Examples niche market products

There are hundreds if not thousands of lucrative niche ideas. Below are some examples of niche market products/ideas,
  • Left handed people; school supplies, tools, that makes it easy for them to perform everyday activities…. Left handed people make 10% of the population. They sometimes need special equipment/tools. Example, it can be tough for lefties to cut a straight line with a pair of scissors designed for righties.
  • Bonobos; Six months after Bonobos launched their first ecommerce store, they earned $1 million in revenue. Since then, the company has expanded to include shirts, suits, and shoes. Great niche for men’s clothing
  • Whole Foods; there is a rising trend toward organic foods. Many people are now nutritionally aware and whole foods has implemented the necessary tools to target this group of people.
  • Hair; Drybar is a good example of how you can target hair as a niche market. Drybar is set up like a bar where you can watch a movie and relax while getting a blowout. Lately, I have seen a lot of promotions of lace front wigs and braid wigs on Facebook and other social media platforms. This is a great niche as ladies love to look good.
  • Cosmetics: Lush is a good example of a niche market. LUSH advocates for ethical buying and purity of handmade products. It differentiates itself from competitors with eco-friendly packaging, organic ingredients, and refusal of animal testing. Lush sells a viewpoint rather than an image. People whose views align with lush will definitely be a loyal target audience.
  • Books; people still love reading traditional print books. This is proven by the large number of fans Powell’s Books has amassed.
  • Beer and bar bites; Go to any grown up party and you will find beer. People love learning about new beers and craft beer so you can build a lucrative niche around it. Take the example of Hopsters.
  • Single dads; Men are stepping up to take care of their kids as single dads. It is a tough job and they need a lot of help and support. This is a great niche.
  • Health; example Coal miners with mesothelioma, men with breast cancer, children with rare inherited diseases, Stroke victims who have lost mobility,
  • Accidents; how to handle it, insurance, hospitals,. Lawyers. People go online for ideas all the time and you can help.
  • Fitness; Example, exercise for pregnant women in the suburbs, Triathletes attempting to qualify for Ironman events, Runners recovering from panthers fasciitis,
  • Seniors; As people get older, they begin to need specialized equipment, home recodification (e.g Retirees who need ADA-compliant renovations), medications and much more.
  • House flipping; e.g House flippers in Central Oregon
  • Catering; Example Retail employers with more than 20 employees around the mall, Parents of kids with an upcoming Bat Mitzvah, christening, baptism or first holy communion.
  • Computer security; example, Victims of identity theft, parents of teenagers
  • Computer coding/ web designer; there are tons of people who can use these services when starting up a new online business
  • Dog trainer
  • CPAs who does taxes for the self-employed
  • Graphic designers
  • Illustrators
  • Decoerative collectibles
  • Games
  • Education
  • Memebership sites; these make for great niches because you get reccurent commision.
Two people can have exactly thesame niche market but one succeeds while the other fail; why? Implementation. You need to understand your niche and know how to go about promoting it. I hope this list is helpful.

Cheers Denise

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