The earn at home club scam

The Earn at Home Club review 

Colin Boyd’s earn at Home Club is indeed a new fast money scheme which promises a huge amount of money while working at home.

This Earn at Home Club review will help you get to know more about this program and determine whether it is a legitimate program or a scam.

Product Website:,
Product Cost: $1 to $19 initial fee, then $39/mth, plus upsells for up to $70 a month.
Product Owner: Colin Boyd (an alias)
Ranking:  Not Recommended

Earn at Home Club: Getting to Know More

This is a new business opportunity online which claims to teach individuals how to earn money at home without skills, experience and education needed. They claim that you can earn hundreds of dollars a day if you follow their program exactly.

I noticed that every time I clicked on the link they provided to join the program, it took me to the secure job position website. I have done a review of this website and have determined that it is a scam so I feel confident that the earn at home club is also a scam.

Essential Features of Earn at Home Club

The essential features of this club are;

  • The use of popular news logos like CNN, ABC, NBC to fool visitors into thinking they are legit.
  • The use of urgency by telling you that positions are limited and time is running out. If you don’t join fast, you might lose your position.
  • The persistent discounts they offer whenever you try to leave the page.
  • The promise of unrealistic earnings in very short period of time.
  • The promise of a personalized training you will never get
  • The promise of online tutorials, as well as easy to follow guides which they fail to provide after you join.

Earn at Home CluB: How it Works?

This online business opportunity makes huge promises to lure people to register. It claims anybody without experience and skills, education can build a source of passive income over the net.

What is more, you can start right away after registration and earn hundreds of dollars every day. The first thing you need to know about this business opportunity is that they never wants to explain how it really works.

What you hear is many fake testimonials of clients with amazing reviews on how they earn a lot by means of this program, however none of these really give an explanation of what they actually do to make all that money.

Earn at Home Club Cost

For you to join this program you need to pay $4.97. Earn at Home Club claims that normally they offer membership cost of $99 but they are giving you a special discount.

It is only a small amount; on the other hand, once you pay close attention to their policies or terms and conditions on their sales page, you may hesitate to enter your payment.

Register now and you will be charged one dollar to validate the card. Then you’ll be given three days trial period for authorization at the end of this period, except you cancel the trial program full price of 39 dollars will be charged.

After one month, 39 dollars each month until your cancelled the card. What is more you will get a ten days free access to their Facebook training and after ten days, if don’t cancel they will charge you an additional $1 and 3 days later 29 dollars per month until you terminate your account.

You may cancel your account anytime you want. The company offers an 80 day money back guarantee which is shaky at best. So if you look closely you will see that you will be charge a lot of money just three days later. They are not forthright about this.

So, usually you are paying 1 dollar today, your credit card could be charged as much as 39 dollars a couple of days later. Then they will charge you 29 dollars again for FB training course. In short, you’ll be giving out today and will be charged a total of 70 dollars a month in ten day for this online business opportunity.

Bottom line

The earn at Home Club is indeed a sketchy online business opportunity with lots of flaws and lots of negative reviews online.

You can check out my #1 recommendation for making money online. It is free to join. 

Cheers Denise

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