A review of Kevin David Shopify ninja masterclass course

Shopify Ninja Masterclass By Kevin David – A Yes Or A No?


While searching for a course that can teach you all you need to know about using Shopify to create a successful online store, one of the most popular ones that you’re likely to run into is the Ninja Masterclass taught by Kevin David.


When Kevin initially released his course and coaching program, it was priced at over $2000! Right now, however, you can get the course at more than 50% off for $997 or at 40% off if you pay three installments of $397/installment.


The truth is that there are other more affordable drop ship courses out there, and so if you do decide to go for Kevin David’s Ninja Masterclass, it has to be for a good reason.


Kevin is a serial entrepreneur with areas of interest including Facebook ads, Shopify drop shipping, Amazon FBA and several other affiliate marketing platforms.


According to Kevin, he makes 7-figures each year from his several Shopify stores. He also has a trending YouTube channel.


If you see his YouTube videos, you’ll get the notion that this is someone who knows what he’s talking about. It’s clear that he is a pro online marketer.


If you are on a budget, however, you’ll definitely appreciate and want to consider much more affordable courses such as Franklin Hatchett’s eCom Elites or Tristan Broughton’s Product Winner Blueprint.




After purchasing your coaching membership, you’ll gain access to the entire course which is made up of five modules, each containing a fairly wide range of videos.


All the videos are of high quality. Just listening to Kevin, you can tell he knows what he’s saying. A lot of other dropshipping gurus have a comparatively harder time delivering their content.


Modules Included In Ninja Masterclass


Given the price tag, however, one might have imagined that there would be more videos than there are. Nonetheless, there is no denying the fact that the content is great. There are also some bonus videos which Kevin updates regularly.


Module 1: Product/Niche Research


In this first module, Kevin introduces you with a short welcome video describing to you exactly what to expect from the course. This first video makes use of a PowerPoint presentation. If you’re not a fan of PowerPoint presentations, then you don’t need to worry much because this is the only video that uses one.


The next video shows you how to choose the best niche for your store and what you need to note as a newbie to the drop shipping business. It’s the first actual lesson in the course, split-screen with Kevin on one side and the course content displaying on the other. Kevin discusses his points in a detailed manner, making use of Word documents.


In the next video, you learn how to find suppliers on AliExpress. Note that it’s the recommended source of suppliers in this course. If you are all about local drop shipping, then this course may not be for you. This thirty-minute long video gives a detailed description of the website as well as extensions and tools that can be used to ease the process, such as ‘Trend Hunter.’


In the video that follows, Kevin uses his basic skills and AliExpress to fine the global best-selling stores and imitate their products. He also teaches you how to find products using a premium tool, priced at $197, known as Intelligence. It’s, no doubt, a great tool.


Next, there are three videos on how to find the best products to sell using different trade shows and websites, including the Shopify app store and Amazon. You learn to use different web tools to find the most prevalent Shopify stores.


The last set of videos teach you to use free tools like Thieve and Google search to find winning products each week.  There is sufficient content for newbies who need a lot of guidance. A complete step-by-step guiding video can be found at the end of the module.

Module 1 is great. So far, so good.


Module 2: Dropship Suppliers


A lot of drop shipping tutors don’t really handle this subject very well, and most don’t recommend suppliers outside of AliExpress. This entire module in Ninja Masterclass is based on using AliExpress.


The very first video is about using AliPay to prevent your account from being suspended or banned, which is a possibility when you begin to process orders for loads of items.


In the next video, you learn how to get in contact with suppliers, and then how to handle manufacturer pricing so that you get the best deal for your drop shipping margins. A scripted message is available for download which you can send to suppliers when you’re contacting them.


Finally, there is a video teaching you how to order samples for your testing before you begin to sell the product, so that you can guarantee the quality of items in your store.


Module 3: Shopify Store setup


The videos here are centered on teaching you how to set up your Shopify store, if you need that. It’s generally easier and better to use a premium theme that can expedite your process and save you the stress of installing several plugins and apps.


This section consists of 15 videos in which Kevin discusses the entire process from beginning your Shopify trial to your installation and configuration of Google Analytics, addition of reviews, pop-ups, countdown timers, email opt-in forms and so on.


You won’t really need these videos if you install a premium theme like eCom Turbo or Booster Theme. After you install these themes, you’ll gain access to full customization via the main dashboard. Doing this will rule out the necessity of this entire module.


Module 4: Market Explosion


Facebook ads, which are the most popular means of getting paid traffic, are the main marketing focus of the Shopify Ninja Masterclass. The very first video gives you a setup guide.


In the next video, you are introduced to the terminologies involved in understanding Facebook ads, such as WC, ATC, PPE and several others. Kevin also shares his three key pointers that he thinks will help you be successful with Facebook ads.


There is a video on mastering your marketing objectives and the life-cycle of your ads. You’ll also learn how to use audiences to target your ads at people who are more likely to click on them and purchase or order your products or services.


Further targeting objectives are also taught to help you conquer Facebook ads. Unfortunately, though, some of the content here was out-of-date. Hopefully, the course will get updated based on the new Facebook interface.


Retargeting, using influencers, optimizing for winners and losers, Instagram and email marketing are also treated. There is truly some wonderful content for drop shipping beginners. Intermediates, on the other hand, may find that they are already acquainted with most of what is discussed in this module.


Finally, there is another step-by-step video to show you how to set up a Facebook campaign from start to finish. Kevin gives you his own personal insight, which is actually cool.


Module 5: Scaling and Expansion


Module 5 focuses on showing you how to scale and expand your e-commerce store. There are a lot of stimulating videos here that will expose you to retargeting and marketing methods you’ve never thought of prior to now. Have you considered Snapchat ads? Thought so!


Interpreting your Google analytics in order to optimize it for reporting and behaviors, using insights and knowing what channel you are getting the most buyers from are all discussed in detail. This may be basic Google analytics, but it’s great for beginners who aren’t so familiar with them.


Finally, in this module, you get videos teaching you how to create lookalike audiences using Facebook pixel for retargeting customers and tracking potential customers. You also learn about custom URL audiences on platforms like Rocketlink, how to include on-page customer service, how to hire and use virtual assistants, as well as how to use Snapchat and Manychat for boosting conversions and sales.


Money-back Guarantee


Ninja Masterclass course provides you a 14-day money-back guarantee period in case you have any queries or are not happy with the purchase. You are guaranteed a full refund of the course cost.


However, you must ensure that you follow the action plan policy because simply changing your mind about the program is not grounds enough for a refund. No coupons or discount codes are available for this course.




Kevin David’s Ninja Masterclass is definitely an enjoyable drop shipping course, especially for beginners. He proves that he knows his stuff, as always. He offers a lot of value and great content. Thousands of members attest to the difference that the course has made on their online businesses. However, the fact that there are some other good courses out there that are way more affordable cannot be denied.


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