Awai accelerated six figure copywriting review

The Awai Accelerated Six Figure Copywriting program is a platform that

teaches people how to write direct response letters. The also teach copy-writing.


They claim that there are about 2.3 million direct response companies online that need copywriters to work for them. They teach persuasive writing for sales and donations.


Awai accelerated writing program is one of the great places to go to learn how to earn money as a writer. Awai claims that direct sales companies make good money using such persuasive sales letter and thus pay skilled writers handsomely for writing them.


If you are a writer and want to know if the awai accelerated program is good or not, stick around and find out in this review.


What does the Awai Accelerated six figure copy writing program offer?


Guidance on writing a Long Sales Letter


This program is actually designed to teach you more of the ways to write a long sales letter. The usual sales letters they teach you to write are twelve to twenty-two pages long.


You are also taught how to design such letters so they can be sent via mail directly to the customer. This kind of business is called direct marketing.


Direct marketing is actually the process of selling or marketing in the most direct way possible with potential clients.

It is also the usual letter you receive in your mail that requires or asks you to donating to the animal shelter or apply for a credit card.


I get many of those credit card letters and I have applied for some after reading such letters. This is actually a great way to make money if you have the persuasive writing skills.


Some of these letters are emails that promote or introduce an investment newsletter.

For example, about six months ago, I got an email about the Merrill Lynch program from bank of America. I read the email and decided to invest with them. You can say this was a successful sales letter and whoever wrote it made some good money for the people who joined the program.


Teaches you about persuasive writing


If you can write persuasively, you can become an excellent copywriter. This expertise in writing will help you become a salesperson by way of writing. And this is exactly what this program is about. You will learn more about the best ways to write persuasively.


When you have learned the ways to attract or persuade others, you will most certainly be able to use it to make money. But, just remember that you need to make use of it for good not for some scheme.

This program plays a major role in the business of direct-response companies. They train people that provided quality services to those companies.


Joining this program will boast your potential to write persuasively but you must do the hard work and you must dig in deeper and create the information for your customers on your own.

The Awai program is a hands on program where you will learn as you write. So, do not expect it to be on autopilot. You must be someone who enjoys writing to succeed in it.


They can help you learn how to write persuasively for a specific niche. The time it takes to learn is subjective as some people could take a year while others just six months.


Includes Writing Assignments of up to 700 Pages


The impressive thing about the program is that it is big and it includes writing assignments of up to 700 pages. The writing assignments are somehow critiqued by the AWAI staff members who are made up of top notch and successful writers.


All this is done to give you plenty of practice before they let you out to the world. They pride themselves on producing top quality writers.

This program requires commitment in order to complete it. Like I said earlier, it is subjective so how long it takes you to complete is dependent on you.


It is an intensive program so you should be prepared to work before you join it. To become a successful copywriter, you must fully commit to succeed. This is especially right after you have completed the course.


Highlights Broader Categories


This program is definitely good especially because of the fact that it highlights even broader categories.

The following are the categories that you will usually find: choosing a specific niche, getting clients, the copy’s structure for direct-response sales, the persuasive writing fundamentals and getting started: the opportunity and lifestyle.


So you can easily focus on those categories that matter most.


Effective for Those Who Aim to Become Professional Copywriters


For those writers who would love to become professional copywriters, this may be the program to try. This program will not only benefit prospective copy writers, it can also benefit an online marketer who wants to learn more about writing as it will help improve their conversion rate.


It will require a couple years or more to be able to have an established copy writing business. Always remember that this task will demand a lot of work which is also not very easy.

Right after you finish the program, you will be ready to write more effective direct marketing sales letters. You will now be ready to work towards client search.


This will usually take more months to work the phone, send letters and follow up. Also, remember that self-promotion is an essential part of the life of a freelance copywriter. Through constant marketing, you will build your business and gradually your income too.


The moment you have a client, you will now be on your way to negotiating fees and signing contracts.


Emphasize Analyzing and Reading Master Copywriting


The impressive thing about the program is that it puts emphasis on analyzing and reading master copywriting. Thus, it’s much easier learning more about the techniques of experts and professionals. Writers who want to read more about copywriting will be able to benefit more from it.


This is an essential thing to consider as part of learning more about copywriting. And, it really makes sense reading it.


Backed with Quality Lessons


This program is great especially for its quality lessons. Their lessons have been proven to be very valuable and helpful when introducing newer perspectives and ideas to writing.

You will also like the idea of reviewing them for reference all through your future writing projects.


My take on the Awai accelerated six figure copywriting program


This is no doubt a great program for anyone looking to improve their writing skills and learn persuasive writing. It cost $497 to start which for me is a little costly especially for beginners with little or no income.


The copy writing business is very competitive which makes it very hard for a beginner to succeed in it. If this program enabled writers to get their first gig before letting them loose, it will be well worth it paying the $497 price tag but they don’t. You have to figure it out on your own after you finish the training.


This program is legitimate and has helped many to make a living as freelance copy writers.




The Awai Accelerated Six Figure Copy Writing program is a great program for anyone who wants to learn how to write direct-response sales letters and copywriting.


For those who appreciate writing for more hours and for those who have the motivation to learn and master all the skills required, this is a great program.

If you have the passion and interest in writing, it will help if you learn more about copywriting. But, you must remember that huge pay checks will not appear suddenly through your mailbox.


You will still need to make an effort to market yourself. In the program, you will learn several ways to market yourself. Whether you succeed or not will depend on how hard you apply these lessons.

Learn about my #1 recommendation for online marketing here. It is free to join.

Cheers Denise

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