What is the empower network about?

Empower network was another online opportunity for people who were looking for a platform to earn money from home.

We will go through the details of this site in a minute, in this review but what you need to know is that I am have never been affiliate of this program and I will not get any commission for writing about this site.

It is important to let you know about this so you understand that this review is my genuine opinion about David Wood’s empower network system.

Before we progress into this review, we need to know what Empower Network actually is or was.

What is the empower network and David Wood about?

Empower network was lunched on October 31, 2011 by David Wood and David Sharpe. It was a high tier MLM and on August 1, 2017, Dave Wood announced that Empower Network no longer exists and would enter bankruptcy court.

As mentioned earlier, empower network was an online opportunity that enabled their members to earn money. There were no specific challenges associated with joining the program other than the high price tag.  Most individuals could start it as their home-based job as long as they could afford the price to join.

Empower network provided marketing training, information about products and digital services that included a blogging platform named Blog beast. There was also an affiliate program through which members could get commission and could make it a source of their online income.

Like other programs, empower network also had a number of membership packages. Let’s see what they cost.

Cost of the empower network program 

Basic membership

There were many levels you could join at empower network. To begin, you needed to join the basic level that cost $25 a month. From this level, you could upgrade to other levels.

This is to say that, you couldn’t join the other levels without joining the basic level first. This basic membership gave you access to a blogging platform. This platform was a place for you to promote your products or the products of empower network.

As you promoted empower network, you could make money from your referrals who join the program and paid for the membership.  In addition to the platform you got plenty of training as well. This training was aimed at helping you build an online business.

The basic membership also included back office tools and capture page system.

Inner circle

After basic membership, there was the Inner circle membership. This membership costs $100 a month and in this membership, you got access to their audio library. This audio library basically contained the information about empower network, their members and founders.

The only good thing about this membership was that you could enjoy the commission when your referral bought this membership. So if you were a basic member and your referral joined the inner circle or higher level, you would not have gotten the commission for this referral.

Top Producer Formula

Along with this audio library they also had a video series that guided their users about the advanced marketing strategy. It costs 500 dollars which was way too high to be considered for marketing strategy tutorials.

Team Building Formula

They had many other similar offers such as you could buy their 15k formula for $995 in which you got technical training and their teaching staff taught you about online marketing.

Mass Influence Formula

And if you still had money to spend then you could spend it on their master retreat. This would have costs you $3500 and it contained a workbook based on forty individual training. With this level, you could learn and earn they said.

Its like the upsells never ended at empower network. They seemed to always come up with yet another digital package.

The interesting part of this whole scheme was the part where you had to buy all these levels to start promoting with Empower network. Now you know about the program and its memberships.

Let’s see some of the cons about this online earning program.


  • There was basically no description provided by the Empower network to let people know about them and what they will sell. Most of the reputable programs provide their visitors with the description about their business model to help you know about their products and services. But this was not the case with Empower network. They didn’t tell what they sold and what the procedure to make money with them was until it was too late to leave.


  • You might not be aware of this but to get paid from them you had to pay as well. The card they gave you for payments had a 20-dollar fee which you had to pay every month. You could get a different card for the payments but they should have facilitated their members with a free card.


  • You had to pay to earn as an affiliate with Empower Network. Those who know about affiliate marketing are aware of the fact that you don’t have to pay to be an affiliate marketer. All you have to do is to spread about their products and services and when someone buys it with your link, you get a specific commission. But they had some costly levels of membership to join before you could enjoy the commissions.


  • How much you had to invest was another question. 25 dollars is not the only money you had to pay. You had to purchase the payment system to get your payments which costs you around 19 dollars and if you didn’t purchase the inner circle membership you could not enjoy the commission of your referral purchases. Even after investing so much, there was no guarantee that you will succeed.


  • The blogging platform that they provided their users was not unique at all. You had limited controls with few templates to choose from. You would see most of the blogs with empower network banners which would advertise their program and ask you to sign up for empower network. For 25 dollars, these were very few features that empower network offered. There are many other platforms where you can get access for free.


  • Last but not the least there were no free trial period for their users. Most of the interested members preferred to peek in before starting properly. But there were no free trial, Sorry.

With empower network you had to build an online business that was not a 100 percent yours and the blogs that you created were owned by the empower network as well.

You should consider a platform where you can build a business that is completely yours and you can modify it according to your needs. There is no shortcut or easy way for money. If you find a program that claims to make you rich overnight then take a step back and look for some other program.


Whether it was legit or not, it was definitely not preferred for those who were looking to start their online business; especially those with little or no money to begin with.

Although you could earn with empower network with a lot of hard work and dedication but the chances of success were very low. The only good thing about Empower Network in my opinion was that they had a 14 day money back guaranteed and if you were still interested in investing in EN then this was the only guarantee that you had.

Check out my #1 recommendation for making money online. It’s free to join.

Cheers Denise.

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