Is a to z cash system a scam

A to Z Cash System Scam Review

The A to Z Cash System is a home kit which claims to show you ways to earn money without any prior experience or special skill. The type of work you will do is quite unclear but the system claims to provide you with educational materials and you will have your personal; money-making website.

Kit package

The kit is packed with the following:

  • 24-hour customer supports helpline.
  • 4 Training Guides and 6 video tutorials,
  • A website,
  • Instant activation,
  • Phone consultation,
  • Support,

How the system works

Once you get the kit, you will be asked to supply your name and email. After you supply this, you will be directed to a payment page with the content: “A to Z Cash System – Immediate Access”. Furthermore, the system claims to have a 100% risk-free trial if you sign up immediately for only $4.97.

You can either decide to exit the page or continue with the payment. But for the sake of this article, we will focus on exiting the page. Now, if you should try to exit this page, the price for activation will be dropped to $1.00. This sounds good, right?

Instead, you may decide to opt for the 3-day trial just as I did in order to test out the system. At the end of the 3rd day, you will be required to now activate the kit for $77 only. A sharp increase in price, huh! Not only this, you will be charged $57 monthly from then.

Furthermore, you will be asked to supply your phone number. But, what is the essence of supplying your phone number? Possibly to receive calls to persuade you to activate their kit or to receive an alert of special offers, who knows!

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How safe is A to Z Cash System

The information on the website is ambiguous and unclear. There are discrepancies in the information provided. For instance, the system claims to offer a 7-day free trial but it was 3 days in the actual sense. More so, there was a PayPal option for payment but rather, the page requested payment via credit/debit card.

These information discrepancies make investing in A to Z cash system quite complicated.

Other shady facts

1.    Fake photos and testimonials

The kit claims to have a free phone consultation which appears not to be real. Instead, the conversation with the acclaimed “business experts” appears to put more pressure on the caller to activate the package.

2.    Total cost not clear

Based on the earlier explanation, one can conclude that the system does not have an actual price for activation. The price changes with each page you click. Plus, there have been reports of “unauthorized charges” on credit cards used for the purchase.

3.    Confusing name

The system, known as A to Z cash system, also uses the name “Easy Cash on Demand”.

Final Thoughts

The question now is: is A to Z Cash system a scam? This is the question probably running out of the mind of most readers. In the actual sense, 90% of the acclaimed only cash systems are scams. As regards to the A to Z system, the major aim is to make money from it once you acquire the kit but rather, you are asked to pump money into it.

Even without drawing any conclusion as regards to the authenticity of this system, I hope you can be able to fashion out the right answer to the lingering question on your mind.

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