What is jaaxy.com? A Comprehensive Review

Jaxxy.com is a brilliant keyword research tool that can help get your website content ranking on the first search results page of any search engine. It can help give you the most rewarding niche ideas in a matter of seconds. You get to know the number of searches for a particular term or phrase each month, so you know what keywords to go for. Jaxxy.com also lets you know just why your competition is outranking you as well as exactly what you need to do to get ahead of the game.

One of the most time-consuming online tasks you could ever get involved in is keyword research. Yet, it is one that you simply can’t do without if you hope to get free traffic from search engines. While developing your content, you need to choose target keywords that get search frequently enough, but won’t be so difficult to rank.

Without appropriate keyword and topic research, you’re pretty much on a blind goose chase. Every post you make would be based on guesswork as it pertains the needs and interests of your target audience and what is on demand. So many newbies to the SEO and internet marketing world get their keyword research totally wrong, although there is a plethora of tools to choose from.

Whether or not you are familiar with your niche, keyword tools can be very helpful in the discovery of new and associated phrases to focus on. You also gain insight as to what pages would potentially gain the greatest traffic, so as to determine what areas to target in your marketing efforts.

Jaxxy is great because you don’t need any software to download it. It also is very simple to use, produces correct and real-time results, and all in all, using it would save you a lot of time. Here is an in-depth review of Jaxxy, so you can decide if it is the right keyword research tool for you.


You get to start up on Jaxxy.com for free, after which, you gain access to 30 free searches. Then, you may choose to either subscribe to Jaxxy Pro which costs $49 per month, or Jaxxy Enterprise which costs $99 per month. Considering how much this tool can help you earn, the pricing is beyond fair. Jaxxy also comes packed with quite some features that are lacking in competing products. Well, it’s up to you to decide if it’s worth your money.


Here are the prominent icons and options that you will encounter on the Jaxxy.com interface:

  • Keyword: This displays the particular keyword being researched. Jaxxy gives you 15 keywords for the Pro account, and 50 keywords for the Enterprise account.
  • Avg.: This shows the average number of monthly searches that a keyword gets. It is an approximate value, and so the figure may differ slightly from what you would find on Google. But it is as accurate as you need it to be. In fact, in comparison to some other competing products, Jaxxy is pretty much on point.
  • Traffic: This displays the predicted amount of traffic that you will get when your website shows up on the first page of a Google search result page. Definitely, the higher your position on the list of search results, the greater your traffic will be.
  • QSR: This is an abbreviation for quoted search result, meaning; On a general note, medium competition is below 300, low competition is below 200, and very low completion is below 100. New websites can aim for a QSR of up to 100.
  • KQI: This is an abbreviation for keyword quality indicator. Green means you should go for it, yellow means that it might be difficult, red means you will do well to abandon the keyword.
  • SEO: This is an abbreviation for search engine optimization. Basically, this icon scans to check how optimized the pages on competing sites are. The higher the number (with a maximum of 100), the poorer the search engine optimization on other websites. The goal should be to get keyword with low QSR values and high SEO values.
  • Domains: This shows if any keywords have exactly matching domain names. This metric may not be such an important one because so many articles have shown that Google ranks some sites with exactly matching domain names. So, you might want to ignore it.
  • Related: This lists other keywords similar to the ones that Jaxxy recommends to you. What this helps you do is to dig deeper and get other related keywords with good traffic and low competition.


Some of the unique features available on Jaxxy are:

  • Keyword Data: This is the core of your keyword research. To get great keywords, you have to know what topics would gain the most traffic and which ones will make your site rank on top easiest.
  • Alphabet Soup: Jaxxy added this new feature update in 2017 to ease brainstorming for keywords. What it does, essentially, is to mix up your proposed keyword with every letter of the alphabet to get possible search terms. When you input a generic keyword, this feature provides you with keyword ideas that you can create content around. You can also do a new automatic search based on a phrase, or you can add it to a list so that you can brainstorm it later.
  • Saved Lists: Here, you can save a list of keywords for later viewing. This feature comes in handy so you don’t have to write down all the possible keywords you plan to target, rather you can keep them saved in various nested lists. You can have more keywords than you want to work with at a particular time. You could even sell your keyword lists. You get to export it either in .txt or .csv formats.
  • Search History: This is a record of all the keywords that have been previously searched. It is essentially a continuous list of all past and present searches.
  • Search Analysis: This feature allows you to search for what is already on Google, Bing, Yahoo, YouTube, Hubpages, Vimeo, Squidoo and so on. You get to see the top-listed sites for any particular keywords that you may be interested in. You also get to see the metrics of these ranking sites including their titles, links, URLs, backlinks, word count, keyword density, meta descriptions, Alexa rank and meta keywords. In addition, it indicates whether or not these sites use Adsense. You can thus check a list of prevalent web 2.0 properties as well as article directories ranking well on popular search engines. This way, you gain insight as to what competing websites are using to attain top ranks, as well as what is not ranking, which is a feature that can be used to your benefit.
  • Site Rank: Here, you can track how your keywords are faring in comparison to those of competing sites instead of having to buy a premium plugin and sign up for another service to track your rankings. This way you can keep track of your website rank and check if the changes you have made to your site are helping or not. You get to track competing sites to see which ones are doing better than yours. Inputting a keyword and domain will show you the page’s rank location.
  • Training: Here you get access to four training and tutorial videos to explain and teach you how to use all the various functions and features of Jaxxy.


Jaxxy.com is one loaded tool with so many positive sides. These include:

  • User-friendliness: The Jaxxy interface is super friendly and easy to use and get accustomed to. Colors are productively utilized to ensure clarity.
  • Rank Tracking: Tracking your keywords and all the necessary metrics with Jaxxy is so much easier and less expensive than having to buy other plugins for that purpose.
  • Training Videos: The four tutorial videos that Jaxxy provides show you how to use the keyword research tool optimally, and answer most questions that you might have.
  • List Saving: The possibility of saving your keyword lists for later use is a feature that could be very advantageous.
  • Low Cost: Jaxxy is comparatively less expensive than most of the competition.


The major cons of Jaxxy would be the facts that you have to pay for it and that you have to be connected to the internet to use it, which shouldn’t really be disadvantages at all for anyone that wants to use a tool of this caliber.

Final Verdict

Jaxxy.com is an incredible keyword research tool that is great for anyone that seriously wants to succeed online. It is straightforward to join and simple to use. Here is an app that can save a lot of your time while making you some good cash. You can also access it on your mobile devices via the mobile app. The pros of this tool most definitely outweigh its cons. It is also less expensive in comparison to competing products. It wouldn’t hurt to take the free trial so you get a feel of this software and decide if it suits you.

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