5 figure day program reviews; is it legit or a scam?

Program: 5 figure day

Website: 5figureday.com

Owner: Bryan Winters

Price: $1 trial, $27 for limited access and $97 for full access.

There are various online platforms that provide you with the opportunity to make money online. 5 figure day is one of the websites that claim that it can increase your income by up to 500 percent.

Although the offer is quite attractive the question remains “is 5 figure day a legit offer or just a scam like many others?”.

In this post, we will review 5 figure day for you, to guide you on  the decision of whether you should consider it as your source of online income or not.

Before reviewing the website, let’s see what 5 figure day actually is.

What is 5 Figure Day all about?

5 Figure Day is an online website whose owner is Bryan Winters. The domain of the website is 5fiigureday.com and the program name is A 5 Figure Day Unleashed.

It is basically a click bank promoted product in which individuals build an e-mail list and earn online commission when people from their list join the program.

It is not one of those websites that uses online videos for training and provide their users with a free quality website. On this website, everything is pre-designed and pre-hosted for the user and this website helps the user to build the list.

The best part about this product is the unique double size page funnel.

How it works

Upon signing up to the website you will get access to the training videos that will guide you on how to work on the website and generate profits.

The website claims that you do not have to be experienced to work on it. The videos are just like webinars and range from 10 mins to 1 and a half hour.

The content of the videos include details about solo ads and other stuffs and there are reviews from the member of sites as well.

After going through these videos, the user will be provided with a live website that is ready to use.

This is the website that you will use to generate traffic and build an email list. These people will build your email list and also promote the products that are tagged with your affiliated links.

The website allows you to upgrade from free to Unleash any time. And if your referral upgrades to unleash, you get paid commission. So basically, this is how you make money with this program.

The 5 figure day program provides its user with two payment options. The first option is of 27 dollars a month payment with limited access while the other option is of 97 dollars in which users get full access.

According to the owners of this program, you can earn up to 50 percent as commission in affiliate marketing as each new member joins.

Let us make a list of what you can expect to get from this program.

  • You will see Click bank info
  • Training videos
  • Lead stats
  • Affiliate links
  • Advertising material
  • Pre written emails
  • Banner ads
  • Product upsell
  • Traffic generation strategies
  • Product cross promotions

Now you know everything about the 5 figure Day program and website. Let’s determine whether it is a legit website where you can actually make 5 figures income.

We know that there are many websites that promise their users heaven and Earth but fail to deliver. If you have experienced such websites then you can easily identify the signs that isolate a legit one from a scam.

There are some factors associated with this website that shows that it is legit but there are other factors that make this program look like a scam. Let’s go through all of these factors.

Does the promises sound realistic?

They make it sound like a wonderful program that you have never seen before. This should be the first alarming thing for you to consider when you make your decision.

It is hard to tell from the videos exactly how special this program is and there is no video of the owner. These videos are not clear about what you will get after paying for it.

Does it require work?

They claim you just have to click to earn a five figure amount; it requires little or no work. So basically, it is an automated way of generating money.

According to the website all you need to do is to drive traffic to your 5 Figure Day website and after this you can sit back and enjoy the earning. People will do the work for you which sounds too good to be true.

Are they secretive about their money earning methods?

Most of the scams online don’t reveal their methods of making money. But this is not the case with this site. In some of their videos they have talked about the process by which users can make money like posting ads.

So, this goes in the favor of this website. Although the videos that I have seen don’t seems to be fake, they are not completely genuine as well.

Do they claim that you will get rich quickly?

You can catch any scammer from this point. Most of them claim that their programs can make you rich overnight. 5 Figure Day claims that a user can earn 144,595 dollars in 10 months which is a lot to be consider.

By comparing the work you will do on the website with the income, it is very unlikely and unrealistic to expect this much of an income in just 10 months.

Do they offer free trail?

This is another point that goes in favor of this website. They offer a one-month trial period for 1 dollar. This gives people the ability to test drive the program before committing to monthly payment. You have the option to quit any time if you don’t like the program.

With all the factors  listed above, there is a good chances that the 5 figure day program is a scam. It is also possible that it is legitimate.

From my perspective, they are quite upfront and honest and their trial program is what you can try before paying anything more. This is a good way of building your confidence in a company.

If you make enough in one month to explain for the 10 month figure they promise, it will be a no brainer joining. The owner is honest to let its user know that they will invest their money and effort to make things work for you.

But on the other hand, the program costs too much, 97 dollars every month is too high to be considered for affiliate marketing.

There are many such training programs available for free on the internet. Also, they are not offering anything unique to keep people interested in their program.

You will be dealing with banners and swiping emails.


After going through every aspect, this 5 Figure Day program seems to be quite expensive for anybody, especially beginners.

You have to spend a lot for the program and for beginners I would not recommend paid advertising. This is because you have to develop a lot of skills in order to understand how it works and to be successful in it. This is the only way that you can minimize your losses.

But those who are still interested to try it out, I would say go for It because the trial is just $1.

You can also try my #1 recommendation for making money online for free. Compare both programs and go for the best or try even a third and fourth program as long as you can do it for free or a low price.

Cheers Denise.

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