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Website: www.jobplacement.net

Product: Not sure

Owners: Ryan Eagle and Tom Eagle (these may aliases).

Recommended? No/scam

Price: Depends on when you buy in and how many upsells you purchase. ($49.99, $97, $197)

Many people looking to make money online become victims of scams. There are two time more work at home scams than there are legitimate businesses. Job placement is a scam you should avoid.

First off, they tell you how they will help you make money online in no time but fail to tell you how they are going to do this. They hold back information until you have enrolled and payed $197, $97, $49.99 or sometimes lower depending on the stage of the scam you get into.

Initially you are told to register with your email to get more information (make sure to create a dummy email for this program). After you do that, you are told to pay a certain amount to get their top secret way of making money online.

If you fall for it initially, they send their top gurus to drill you into spending more and more money or better still to give them important bank account information. They then charge you a monthly fee from your account for no good reason.

For people like us who have been on the internet for a long time, we know this scams when we see it because all such pages look alike. These pages are very colorful and have logos of popular TV stations like CNN, ABC, NBC and the likes. The thing is these logos are used to convince you without the knowledge or permission of these TV chains.

New unsuspecting people find these pages compelling and fall for this scam, especially when they see all these logos. Before you spend money on programs like this, ask yourself, exactly what are they offering? Do not fall for vague promises.

The owner of job placement is also the owner of hundreds of other sites that look exactly like it and promise pretty much the same thing.

Some of these sites include; acsworkfromhome.com, adsense-4-idiots.net, autocashsystem.net, autocashsystem.org, autocashsystem0.com, automated-wealth-system.com, automated-wealth-systems.com, automatedwealthsystem.com, automatedwealthsystem.org, automatedwealthsystem0.com, automatedwealthsystems.com, automatedwealthsystems.org, automatic-income-system.com, autopilotprofitsonline.org, awealth12.com awealth13.com, awealth14.com.

Do not just take it from me, google some of these sites and see for yourself. They claim to teach you how to do affiliate marketing and promise to offer you personal coaching and 24/7 customer service but fail to fulfill this promise.

They also say you will be up and running in days and making up to a hundred dollars or more in days. Is this possible online? Yes but it will not happen in days.

If you really want to make money online, you need to work hard and be patient. There are many ways to achieve your goals. And yes you could do affiliate marketing which is by far the most common method or you can make and sell your own products or skills online.

Many big chains like amazon, eBay and Walmart offer you a free way to become an affiliate so way pay for it.

If you need educational material on this topic, visit wealthy affiliate for more information. You will need to become a member to gain access to their educational material. Registration is free for an unlimited time and if you feel like you want more from them, you can choose to go premium.

I am a premium member at wealthy affiliate and use their educational tools a lot but most important for me is having all my sites built and hosted in one place for one flat fee and no upsells.

I hope this brief review helped you make an informed decision about working from home. You can browse other pages on this site to gain more knowledge on how to work from home.

Cheers Denise.

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