Authority Hacker; The Authority Site System (TASS) Review

Gael Breton and Mark Webster created The Authority Site System, or TASS, to help affiliate marketers find the next level of success. It’s a white-hat SEO method that teaches you how to build a website successfully so that it can start to generate income.



Unlike other courses that teach black hat methods that can generate site penalties, TASS gives you actionable, value-based strategies that let you develop a profile of expertise. Instead of offering vague advice, you’ll receive step-by-step instructions, templates, and follow-ups that help you to earn your place as an affiliate.



Breton and Webster founded Authority Hacker in 2014 in response to Google algorithm updates that forced them to reconsider their approach to affiliate marketing. This course helps you to learn directly from their experiences.



Who Should Use The Authority Site System?


TASS is a course that’s designed for beginners who haven’t built an affiliate website in the past. It gives you access to the information and tools you’ll need to know to build an online presence that can start making you some money.



The goal of the program is to help you build an affiliate presence that eventually replaces the income you earn from a full-time job.





Authority Hacker offers a Pro course, but it is meant for affiliates who are already making money from their website. Instead of providing a linear set of classes and tools to create learning opportunities, this option is a collection of structures that let you build your existing business even higher.


There’s also a platinum course that provides high-end materials for those who are earning thousands of dollars in commissions each month.


What Are the Benefits of Choosing TASS?



Authority Hacker doesn’t make any promises about the money you can make with this system. The goal of TASS is to teach you how to achieve your affiliate ambitions through sweat equity. When you build authority-based websites using this method, then you’ll have what is needed to create a Stage 1 white hat affiliate site.



You could make upwards of $5,000 per month when you follow this program. There is also the possibility that you might not earn anything.


The benefits of choosing The Authority Site System are as follows.


1. You’re creating a long-term solution.

Authority websites provide evergreen content to potential customers. That means you have a low-maintenance solution that generates traffic for you consistently. You won’t need to worry about a search engine deciding to penalize your website if an algorithm change happens.



2. It provides you with continuous updates.

Authority Hacker continues to create updates that make your approach to affiliate marketing as comfortable as possible. One of the latest options includes link-building tactics like using Help a Reporter Out (HARO) and other new tools.

Search engines are updating and modernizing all of the time. It makes sense to invest in a course that does the same for you.



3. You have access to over 80 video lessons.

Most of the lessons offered through Authority Hacker come in a video format. Each one gets to the point right away so that you don’t feel like you’re wasting your time.



4. Case studies are made available to you.

TASS sets itself apart from most other affiliate marketing programs by offering you access to verifiable cast studies. This data proves that the system works while providing insights that can help you to build a similar result.


Some people use this benefit for inspiration. Others see it as another tool that helps them to learn more about the system. Either way, this information gives you ways to see in real-life situations how it is possible to build authority.



5. You can use the included templates to build your website.

Authority Hacker provides you with 18 different templates from which to choose that can help you to get your site operational. That makes it a lot easier to add high-quality content right away to begin establishing your expertise.

When you provide visitors with a meaningful user experience, the odds of a successful conversion can rise.



Are There Any Concerns About TASS?


Most affiliate marketing courses are not 100% solutions that meet the exact needs of every participant. You will find some materials in TASS that will feel like a throw-away. The difference with this option is that as your websites grow in authority, you may find that the content has more relevance to you over time.



TASS feels like it evolves as your experience as an affiliate starts increasing.


Some people have found some valid concerns about The Authority Site System that are worth reviewing.



1. It may lack some details for some individuals.

Authority Hacker decided to provide targeted information to affiliate marketers instead of giving them a massive load of data to sift through with their courses. Their research into this area of SEO when building the course showed them that the problem people had was a lack of structure for the amount of information provided.



Can TASS answer every possible question? Probably not – but the same concern could apply to every other affiliate marketing course.



2. You need to use premium marketing tools.

TASS recommends that affiliate marketers use premium link-building and keyword tools to maximize their success. Although organic traffic is indeed free to generate when you post valuable content, targeting specific audiences can speed up that process tremendously.



That means you could find yourself paying upwards of $100 per month to have access to the marketing tools that this course recommends. That’s in addition to what you pay for the materials from Authority Hacker.



These premium tools are useful to have. The case studies that TASS offers have proven results. It might not be in the budget for some beginners.



3. White hat SEO can be unpredictable.

Search engines create algorithm updates all of the time. That means any white hat optimization efforts are going to fluctuate when new structures come to the Internet. If you focus on creating valuable content for users, then the efforts you put into this project are still going to pay off over time.



TASS teaches you how to create long-term assets. That means you could be spending 60 minutes each day for an entire year to see the results you built drop dramatically. The traffic will eventually return if you remain persistent.



Is It Worthwhile to Invest in TASS?


You’ll find thousands of SEO and affiliate marketing reviews online that cover dozens of different courses. Many of them claim to be the “next big thing” that can make you money. The only problem is that the focus is on short-term success.



Authority Hacker gives you the tools you need to create long-term assets instead. If you’re willing to work for the income you want, then TASS enables you to get there eventually.



Although the cost of the course may give some people pause, the quality of the information and the tools you receive are worth taking a closer look at it.


You may discover that focusing on quality instead of quantity is worthwhile – and TASS teaches you how to prove that you’ve got the expertise the search engines want to see.



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