What is the 7 figure cycle? Scam or Legit?

Wouldn’t you like to find a system that can help you make money by selling products online, but without having to invest in a website, without spending tons of money on buying inventory, and without waiting forever to start making some profit?


Well, in this case, if you listen to the sales pitch of  the 7 Figure Cycle created by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton, you will be sold. Whether this system works for you or not, it’s a conclusion you will be able to draw at the end of this review.


What is the 7 Figure Cycle?


Simply put, this system with a rather fancy name is actually a training program for e-commerce. At the end of the training, you will supposedly know what you can do in order to start selling on Amazon with minimum investments.


What makes this system such a good option? According to its creators, the system contains the exact details that helped a business generate profits of $50,000,000 in just a few years.


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The creators of this system are so confident that you will get results that their offer even includes a 60 day money back guarantee.


That is quite a lot of confidence if you ask me (that is if they respect the policy). Still, with such a good refund in hand, it is definitely tempting to check this system out. The course itself costs a whooping $2,496.


How does the 7 Figure Cycle work?


You’re probably wondering what the rave is about this system. Is it so effective and trustworthy? According to the owners, when you join the program,  you’ll get all the tools needed to start selling right away and have the knowledge required to generate profits in a couple of hours. If you get the hang of it, you will be able to enjoy a considerable profit, without the need to create your own online store.


Take note of the unrealistic promises. It is very hard to make money online. Plus, you can’t make money right away as they say because you need 8 weeks or more to complete the video course before they introduce you to the profit hunter tool.


The first step of this program is to identify a wholesaler you can work with. If you don’t know one or have no idea where to look for one, the system will provide a database where you can find the ideal wholesaler for your business.


After you find a wholesaler, the next step is to figure out which products are most profitable and easy to sell. This is where the software of the 7 Figure Cycle comes into play. It is capable of filtering and selecting products that will sell for sure, without you even rising one finger about it (so they say).


This way, you will only choose to sell products that will generate profits, not products no one wants. All of it this possible without wasting time to analyze the market, customer demands, and other time-consuming studies.


If this system works as it is supposed to, then it will be easy to invest precisely in the product or products that sell. This is an ideal scenario and if life has thought you anything, very little in life is ideal. This means, this software could spit out a result that seems profitable in theory but not in real life. This is because there are many other factors to consider (with competition being the most influential).


Of course, you don’t have to take all the products suggested by the software. You can start small if your budget is low for the moment and reinvest your profits once you get them if you want to grow. So, take the product you consider most suitable and get it ready for the sale process.


The next step of the 7 figure cycle is to submit these products to Amazon, as this marketplace has everything you need to start selling right away (according to the owner). According to the owner, Amazon will do all the hard work for you, while you will reap the benefits of becoming a successful seller in no time.


This part is not realistic. I have been selling online for a while now. I have used eBay, Esty, Amazon and even Pinterest and Facebook. One thing I can tell you is that there is a lot of competition in e-commerce. Just because people want something doesn’t mean you will make tons of money selling it.


Furthermore, you need to consider the fees involved in selling on these platforms. Amazon is one of the most expensive platforms to sell on. Lately, they require a UPC code for any products submitted to them. This is a big impediment for many new sellers.


Anyway, according to the 7 figure cycle, you should start selling your product within two weeks after officially launching it on Amazon. They claim the margin of sale you will obtain will be 50%, which is a great margin for someone that is just starting out in this business. And you can repeat this process as the system is called a cycle, which allows you to use it over and over again and increase your profits.


This sounds great but it does not apply easily in real life.


How will your products stand out among other Amazon products?


While Amazon is indeed a large marketplace, you probably wonder how will you manage to gain the attention of customers, when there are so many products available.


The 7 figure system claims that you need not worry because their system is nothing like the training you will receive in the traditional selling programs offered by Amazon. The creators of this system claim that you are using something new, something that hasn’t been properly exploited before because people are not aware of it.


The statement above is a sales pitch as nothing they teach is exactly new.


They claim that the e-commerce model used and promoted by the 7 Figure Cycle is a brand new one, it is the kind of information no course or training will give you. Even if you never tried e-commerce before, you will find this training system easy to understand, as it was made to be used by everyone.


This again in my opinion is just hype.


7 figure cycle Better Business Bureau reviews


Remember the money back guarantee they promised people who join the program? Well if you do a search online and go to their profile on better business bureau, you will see that they do not respect their refund policy. People have trouble getting their money back after they realize that the system does not work.


Below is a review from one of their former members as shown on the better business bureau website.


promised refund of $2450 if couldn’t make money but dragged training on past the 60 day date, wouldn’t refund Purchased 7 figure cycle for $2450 about February 20, 2018, based on promises that a refund would happen within 60 days if I couldn’t make any money using their system. The training dragged on for 3 months or longer, due to problems THEY HAD WITH the system, but when I requested a refund, it was refused due to past 60 days. This training did not result in any profit. Their suppliers never fulfilled one a of any of the orders I had made, and finding suppliers is next to impossible, many of them stating they will not sell to 7 figure people anymore.


This is another review from BBB,


They advertised on the sales copy that they will pay the members back if a member followed their advise and still did not make any money. I purchased the 7 figure cycle system back in 02/02/18 thru my credit card for $2497.00 and they promised on the sales copy that their system works, just have to start for $100 because of the compounding effect, no product needed, no advertising cost, no website, no supplier but if a member will not make any money by following the system and their advice they will pay the members back for the same amount that I paid to purchase the system and even more for wasting my time using their system. They even provided us like a “free product”but not exactly free since we have to buy it from the supplier so we can test the water on how the system works, they’re confident that the product will sell since it has been proven and properly selected by experts according to them but after 3 months of sitting it on the amazon warehouse just me paying for a monthly fee, i did not make any money even a single penny from it, but when I ask for my money back, they are telling me that I’m not entitled for it. I know that the 60 days has passed *** a refund but how can a member prove that the system works if all the 60 days were only used up for the training which is more on theory and not on application, not all the necessary steps to follow were given, they’re all delaying the training so a member will not be able to request a refund within 60 days and it turned out that in order to earn money by using the system we have to find our own supplier, which is insane because they promise as well that we don’t have to find one in the first place. This is false advertising just to get more people to buy their system, I want to claim and get my money back since they did not deliver what they promise, and they made a guarantee in the first place that I can still get my money back if within 6 months I did not make any money from it.


You can read more reviews here


The training is supposed to last for about 2 months but customer reviews has shown that it takes much longer. Many people don’t get to try the selling phase until after the 60 day money back guarantee period. They say it is good to start by accumulating knowledge and learning how to do things right, rather than rushing into selling products. This is all good but if you can’t test their claim within the 60 day period, how will you know if it works or not.


According to the claims, after you complete all the 8 weeks of the training, you will know everything required to build a business generating income with 7 figures.


The training is done with the help of live video sessions. So, all the participants of the course will have to respect a schedule. Besides this, there will be activities that will have to be completed on a weekly basis.


If you can’t attend the live video sessions, out of various reasons, you will get a recording of the session, so you won’t miss on information.


During the course, you will learn how to adopt the best mindset for an entrepreneur. This training is supposed to help you unravel both your strengths and weaknesses and will tell you why it is good to do so.




  • You will learn something in the training that could help you in your e-commerce business
  • Their profit hunter tool has some merit




  • It is very expensive
  • The support/customer service is very poor
  • The training takes longer than 8 weeks, giving members less time to test the product before the refund period elapse.
  • There is too much hype with the program
  • The program is currently unavailable
  • Their training does not match how amazon actually works


How to protect yourself from the 7 figure cycle

  • Do not send your inventory to them for processing. They will rip you off. If you purchase inventory from your own supplier and sent it to the 7 figure cycle warehouse, there’s no way to charge it back without hurting your supplier.
  • If you need a refund, go through your bank or clickbank – you will have a better chance of getting a refund then
  • Use the three pay option so your money back guarantee extends after the last payment.
  • You need to keep your receipts and tracking info so you know when your item is suppose to reach Amazon.
  • Finally, just steer clear of this program if you haven’t joined yet.


Bottom line


The 7 Figure Cycle by Aidan Booth and Steve Clayton sounds too good to be true. Their 60-day money-back guarantee and rapid profit promises is fake as they extend the training so much that members hardly have time to check it before the refund period is passed.


The course is expensive and does not work as they claim. There are way too many customer complaints and negative reviews, including negative BBB reviews.

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