Facebook and Affiliate Marketing: Billions of Opportunities Awaits


Facebook is too big to ignore from an affiliate marketing standpoint. Over 2 billion monthly active users are on this platform. That means about 1 in 3 people around the world are using the site in some way.


It doesn’t matter what you decide to promote on Facebook. The size of the audience means that you have opportunities as an affiliate marketer to find an audience for your products or services.


How to Start Using Facebook for Affiliate Marketing


The first step to take when using Facebook for your affiliate marketing needs is to create a page you control. This process is simple and straightforward.



If you go to the Facebook Business menu of options, you’ll see a Pages tab at the upper left. Once you click on it, you’ll receive an opportunity to create a page.


Then Facebook will ask you about the relevant details of your business. It is a way to create an authentic presence on a social media platform that collects meaningful analytics to help your sales start growing.


You can track video statistics, page views, and followers. Then each post follows engagement, reach, and reactions.


The initial statistics are critical to track because you won’t get to claim the vanity URL for your Facebook page until you reach 25 likes. Then you can begin to develop links to well-respected pages that increase the opportunities for organic traffic development.


Do not fall for the temptation of buying page likes or post engagement. You need organic traffic for your efforts on Facebook to be successful.


How to Improve Your Organic Traffic


If you want to sell products or services, then real people need to like your Facebook page. The only way to ensure that you encourage organic likes is to produce valuable, shareable content.


You can start this process by contacting everyone you know to like your new Facebook page. Ask them if they’d like to have more updates about the industry you represent with your affiliate marketing efforts. Then make sure that you have something of value for people to see when they cruise through their news feed.


Actively engaging with the people who leave comments on your site will also help to grow organic traffic levels. It can be a bit tricky to find a line where you’re posting enough, but not too much or too little.


Some industries, like entertainment products or services, need a high-frequency habit of posting. You’d want to share something 2-4 times per day. Most other products or services benefit from about four posts per week.


You’ll need to keep your sales-related posts to a minimum. If you upload photos, there will be more click-throughs and engagement. This process leads to more sales even though you don’t offer a formal pitch.


Then you can start to work on leveraging your influencers. Social listening is an over-looked avenue of affiliate marketing promotion. Go to the search bar on Facebook to look at groups that would have an interest in your products or services. Identify the essential people, like their pages, and engage with their posts.


Is Facebook Ads a Viable Option for Affiliate Marketing?


96% of social media marketers say that Facebook ads are their most useful paid advertising channel. Since billions of people are using this platform every month, it makes sense to invest in this way.


What makes Facebook Ads such a successful experience is that it doesn’t interrupt the user experience. Each person receives relevant advertising in their news feed based on their activities and preferences.


That means you can target a specific demographic for your products and services with a high degree of confidence. You know that they are already in a position to buy what you have. Letting them know it is available can be the catalyst that inspires a purchase.


Facebook will ask you specific questions about your audience and placement options. Then you can decide on your budget and the advertising schedule.


Once you reach that stage, you can upload your creatives to begin bringing more people toward your affiliate marketing campaign.


Tips for a Successful Affiliate Marketing Effort on Facebook


Any affiliate marketing program offers an opportunity for success. If you want to maximize the potential of this platform, there are some crucial tips that you’ll want to consider implementing.


  1. Identify any links that direct toward products or services.

The Federal Trade Commission has several strict policies in place about disclosing anything from third parties that you promote. Facebook also requires transparent disclosures. You will need to be clear about the fact you get paid for clicked links or product purchases, but there isn’t specific terminology that you must use to make this information known.


  1. Create video reviews with product links.

Facebook works better when you have a variety of content to offer your followers. Pictures work better than a standard status update or web link, but you will see more success with videos. Adding content that reviews the items you represent can create consumer interest. Then add your affiliate links in the post with the appropriate notifications.


  1. Promote your affiliate marketing efforts on your personal page.

When you create shareable content on your personal page, then you can use your profile to start that process. Most family and friends will help to maximize the engagement of each item. Every comment, like, or share you receive can directly impact the reach of your post, so any help you can get will expand your influence.


  1. Create blogging content that links to Facebook.

If you don’t already have a blog for your affiliate marketing work, then create one now. Get some valuable content published. Then you can share the links on Facebook with posts that describe what the reader can expect from their time. You can even talk about a product or service featured in the post with easily clickable links to the item.


  1. Consider making a Facebook group.

Some Facebook groups receive more engagement than a page. Creating this space for your invested followers is a straightforward way to keep your business and brand message at the top of the mind. It’s also the perfect spot for a conversation, and your status as the admin will create an aura of expertise that can lead to more clicks.


  1. Follow the 80-20 rule when posting content to your page.

When you create content for your affiliate marketing efforts on Facebook, about 80% of your posts should be related to something valuable or entertaining. The remainder of it should be targeted promotions that highlight the products or services you think will sell the best. Heavy content items, including videos, should get 1-2 posts per week to prevent overwhelming your followers.


Now Is the Time to Start Using Facebook for Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate marketing links and Facebook are an incredible partnership that you can use to grow your income. You will need to follow the guidelines of your program and the social media site to have a successful experience, which means being 100% transparent about your links and content.


If you are already on Facebook, then use keyword research tools to grow your reach and the quality of your leads. Long-tail targets can point you toward the best prospects so that your conversion rates can improve.


Facebook is going to continue growing as the world becomes more connected. That’s why it can be the best tool you use to promote your affiliate marketing efforts. Get started today with this guide as a foundation so that your returns can begin multiplying


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