Is online jobs now a scam?

Before I go deep into this review, I want to let you know about the program that is helping me make full-time income online. I put a good amount of time into it and I make about $5500 a month.

If you are interested, go to wealthy affiliate and learn how to make money legitimately online.  The starter membership is free and the premium membership is $49 a month.

Now back to online jobs now reviews.

I was browsing the web for new work from home jobs when I came across the page displayed on the left. I clicked on the very first link and it took me to another page (claimed to be a Fox news page) where I was told an elaborate story and asked to click on a link to find out how to make money.

I obliged and was taken to the online jobs now website. Once there, it didn’t take me long to figure out that it was a fast money scheme.

The name of the program “Online jobs now” confuse many who think they are going to get a job by joining this program but they soon find that it is not what it say it is.

Online jobs now is supposedly owned by a certain Heather Smith. According to the fake Fox news page, the secret of financial success was revealed by president Trump in a speech and that is how programs like this were born.

In this supposed speech, he said online income was the key and that the elites were hiding this secret from the public. I couldn’t find any such speech made by him but I can’t rule it out though.

I don’t disagree that a few make most of the money in America. But I disagree with the notion that, you will make money over night with a top secret program from a group that impersonate prominent news media in order to prey on innocent people.

Can you make money online? Yes but not suddenly. It takes time and determination and mentoring from the right place. It took me about 4 month to start making money with this website. I learn the skills from wealthy affiliate.  and they are my #1 recommendation for anyone who wants to learn how to make money online.

Why don’t I recommend online jobs now?

Heather Smith’s online jobs now claims a lot. That’s not a fault on its own except when it’s a lie.

First, the website claims you can start making money in 5 minutes if you join. Wow, they must be super philanthropist or something. I go with something.

Then every time you try to leave, they give you a discount and tell you there are limited positions available. All this urgency is to make you commit without thinking.

The unique identifiers of this link posting scam is the appearance of their home page. It is filled with logos of popular TV networks like CNN, NBC, Fox news and USA today.

All this display is to make you feel they are legit. The thing is, these are used without the permission or knowledge of these TV companies.

The Brunette syndrome

When you try to leave online jobs now website. You are coerced to stay. If you choose to, you are told a very emotional story about the. Chilling day everything changed for a pretty brunette.

Funny thing is, the so called brunette goes by different names on about a dozen other scam sites that look exactly like this one.

Many people after reading this story are fooled and they buy into this program and it’s many up sells. They find out soon enough that they’ve been scammed but it’s too late.

What kind of scam is this?

Online jobs now is a link posting scam. This is the practice of spamming legitimate sites with links that take people back to their site. For this to work, thousands and even millions of links need to be posted.

This is were you come in. With your help, they can get more of their links out there and drag many more unsuspecting people down with them.

Is there an alternative to link posting?

There are several other methods for generating online income legitimately. I will talk briefly about three of these methods; affiliate marketing, social media marketing and marketing your skills/goods.

Affiliate marketing 

This is the kind of business where your refer people to a certain product or service, in exchange for some percentage of the sale if that product or service is bought.

For example, say you refer a certain baby product on your website. You do this by writing reviews about this product to attract people to buy it. In time, you will get many visitors to your website. Some will read you review and decide to buy the product.

When they buy this product, you will make money from commissions. For more on this topic, read my post about affiliate marketing and how it works.

Social marketing

This is the kind of business that is mostly done on social media platforms. Social media is a great way to reach many people online. You can use this media to reach a targeted population and grow your business.

For example, people go to Pinterest to find things they need. If you refer a product on pinterest, you could reach a large group of people and make some money.

Facebook is another great place to promote your business.

Market your skills/goods

This is another great way to make money online. If you are good at making things that people need, or you are a great teacher, or you are passionate about something, you can make money online.

Esty is a great place for people who make crafts to sell their product. To read more about selling your products online, read my review of esty.

Amazon and E bay are great places to sell your products too.

As a teacher/tutor, you can build a website an tutor people from pretty much any where around the world. Use your imagination, the possibilities are endless. Read my post on finding a niche and turning your passion into a business for more info on this topic.

With a passion, you can build a successful business like mine right here.

What is common about the three examples above?

After reading info on the examples above, you will see that the first thing about all of them is that it happens online. The second thing is the fact that you need a website of your own to leverage these businesses.

A website is so important because with one, you have more control over your business. You decide what to review, display, sell, teach and what not to do.

You can’t have an affiliate account with most programs like Amazon, Wal-Mart, Ebay, Costco and many other places if you don’t have a website. Affiliate marketing is relatively easy and the quickest method to make money online.

How can I get my own website?

Nowadays, it is very easy for an individual to build their own website for free. You can download and install WordPress and start the process of personalizing your website.

You however, need to find a place to host your website on the internet. Your website is similar to a house; it has to be built on a piece of land (hosting is that piece of land).

There are many places where you can go to host your website for a reasonable monthly fee. But, as a beginner, it is usually that, finance is scare. So, you may need to find a place that will build and host your website for free.

I got my site build and hosted by wealthy affiliate. I joined their free membership and took a few of their entrepreneurial lessons. I then used their free domain and website builder to build and host two of my websites.

I have since then upgraded my websites to premium but the free website got me going.

In conclusion

I do not recommend online jobs now. I believe it is a fast money scheme and will be a waste of your time and money. If you are really interested in learning how to make money online, read my getting started post for more ideas.

I hope this review was helpful to you. Please leave a comment.

Cheers Denise.


  1. I agree with you. Some sites may be harmful for online jobs but most of the site are not harmful at all. Because millions of people are engaged in online jobs and they are doing better than others who are working in office. Thanks for sharing this. It will clear so many confusion.

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