Motor club of America; Pyramid scheme, scam or legit?

There is a lot of talk about Motor club of America and the big questions people ask are; Is motor club of America a pyramid scheme? Is it a scam or is it a legit business? My goal here is to give you the facts and then my opinion later. With this information, you should be able to decide whether this program is a pyramid scheme, a scam or a legit program.

Motor club of America was founded in 1926 with the goal of providing road side assistance and travel security to its members. In order to achieve its goals and reach even a bigger base, they have a partnership with TVC, which is an affiliate marketing company. TVC facilitates the addition of independent sales associates to the MCA team.

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What is motor club of America About?

As a customer of the motor club, you have two plan options to chose from. The first plan is the MCA security plan that cost $9.95 a month and the second plan is the Total security plan that cost $19.95 a month. Both plans cover for roadside assistance, bail bonds, legal defense, arrest bond protection, car rental coverage, stolen vehicle reward and much more.

Independent sales associates are given the tools and the
know-how to build a team to help recruit more affiliates and customers to motor club of America. Just like with any affiliate program, these people are given unique links which they are encouraged to paste on their social media pages and their websites. There are two main links, one for recruiting new customers and the other for recruiting associates.

I will focus on independent associates or affiliates in this review as this is where a lot of the bad press about Motor club of America comes.

Motor club of america independent associates

To become an independent associate, you need to join TVC marketing. Before you join, certain terms are listed for you to read. By joining, you are agreeing to those terms. These terms include;

  • When you join, you are an independent associate. This simply means that, you are not an employee.
  • Your job is to sell their products and recruit more associates.
  • You can sell their products without a membership but you are not advised to
  • You earn commission when a membership is sold by you or the associates you recruit.
  • You do not earn commission for recruiting associates. It is a pyramid style business (multi level marketing MLM) where you earn commission every time the associate you recruit makes a sale.
  • It is free to join TVC, however, some states require you to have a license to sell their products. So they collect the license fee from you in that case, and forward it to the States. The fees ranges from $5 in Montana to $247.55 in New Hampshire.
  • You must be at least 18 to jion. You need to provide bank info for direct deposit, provide a tax ID number and are a legal resident of USA and Canada ( Residents of US territories are not eligible)

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Compensation plan for independent associates

The compensation plan is complicated. There are multiple levels and an associate has to attain certain goals to reach those levels. I couldn’t wrap my head around it at all. What I gathered was that, you are paid commission for recruiting new members who join one of the plans offered by motor club of America.

You do not get paid any commission for recruiting associates, unless they buy a plan. You are paid 1/6th of the commission your associate makes when they recruit a new member. So basically, this is a pyramid business model or what people call MLM (multilevel marketing). For more information about the compensation plan, click here

The sales week from runs Sunday through Saturday. For new sales in the prior week, commissions are calculated on Wednesday and paid on Friday. Reward commissions are paid monthly on the 15th for the prior month’s activity. There are several reward categories, the link above will give you more info.

Members with a balance of $10 or more are paid by direct deposit to their bank accounts. You must complete and submit a W-9 (W-8 in Canada) , sign and return the Independent Associate Agreement and licensing documents from your state of residence and set up direct deposit to your bank to get payments.

Is the motor club of america a scam?

No Motor club of America is not a scam. However, many of its Associates use scam tricks to get people to join the associate program. Motor club of America has practice guidelines with dos and do not. But many associates ignore this and use bad practice to recruit new members and associates.

Here is a list of guidelines provided to independent associates of this program;

  • Associates are encouraged to follow the letter and spirit of the law.
    Failure to abide by federal, state and local laws can hurt Independent Associates’ business and place them in legal jeopardy. One of the quickest and easiest ways to get in trouble is using unacceptable marketing tactics.
  • Associates are not allowed to use the word scam or scheme when marketing Motor club of America
  • Associates should not make any income claim when marketing MCA
  • Associates should not make false claims about their income
  • Associates should follow FTC rules at all time.

You can see that Motor club of America is trying to keep their business legit. They are BBB A+ members, which means they have good practice but many of their affiliates do not carry good marketing practices.

These associates make false claims and recruit people who think one thing, only to see a whole different reality.


  • Members benefit from road side assistance and a plethora of other legal benefits.
  • Associates can make money by selling security plans to new members.
  • The commission plan can be lucrative, especially if you recruit many associates who actively recruit customers.
  • Many people need the services offered by Motor club of America so recruiting such people can be relatively easy.


  • Motor club of America has a bad reputation online as many of its associates use immoral tactics to recruit members and associates.
  • The commission plan is not very clear. This makes many feel like they are hiding something.
  • The business plan is that of Multi level marketing which is frowned upon by many as associates do not get paid all their commission as some of it goes to whoever recruited them.

Who is the motor club of America for?

  • It is for someone looking for roadside security pack and any or all of the benefits they offer their members.
  • It is for anyone who will like to make extra money on the side, recruiting customers and associates.

Bottom Line

Motor club of America is a multi level marketing business (pyramid). It is however, not a scam. They sell legit security assistance packages to their members. They recruit associates via TVC marketing to help sell their products and services. Some of their associates use immoral techniques to recruit members and associates. For this reason and more, many people believe that Motor club of America is a Pyramid scheme and a scam.

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