What is affiliate secrets 2.0? Is It an Entrepreneur’s Best Sales Weapon?

Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review


Affiliate marketers have access to a plethora of programs and training methods that can lead them to a successful outcome. One of the biggest problems in this space is knowing who can provide advantageous knowledge, and which providers offer something barely better than useless.



Even when you perform plenty of research beforehand, you can get fooled sometimes. That’s why Spencer Mecham’s knowledge is an excellent asset to have available.



Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is an end-to-end, video-based affiliate marketing course. It’s a new version of an original program that uses ClickFunnels to create passive revenue streams using the strategies offered with this platform.



Mecham allegedly used similar techniques to create his online presence. He has reportedly helped at least ten other people qualify for the Dream Car through the ClickFunnels platform. You can also find him with Buildapreneur and Automation Nation.



Is Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 a solid investment, or does it lack the fuel to create your brand of success?



What You Receive with Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0


This platform contains eight modules for you to review:


The introductory module uses the standard approach that you’ll find with most affiliate marketing courses. Mecham creates excitement for what you’re going to learn in the class, including the mindset and expectations that are necessary for a positive experience.



If you’re trying to get rich quickly or build an affiliate empire overnight, then this information isn’t going to help you much. Most people give up on this program because it takes a lot of time and sweat equity to create results.



When you move to the second module, then you’ll learn how to find and utilize your niche experience. Mecham gives you a handful of examples from which to choose, showing you how to structure content in such a way that it creates immediate value for your brand.



Then the course takes you through the process of generating new traffic for your website. There’s a comprehensive overview of the free options that you can use, including Quora, Instagram, and Pinterest. It also covers paid options that include PPC advertising. What is unique about this portion of the training is that several guests outline their experiences for you to develop a more profound sense of what to expect going forward.



Benefits of Choosing Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0



The reason you would choose this training course is simple. If you want to grow as an affiliate marketer, then you’ll learn some tools that can make this happen.




You could also experience these advantages when you choose to explore the materials offered by this course.



  1. Mecham hides nothing.

If you’ve tried other training courses in the past, then you’ve likely experienced the issue where you feel like the lessons try to nickel-and-dime you until you’re broke. When you start learning from Mecham, nothing gets held back for a future investment. Getting through the material means you’re ready to implement the tactics shared with you. The information on Google is particularly useful.



  1. You get to hear from other people.

It is unrealistic for a single individual to be an expert in every avenue of marketing. That’s why affiliate work is such a challenge for entrepreneurs who fly solo – by choice or circumstance. When you start learning from Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0, the information you receive on the various platforms and tools comes from some of the best in the industry today. You’ll meet people like Kara Ferwerda and Jonny West virtually to further your understanding of the techniques that can lead to success.



  1. It comes with plenty of information.

Although the primary reason to use this training course is to better your skills as an affiliate, you’ll also receive an overview of marketing principles. You can take the information provided in Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 and apply it to virtually any position in this industry. You’ll discover how to build a web presence, use ClickFunnels to your advantage, and how to leverage automation.



  1. Email marketing comes in a separate module.

One of the most significant modules in this course is the seventh one, covering all of the basics of email marketing. Mecham shows you how to create a successful campaign, automate it, and then continue to use it as an asset. His technique for creating messages to interested prospects is worth the price of the training by itself if writing isn’t a strength. You can also go to Module 8 to learn how to outsource the tasks that you don’t know how to complete or prefer not to do.



  1. You get to know how to use ClickFunnels.

Module 5 in Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 takes you through the process of learning how to use ClickFunnels. If you’re not a member of the community, then the course has you sign up through his affiliate link. You will cover topics like how to create a bridge page, what a sales funnel encompasses, and how to build one that’s meaningful for the work that you’re doing.



Concerns to Note with Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Review


The primary concern with Mecham’s course is that it virtually ignores the benefits of search engine optimization. When you can drive organic traffic to your website as an affiliate marketer, then you’re getting visitors who are ready to purchase the products you represent. Their specific searches led them to the results that your site provided.



When you focus on paid advertising or basic referrals through social media, your content must work harder and provide more value to create similar results. You don’t need to target highly competitive keywords to generate some fantastic SEO – long-tail keywords can do the trick. A future update that includes this information would be useful.



You may notice some outdated components in Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0. The danger of promoting solutions as an affiliate is that the company that operates the program can make changes to it at any time. Mecham might spin that idea by saying that it teaches flexibility, but it also means that you may not have the chance to copy the exact strategies used to create revenues.



Then there’s the fact that Mecham promotes ClickFunnels because of his current affiliate status. It will take some time for you to get to know the platform’s processes, and there’s a significant cost associated with it.


Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Pricing

Affiliate Secrets 2.0 is currently selling for $897.   There is talk that the price might go up as more people join.



Verdict on Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 Course



You can choose from a variety of programs and platforms to learn how to be an affiliate marketer. What sets Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 apart is that you won’t get any empty promises.



It isn’t a free ride that this course offers. If you’re willing to put in the work, spend time on your business, and create some good work, then you can build a successful online presence.



Most programs like this come with a cost, and Spencer Mecham’s Affiliate Secrets 2.0 isn’t any different. It’s a lot cheaper than competitive courses that cover some of the same materials, which makes it a valuable investment for the entrepreneur who is on a budget. It comes complete with free and paid traffic-building lessons to help you optimize your site.


If your primary focus is SEO, then you might find yourself feeling disappointed by Mecham’s approach. When your goal is to create conversions by leveraging today’s online marketing tools, then you will want to give this course a closer look.


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