Crack Brokers Review: Is it a Scam or Legit?

Crack brokers is supposed to be the new and amazing binary trading system software which is guaranteed to give you a 99.8% win rate on auto trade every time.

It was founded and presented by Thomas Mallon. He claimed that he cracked the system software code to get successful and productive investment results together with his close friend and partner Mr. C.

This system is said to allegedly generate a huge amount of money every week and month for people who invest in it.

During our investigations, we found out that you can never come across a huge amount of money with this software at all.

Mr. Mallon does little or nothing to explain how Crack Brokers actually works. He does more of ‘it will make you tons of money in trade on auto pilot’.

The silver lining maybe, according to the owners about this system is that it has a rock solid system that provides a unique algorithm to make sure that the personal data of the user will be completely secured.

I can tell you that there is no such thing as rock solid algorithm because hackers constantly try to break into the security of top companies every time.

Getting to Know More about What Crack Brokers System Is

According to Thomas Mallon and a certain Mr. C  who are the creators of this system, it is a binary automated system that delivers risk-free trading to users. Asides from that, it can help you get a huge amount of money every year, it is suppose to do it for you while you relax.

No matter how promising this system seems to be, the promises are not objective and are very unrealistic.

There are no algo-trading systems presented over the internet about what this system can do. Hence, Mr. Mallon claims that this is a secret privy only to him and his partner.

He claims that he was able to learn such secret to succeed and will teach a few people how. He is only giving fifteen users a chance to use this software for free. This to me is a way to persuade people to join a program fast. After that comes the upsells.

How Does Crack Brokers Operate?

Mr. Mallon failed to present any specifics or up to date information on how this system operates. It doesn’t use any codes in the computer as well as procedures for signing up.

Apart from that, no further information or details were given.  The operation mode of this system has nothing to do with stock trading and other marketing tools. This is a bit different and strange knowing that most of the binary options these days are working on different kinds of assets.


Crack Broker’s owners claim that their system secures data and this supposedly is  one of the best things about this system. This only means to say that if you use this system, you will not have to worry about your personal information falling in the wrong hands.


Here is a list of some of the drawbacks of this trading software:

  • The promise of unrealistic rate of success
  • Withdrawal problems
  • Negative feedback from users
  • Testimonials that comes from stock image people; in other words they are fake.
  • Fake creator; those names are aliases.

Final Thoughts

Crack Broker is considered to be new in this market and the data that it offers proved that it is not reliable and best for you. That is why internet traders need to be cautious enough before trying to use this trading system.

Its creator is not considered to be a real and trusted person and the testimonials are not as genuine as other trading systems.  Hence, you need to be very careful before trying to use the Crack Brokers system.

It is better to go for a program that is established and well known. Anyway, binary trading is not for everyone, especially for beginners.

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Cheers Denise.



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