Income School Project 24; What is it about?

Income School’s Project 24 Review


Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer founded Income School to provide comprehensive training opportunities to people who want to make money online.


The focus of these courses depends on what you prefer to learn. Income School offers materials that can help you to learn content marketing, blogging, or modern SEO techniques.


One of the most popular training courses offered is called Project 24. This choice covers affiliate marketing principles and best practices. If you want to build an online foundation that can provide passive income streams, then this information could fulfill your needs.


The goal is to take you through each step of the process that’s necessary to build authority or niche sites so that you can build up your online business.


What Is Income School’s Project 24?


Module 1


Income School’s Project 24 provides 123 lessons that give you 60 actionable steps to follow in Module One. Each experience includes information about the crucial elements of affiliate marketing.


You will learn what it is like to live an entrepreneurial lifestyle, how to choose an appropriate niche, and what it takes to build a WordPress site.

Project 24 also takes you through the process of creating optimized content so that you can achieve top organic results, including the possibility of being in Position 0.


Then you get to see what it takes to drive traffic to your website to generate income creation opportunities.


The coursework is easy to follow for anyone. It’s a straightforward series of steps that don’t require any previous affiliate marketing experience.


Module 2


In the second module, you’ll discover useful strategies that can help you to find article topics. It covers brand planning and keyword selection.



Module 3


The third module covers how to choose a profitable niche. Then you move on to professional photography, how to find writers, and other topics that can turn your affiliate site into an SEO powerhouse.


What Are the Benefits of Using Project 24?


If you have content writing skills (or a reliable freelancer), then Project 24 can turn your ability to generate valuable information into a potential moneymaking machine. The learning lessons provide several benefits that are worth taking into consideration.


  1. It is effortless to use.

Income School crafted Project 24 to be simple to follow. As long as you have a general understanding of how websites work, then you can take advantage of the information the lessons contain.


  1. Income School provides regular updates.

Project 24 continues to receive fresh content that expands the overall coursework that you’ll receive with your investment. That means you always have access to the updated strategies that can build higher levels of organic traffic.


  1. The teaching you receive takes a no-nonsense approach.

You receive direct expertise from Kesler and Harmer when you go through Project 24. The course doesn’t give you generic information that you could find with a simple Google search. You even have the opportunity to suggest upgrades to the material through the feedback mechanism that Income School uses.


The goal is to give you the tools that you need for success. Then it’s up to you to put in the hard work. It is always high-quality content that teaches you how to keep moving forward.


  1. It gives you access to a desirable community.

Project 24 is about as close to family as you can get in the affiliate marketing world. Everyone works together to troubleshoot problems or help each other grow. There will always be someone who tries to take advantage of that kind of trust, but it is good to know that you can find some assistance when it might be needed.


  1. You receive exclusive content.

Income School provides one of the few affiliate marketing courses that offer well-researched methods to improve organic traffic. The best part of this advantage is the article templates that you receive with the course materials. This asset allows you to outsource your writing responsibilities while reducing the risk of receiving low-quality materials for your investment.


  1. Project 24 doesn’t worry about link building.

The overall goal of Project 24 is to create a niche website that offers high-quality content. When you can achieve that structure, then Income School believes that incoming links will come your way. It may take longer to use these white hat SEO methods to meet your definition of success, but the outcomes have more resiliency than they typically do with other programs.


  1. You don’t pay for premium third-party tools.

One of the biggest complaints that affiliates have about SEO marketing courses is that there are surprise costs after you pay a significant fee to gain access to the curriculum. Project 24 has you use free tools and search analysis instead. Then you note what results come up so that you have materials to target with your future writing responsibilities.


Concerns to Note Regarding Project 24


The writing module tends to be the one that experiences the lowest ratings for those who complete Project 24. Income School teaches you how to find and train writers to help you create the types of articles you want. It also takes you through the processes needed to use WordPress successfully.


What isn’t discussed is the challenge that many affiliates have with finding a reliable writer. Most websites require a native English speaker with high-quality grammar to produce the best organic results. The most affordable freelancers tend to use translation software – assuming they don’t copy the content from someone’s website!


Since in-depth, long-form articles form the foundation of your push for more organic traffic, you must have someone who can weave longtail keywords into the material naturally. If you don’t have this asset, then you are unlikely to see growth as an affiliate.


Cost is also a factor to consider with Project 24. Currently priced at $449 for the first year and $199 for subsequent years. Although it is more affordable than competitive training courses in the marketplace, there is an annual fee required to maintain your membership.


You aren’t forced to stay a member once you complete the training materials. Income School allows you to cancel at any time.


Is Project 24 Worth the Investment?


The reason why SEO marketing is a popular option is that it provides a low-cost way to produce high levels of organic traffic.

When Internet users search for a specific keyword string, then the top results become their first priority. If that person likes what they see, then there is an excellent chance of achieving a conversion.


Organic traffic converts at several times higher rate than paid or randomized visits to an affiliate website. It may take you more than one hour per day to generate the content needed to create visitors, especially if writing isn’t your specialty.


The goal is to create 30 blog posts in your first month.


Some training programs teach you how to grow your business and brand over several months. Others prefer to show you how affiliates can try to make a big bag of cash immediately without thinking about potential long-term consequences.


If you have experience as an affiliate marketer already, then this course may feel too basic. It is perfect for beginners who want to create a side hustle or a chance to create a full-time income while working from home.


What you’ll receive with Income School’s Project 24 is a low-cost way to build your affiliate websites while focusing on organic traffic. If those issues are priorities for you, then this training course is definitely worth a look. Another training worth looking at is Wealthy Affiliate. 

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