Is five figure freedom a scam?

Program; Five figure freedom


Owner; Brendan Mace and a Mr. X

Price; regular price $197, promotion price $6.59 with many upsells.

Are you running an online business that uses YouTube? If yes, then the five figure freedom program could be a great place to go to learn how to grow your business.  This is one of the good selling program courses in the market that can help you to earn more every month.

The idea of starting an online business these days is very popular but very few beginners know where to go for vital business information. Five Figure Freedom promises to give its members courses that will help them make about five figures per month; a proven road map they claim will make it very easy for their members to make money online.

Is this program legit or just one of those schemes out there, continue reading to find out.

Five Figure Freedom

The Five Figure Freedom program is supposedly an effective and simple step-by-step training course that guides people on how to make money by using YouTube videos in generating leads, traffic and making sales.  According to owner Brendan Mace, he has a YouTube channel with 30,000 fans and growing.

For this reason, he believe he knows the secret to cracking the money code on YouTube. He claims that his method is proven and everyone who has tried it has made money online.

This courses he claims, teaches you how to setup a perfect and productive online business on YouTube. This also gives you an idea on the things you need to be aware of in order earning five figures per month.

What exactly does the Five Figure Freedom program Offer?

The Five Figure Freedom program includes step-by-step training in an eBook guide that will give you, ideas, tips and pieces of advice on how to set up your five figure business.

Topics include, starting a business, generating traffic, making money in just a few days, making hundred a day in just your first month, how to put up to 90% of your business on autopilot and how to scale up your business so you can live the “internet lifestyle”.

In this eBook course, you could get different and fresh perspectives that can help you change some of your old ideas on how to make money on YouTube. Well, this is not as hard as you think it could be he says.

This eBook is also supposed to help you increase conversion and teach you how to add the email addresses of your viewers to your list.

According to Brendan Mace, having all of these contents in Five Figure Freedom eBook, you’re assured of earning five figure incomes without experiencing any hassle and difficulty.

After reading the guided eBook, the next thing you need to do is to watch a step-by-step video on how to create your own business on YouTube. This is very essential especially to those people who usually experience great difficulty in reading the guide and understanding it through text.

This Five Figure Freedom is supposedly newbie-friendly. This only means to say that even if you have not used any marketing method before, you are still able to apply such technique as easy and simple as possible.

What do you get from Five Figure Freedom?

There are several things you may get if you choose to use the Five Figure Freedom program. As promised by the owner, they include the following:

  • Getting traffic fast on your YouTube channels.
  • You can earn a huge amount of money for only a few weeks after implementing the program.
  • You can always have free time since the system is automatic. This is due to the fact that it uses 100% autopilot features.
  • You can also get freedom in money and time if the business you’ve created works perfectly on YouTube.


  • This course is very simple and easy for people to understand.
  • You can read on and follow the step-by-step guide it offers through both video and eBook.
  • Support and respond time is good.


  • You are required to buy many upsells if you want to have an in-depth and amazing walk through.
  • The promises of making tons of money in a very short time by just investing one hour a day is unrealistic.
  • The courses are somewhat outdated and most if not all of this information, you can get online for free.
  • The idea of the elusive Mr. X troubles me a lot.
  • The talk of top secret method of making money sounds too much as one of those scam pitches.

Final Thoughts

The Five Figure Freedom is a program that could be very helpful for a newbie in online marketing and for those who are really struggling on their YouTube channel. The information is not half bad but the problem here is the fact that it will hardly produce the results it promises members.

Making a five figure amount takes time and experience. Even very experienced marketers have to work super hard to make five figures a year. It is even harder to make such an amount on autopilot.

If you are a newbie and want to learn some basic YouTube techniques, five figure freedom maybe helpful but don’t expect to make five figure amounts on autopilot or in a short time.

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