Is freedom with writing a scam

Product: Freedom with writing

Owner: Jacob Jans


Price: It’s free to join

In this review, I will tell you about what freedom with writing is and what they offer. I will also give you an alternative way to use your writing skills to make money. So, please read to the end.

I did some research about freedom with writing by Jacob Jans and found out this much.

They say on their home page that they refer members to write pieces for 3 companies that are ready to hire right away and more in the future.

So basically, what they do is act as a middle man between you and a company that needs writers.

They send you job links for websites that might need someone to write for them. How much you get paid is dependent on the third party not freedom with writing.

They usually do not disclose to you, the kind of writing required or the companies involved. But constant content is one of the companies they often refer people to.

Constant content has very high standards of writing and if you constantly fall below those standards, your submissions will be rejected and eventually, they will block you from their website.

All freedom with writing require of you to become a member is your name and email address; subscription is free.

I couldn’t find any user reviews so I can’t tell you whether freedom with writing is a scam or not but it’s free so there is very little risk involved.

I learn that the job offers mediated by freedom with writing often times come from magazines or companies that expect you to write for free or for very little pay compare to the amount of work put in.

I believe you’re here today because you are trying to find a way to make extra money with your writing skills. This is great and there are many ways to do that.

You can make money by writing for others like freedom with writing or you can do it for yourself and be your own boss.

The difference is, when writing for someone, you write about a topic they want you to write on. While when writing for yourself you have more control over the topic and content of your writing.

For example, this website is a content site. I do all the writing on this website and I make money by posting ads and affiliate links.

I make sure my ads and links are legit and helpful to my visitors. You can use your writing skills to make money the same way too.

My website is hosted by wealthy affiliate. They offer beginners the ability to start a business for free. So with this free membership, you can build a website and start your business.

They also have many lessons on how to run your business successfully.

If you are interested, you can check them out at Get the help you need to start your writing career.

Cheers Denise.





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