The my millionaire mentor scam

Program: Ryan Mathews my millionaire mentor


Recommended? No


Before I go further into reviewing Ryan Mathews’ my millionaire mentor program, I will like to tell you about the program that has been helping me make $2000 to $4500 a month.


This program is called wealthy affiliate. Unlike my millionaire mentor, which is probably a scam and is definitely a fast money scheme; Wealthy Affiliate is a carefully designed program aimed at helping people like you and me learn how to make money legitimately online.






There is no hype. I won’t tell you that you will make money over night.


If you are interested, you can check it out at The starter membership is free and the premium membership is $49 a month.


What is my millionaire mentor all about?


This question is very hard to answer since Ryan Mathews gives little or no explanation as to what you will be doing to make money online.


He says that he has used his top secret method to make millions online in a very short time. He feels lucky and wants to help 50 lucky people make money online exactly the way he did it.


He however flaunts wealth in his video. Showing yachts, expensive cars, luxury mansions, vacations and more. He claims that he is showing this not to brag but to show you what kind of life you will be living if you are among the lucky 50.


If you ask me, Ryan Mathews’ my millionaire mentor program is not legitimate. It is probably a scam. There is just to much hype, secrets and emotional appeal for my liking.


The claim of starting from humble beginnings and then becoming a millionaire in two years is very appealing to many people around the world and that is how he makes his money. He gets you emotionally involved to the point where you are seeing green and using your heart to think instead of your head.


Jeez, he won’t stop bragging about the cars and servants. Then he keeps saying I’m not bragging, I’m just telling you that it is possible to become like me in just a short time.


Do I think it is possible that Ryan Mathews is making money from the my millionaire mentor program? Absolutely! Just imagine the thousands of people around the world who fall for this scheme. His cooked up testimonials are awful.


It’s very funny how he claims that he created the website yesterday and have already had 43 out of 50 register. Wow, today was a year since I came across this scheme and his video says exactly the same thing. Someone who just came across this program today might believe all the lies but give yourself some time and you will figure out soon enough.


This program was created a while back and it will not stop recruiting at 50. That’s just lies. Come a year later and the story will be same. Don’t let the hype and pressure fool you. If this program was by invitation only, you won’t have found the video on the web or YouTube.


Don’t rush and commit to the program because he says there are only 7 spots left. This is a typical tactic scammers use to rush your decision. If you don’t believe me, save the YouTube link to this video and come back tomorrow and see if anything has changed.


As expected, the story will be the same. And the non disclosure talk is bull poop. They say once you become a member, you will be given the key to the simple six step process of making $5000 a day in commission.


Any reasonable person will know that this is too good to be true. And this is because it is not true!


Just the idea that you will be working with a publicly funded program should raise alarm bells in your head. If the government had this secret, don’t you think they will use it to pay for the financial deficits? There won’t be so many cut backs in the public sector.


And the talk about controlling traffic made me laugh. If I didn’t know how it works, I would have been fooled. The search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing control traffic. They send traffic to a website depending on the relevance of the search to the content on the website.


For example, when you went online and searched for information about my millionaire mentor, the search engine displayed the results for you to choose from. You choose my link and it brought you to my website. Now, if I was selling something you wanted, then I will make money.


Let’s just pretend that what ever I was selling cost about $1000. Then if five people visited my site and bought this product, I will make $5000 that day. So, now think, how will my millionaire mentor make you $5000 in a day? Is it realistic?


Bottom line


Bill Gates could be making $5000 or more a day today because he worked extra hard to get there and it took time too.


You can try my millionaire mentor program if you must but I believe it will be a big waste of time. You will not get the $500 he promises for finishing the video and your registration will not be refunded.


If you really want to learn how to make money online, wealthy affiliate maybe the place for you. No! You won’t make money over night doing nothing.


I don’t make millions and I don’t own a yacht but I’m debt free and I can afford a vacation to Disney without stressing.


I hope this review was helpful.

Cheers Denise.




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