello and thanks for sharing, it seems that there are a lot of scammers that are out there just wanting to take your hard earned money. They promise you the world but don’t even deliver on their promise.
    your post is very informative as it warns people about the many scams that are out there thanks, for sharing this information that will help so many people.

    1. Hi, Norman

      It is really sad. Just a couple years ago, I almost fell for one. I’m happy I read a review that helped me stay clear. Today I’m writing as many reviews as I can to help others like me too.

  2. Thank you so much. This article is really helpful. I am trying to make money from online and searching for sites to earn money. But many websites disappointed me. I had a walk through many online scams. There are only a few useful websites to help the newbies of online marketing. Before I am entering into another scam, you saved me. Feeling good:)

    1. Hi YoguRJ,

      It’s not very easy to spot these scams. Happy to be of help. Just shy away from quick money schemes and remember that it takes hard work to make money online.

  3. Thanks, Denise, for posting another great way ” to get rich quick “.

    You’d have to be crazy not to want a guaranteed $379.00 per day. Especially when it’s all on automatic pilot and from the comfort of your own home.

    Unfortunately, these dreams are just that and you have to be sleeping to believe them.

    The more we expose these ” fly-by-night ” snake-oil salesmen, the more we will protect good human beings from the scam artists.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. Thanks Paul,

      It’s a tough job but someone has to do it for the sake of the innocent people. For people like us who have been online for a while, spotting these scams is easy but it’s not so easy for the new comer. 

  4. Thanks a lot friend,
    I am so happy to be on your site toady, I actually I have been a victim of scammers before. Like you said they will do all they can to get your money.

    I personally have much interest in starting an ONLINE Business, but because of these scammers I always hesitate to do anything ONLINE since I do not know who to trust on the internet.

    I’m very sure that you will be the right person to show me the best place to start with my ONLINE Business. I saw your recommendation on Wealthy affiliate and I will try it to see just how their platform works.

    1. Hi Stephen,

      I’m happy you found your way to my website today. The internet is filled with make money programs. Some are legit while others are scams. There are more scams online than there legitimate businesses. It is smart to investigate any program intensely as you are doing before committing.

      Wealthy affiliate is a great place to go to learn about running a successful online business. Make sure to take advantage of their free membership while you’re there. There are tons of lessons and you can get help from the community too.

      I hope you find it helpful.

  5. Thanks for the review!
    OMG, I had no idea companies go through such lengths as even misrepresenting who they have been ‘featured on’
    I had never heard of this thing before, but will definitely keep a look out. Such shady practices that seem to be employed just for monetary gain.
    What’s sad is that I am sure that many people have been fooled by this and taken for their hard earned money. SMH…

    1. Hi Chris,

      You’re right to assume that many people become prey to scams everyday. It’s hard as a newbie to I’d these scams. They are usually very convincing.

    1. Sorry to hear that you’ve been a victim Hally. I hope you haven’t given up your dreams of making money online. There are many legitimate programs online. You can try wealthy affiliate’s starter membership for free to see if it’s what you’re looking for.

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