Home wealth remedy reviews; is this program legit or a scam?

Program: Link posting

Owner: A.B. Anderson

Skill level: N/A

Website: homewealthremedy.com and homewealthremedy.net

Price: $97 initially and then it is reduced to $47 on the pop up window

Recommended? No, it is a scam

Before I go deep into this review, I want to let you know about the program that is helping me make part time income online. I don’t put much time into it so I only make about $3500 a month. That’s good enough for me.

If you are interested, go to wealthy affiliate and learn how to make money legitimately online.  The starter membership is free and does not expire. You could end up making more or less than I do depending on how much work you are ready to put in to it.

Now back to A.B. Anderson’s home wealth remedy reviews.

A.B. Anderson’s home wealth remedy is a link posting scam (I will explain this term later in the post). People are lured into this program with the use of emotional appeal.

Knowing that people like the luxury life, they are told how they can make huge amounts of money doing very little or nothing in a relative short amount of time. And they can finally go for that beach vacation and relax.

You will think, that statement alone will raise alarm bells in everyone’s mind but you will be surprise how many people fall for this scam. I know many people go online looking for programs like this when they find themselves in dire situations where they need money fast.

Many people are desperate and make an easy target for scammers like MR, Anderson. So, when they go to the website of home wealth remedy, they are immediately told that 5 minutes of their time will change their life in amazing ways.

They are told that home wealth remedy was featured in top programs and was titled #1 work from home system. But home wealthy remedy does not bother to tell which program featured them and what organization rank them #1.

On their website, at homewealthremedy.com, they make a huge effort to display the logos of renowned TV networks like CNN, NBC,ABC. You may think that these are the programs they were featured on but you will be surprised to learn that they have not been featured on any of these stations.

In fact, none of these TV networks have given the home wealth remedy program permission to display their logo. This display is there to make you drop you guard and fall for their scam. After all, when many people see these logos they think this program is legitimate.

When people fall for this scam and give Mr. Anderson their email address and other important information, that is when the harassment begin. They will send their money sucking leaches after you to drain even more money from you.

At every turn, your email will be spammed and every time, they will tell you to be patient and fool you with yet another false shinny program which will be yet another scam.

At the end, when you realize you’ve been scam, they will not respect their money back guarantee. After all, they can claim that you failed because you didn’t follow their program word for word.

What kind of program is link posting?

Link posting is the practice of spamming legitimate sites with ads in the hope that some unsuspecting individual will click on it and be redirected to another target website like the home wealth remedy site.

The ads usually read something like this “great work from home job! A mom makes $1000 a day working from home!”.

When people finally get to the designated website, they are feed with lies. One of such lies is the idea that big organizations like Amazon will pay you tons of money to post their links. Why do I say this is a lie?

First these scammers will never link you to amazon or any other place like it. All they will do is give you links and ask you to post them at a number of places. They won’t teach you anything at all. You will pay to work for them and finally find out later that it was all for nothing.

Second, businesses like amazon will not work with you if you are not a legitimate owner of a website. Yes, they give links for their legitimate members only to post on their website. These links are product links.

When people click on these links, they are taken back to amazon and if they buy something then the person referring them makes some money.

Make no mistake, the kind of business people do with amazon is called affiliate marketing and is totally different from link posting.

Bottom line


You’ve been warned. Mr. A.B. Anderson’s home wealth remedy program is a scam. Don’t get discouraged however, there plenty of legitimate programs online that will teach you how to make money online legitimately.

Wealthy affiliate is one of those programs. I like their program because they have a free starter membership that does not expire. This feature is very important because as a beginner in online marketing, you need time to learn the ways of the business before diving deep into it.

This unlimited free membership gives you the chance to learn without the constant pressure of many traditional programs that expect you to pay up front or give you only a short trial period.

You will also be able to build two free websites with this free membership. You can start your business for free and when you are ready to take your business to the next level, you can upgrade.

I hope this review was helpful.

Cheers Denise.

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