What is total income answer?

Product: Total income answer

Owner: Not sure. It is endorsed by both Mark Cuban and Karen Evans. Both names are probably aliases.

Price: $97 or more depending on the number of up sells you buy.

Recommended? No it’s a fast money scheme.

Many people go online looking for work from home jobs when they are tired of certain routines and want change.

The challenge many people face is sorting the good out from the see of bad work at home programs.

There are more scams online than are legitimate programs so identifying legitimate businesses is tough.

Today I am going to review Mark Cuban’s total income answer. I will lay the groundwork for identifying legitimate and illegitimate programs so subsequently, you will find it easier to choose the good from a sea of bad.

Mark Cuban’s total income answer is also known to some as Karen Evans’ total income answer is a scam period. Don’t confuse this Mark Cuban with the shark tank judge. This program makes certain claims that are too good to be true.

What is Mark Cuban’s total income answer all about?

The people behind this program know how to get your attention. They waste no time to get you emotionally involved. They do this by recounting basic human desires to you.

They tell you that with their program, you can start working from home immediately and begin to make money. You will finally be your own boss, never wanting for money and working on your own terms. No more traffic jams for you.

All this sounds really good so I can see why many people fall for this scam. But you’re smarter so that’s why you’re here investigating.

The use of hype, flashy pictures of luxury homes, cars, yachts and the use of emotional appeal and urgency are the main tools used to capture your imagination.

They don’t really tell you how you are going to make the money so fast. They focus more on hype.

They remind you how no experience is required and no education is required either. Plus, the opportunity is a once in a lifetime opportunity and positions are limited.

At this point, I begin to worry because I am not one to rush into a program without doing a thorough investigation. The fastest way you can get me out of something is by rushing me.

Funny thing is, if you go back to this website two day, weeks or even months later, the story will be the same. Spots will still be limited as they claim.

I noticed how much effort they put into displaying the logo of popular news networks like CNN, ABC, NBC and USA today. They even claimed to have been featured on these networks.

So I figured, I will pay a couple of these networks a visit to investigate.  My results were worrying. I couldn’t find any information about this program on any of these network or its affiliated sites.

Bottom line

The total income answer system by Mark Cuban or Karen Evans is a scam like many similar ones out there.

Times are tough and people need to make extra cash but please make sure you know a program is legitimate before you commit.

Many people have come to the conclusion that there are no legitimate online businesses because of their experience with scams.

You may have come to the total income answer system via one of their affiliated review sites or through a you tube video from a fake news station. No matter how you learn about it, don’t fall for it.

Check out this link for my #1 recommendation for learning how to make money online. It’s free to join.

Cheers Denise.

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