What is long tail pro keyword tool?

Product: Keyword research tool

Company: Long tail pro

Website: longtailpro.com

Price: $25 for starter, $45 for pro and $98 for agency (monthly) 


Update: Long tail pro do not offer the various options any more. To have the software, you need to pay a recurring $37 monthly fee.


This review will outline the major features of the long tail pro keyword tool.

Since you are hear today inquiring about long tail pro keyword tool, I presume you must already have some experience in online marketing. If not let me give you a brief explanation of what a keyword is and how important long tail keywords are.


When you start an online business, one of the first things you learn is that ranking on the search engines is very important in making sales. The better you rank on search engines, the higher the amount of traffic you will drive towards you business.


In order to rank high and drive traffic to your website, you need to understand how people look for things online and how the search engines search the internet for information to provide their visitors.


When people go online to search for something, they usually type a word or phrase in the search box. This word or phrase is called a keyword. After people type in their search and submit it to search engines like Google, these engines comb the internet for websites with the relevant keywords and then present this information to the visitor in a hierarchical order.


Usually people want specific things so they type in a specific keyword in the search engines. These specific keywords are usually phrases made up of many words. This kind of keyword is called a long tail keyword because it is very specific.


These long tail keywords are usually easier to rank for as they have lower competition compared to most popular short phrase competitive keywords. Finding long tail keywords for your website is very important and thus many businesses buy a keyword research tool to help simplify the process of keyword research.


Long tail pro is a keyword research tool that helps make the process of finding long tail keywords very easy but connecting to google Adwords and providing you with a nicer version of the free google keyword tool.


What is long tail pro keyword research tool?


Long Tail Pro was created by Spencer Haws owner of NichePursuits.com. This program was realized out of the experience he had gathered from about five years of finding and building long tail keyword niche sites.


Long Tail Pro is a keyword research software that allows you to generate hundreds or even thousands of unique “Long Tail” keywords in a matter of minutes based on a single root keyword or multiple root keywords at once.


This tool has many features that will help you find the right keywords to rank well on google.


Features of long tail pro


Below is a list of all the features offered by long tail pro. I will explain each feature soon.

  • Score Keyword Competitiveness
  • Custom Difficulty Targets
  • Determine Metrics
  • Calculate Keyword Profitability
  • Sort & Track
  • Export Results
  • Real-time Filtering
  • Adwords Data

Score Keyword Competitiveness


With this feature, you can determine the difficulty of ranking different keywords in the top 10 Google results. This gives you the kind of information you need to rank on the first page of google and beat your competition.

Custom Difficulty Targets


This tool for me is one of the best because it lets your insert your domain to a project to determine which kind of keywords are best for your business. It is very hard to determine your target audience sometimes, especially when you are a newbie. This tool helps you determine which level of keyword difficulty you should be targeting for your site.

Determine Metrics


This tool is powered by majestic and helps you determine the strength of a domain or page. When you have this information, you can easily chose which pages or domains to link to. You can learn how many pages and which URLs are indexed, how many links a site or page has and how old a site is.

Calculate Keyword Profitability


The common idea behind starting a website is to make money. Determining how profitable a keyword will be is very difficult without a lot of research.This feature uses a rank feature to determine how profitable a keyword will be if you use it for Adsense sites, Amazon sites or your own personal product site.

Sort & Track

This features helps you organised your research according to niches so you can come back and review later.

Export Results

As the name suggest, this tool lets you export your results and save them in a place of your choice.

Real-time Filtering

This features gives you a lot of real time information about keyword competition, advertiser competition and more.

Adwords Data

This features simplifies your search for keywords to use for your ad campaigns. All you need to do is input some keywords and get data on competition, CPC, local/global monthly searches, and the number of words.

How much does long tail pro cost? 


There are three levels of pricing with each level broken down to monthly and yearly plans. The three levels include; the starter plan, the pro plan and the agency plan.


All three plans have almost the same features except for the higher number of keyword searches a month for the pro and agency plans.


The starter plan cost $25 a month and $297 a year, the pro plan is $45 a month and $537 a year and the agency plan is $98 a month and $1177 a year.


They offer a 7 day free trail period.

Update: Long tail pro do not offer the various options any more. To have the software, you need to pay a recurring $37 monthly fee. 


Additional tools 

They have a blog that contains informational material for members. The contents of this blog are related to keyword research and other online marketing topics. They also have a bootcamp video tutorial on long tail keywords which they offer their members for free.


  • Easy to use
  • Allows you to check out your competitio
  • It is updated regularly


  • For a tool that simply provides the data from the free google keyword tool in a nice way, it is a little expensive
  • You have to download the software and sign up to google adwords for it to work.
  • There is no cloud version of the software so you can’t just log in for just any computer. It has to be the one you downloaded the software to.

Bottom line

Keyword research is very important in every online business. A good keyword research can help you get your first 1000 visitors in no time.

This kind of research is done with the help of keyword research tools. Long tail pro is a good keyword tool but I don’t think it is worth the price tag.


Especially now that you have to pay $37 monthly to have access. They don’t offer the one time fee any longer.

You can try their free 7 day trial program and if you don’t like it, you can discontinue at any time.


I hope this review was helpful to you. If you will like to read about the competition, check out my review on Jaaxy, another keyword research tool.

Also take the time to read about my #1 recommendation for making money online.

Cheers Denise.

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