Wealthy affiliate for black Friday 2019

Black Friday 2019 is fast approaching and Wealthy Affiliate is in on it too. This year, you will get almost 50% off your premium membership as usual, if you upgrade to or join the premium yearly membership during the black Friday period. They also offer discount for their semi-annual membership too.


What do you get in the premium membership at wealthy affiliate?


  • Up to 25 domains hosted for free
  • Up to 25 free websites hosted for free
  • Instant DNS Setup
  • The Amazon c3.large host speed (one of the fastest)
  • You get a website space of 30GB
  • You have a bandwidth of 500K Visitors/month
  • You get unlimited data transfer
  • Site builder is included in the package
  • You get full redundancy for your website as your website will be backed up daily
  • You get enterprise security
  • You get 24/7 Access to Server Admins for your website
  • You get unlimited Email Accounts for your website
  • You get BotNet Security
  • You get access to the site health, site comment and website feedback platforms
  • You get access to the Wealthy Affiliate community
  • You can get 1 on 1 marketing mentorship
  • You get five levels of certification lessons. Each level contain about 10 lessons . Lessons cover every topic related to affiliate marketing and more.
  • You get access to live video training that keeps you abreast with current trends in online marketing
  • You get access to private message where you can discuss with other members and mentors privately.


Is wealthy affiliate for beginners?


Absolutely; I joined Wealthy affiliate as a beginner with no idea where to begin. The step by step training helped me find my way around.

When you join, you will get a welcome message from several members. Then you will be asked to start with the certification lessons.


These lessons are task oriented and are designed to help you build your website step by step. They will start from the very beginning so you do not need any prior knowledge of internet marketing to understand what is going on.


At the end of each lesson is a forum where you can ask your questions if you have any. This forum is linked to the question board where all members can see and answer any unanswered questions.

This design makes it efficient and you will have many people ready to help you when ever you need help.


Is Wealthy affiliate for experts?


If you know your way around the internet, you can still benefit from Wealthy Affiliate. You can learn and share ideas with other experienced marketers in the community.

As an expert, you might be doing online marketing full time. This means you probably have multiple websites going for you at the same time.


At Wealthy affiliate, you can get up to 25 premium websites hosted for free. You can also get 25 free websites host for free too.

Your premium websites will all have free SSL certificates and they will be optimized for speed and mobile visibility.


Is wealthy Affiliate for everyone?


Of course not. Wealthy Affiliate is only for those people who enjoy writing. If you do not like writing, you will not make it (Except you pay people to write content for you) at Wealthy Affiliate because building and running a successful website requires constant writing.


You need to write content to address the pain points of your target audience.

You can only succeed if you really want it. That is why, those who succeed at Wealthy affiliate are those who want it with everything they’ve got.


They worked hard and burned the mid night candle. If you join with the mentality that all will be easy, please stop now.


How to join Wealthy Affiliate


It is easy to join Wealthy Affiliate. Just click here and fill out the form with your name and email address. Create your password and you are in.


Training at wealthy affiliate


Once you are in, you will see that it is very easy to navigate the platform. The image below shows you the home page.


On the left hand side of this home page, you will find many important tabs. The most important one for a new comer is the training tab.


This tab will take you to a page with several levels of training. The very top one; the online entrepreneur certification is what you will need to learn all you need, to build a successful online business.

This certification class has five levels as shown in the image below.



Below the online entrepreneur certification is the affiliate bootcamp tab as shown in the image above. This training is design for members who are interested in promoting Wealthy Affiliate.

Two tabs below the affiliate bootcamp training tab is the training HQ tab. This is where you go to find training on specific topics you are interested in.


Wealthy Affiliate knows people join with varying needs so everyone can’t learn the same way. The training HQ section is broken down into the following 8 sub-topics; WordPress, website, writing content, search engine optimization, ranking in google, creating images, hosting and domains.


Live Events at wealthy affiliate


Every Friday at 7 pm central time, there is a live training class at Wealthy Affiliate. These classes tackle current marketing techniques and help members have a better understanding of these topics.

A list of these live classes is updated on the website up to three months in advance to give members time to plan and make time to log into the ones that interest them.




You will get continues update about things happening in the community on you home page/dashboard. You can control what you want to see when you log into your home page.


There is so much you can learn from others at Wealthy Affiliate but you are the only one who can drive your actions to success.

Create an account with Wealthy affiliate today and start learning how to build a successful online business. Click here to join. 


My wealthy affiliate complaints


There is a lot of hype at wealthy affiliate


Some members at wealthy affiliate make it sound like a fairy tale. When I joined, I learned from a member that it was only going to take me weeks to start making money. Four months later, I had only made a little and I was frustrated.


What this member failed to tell me was that as a new member with little or no idea about online marketing, it could take up to a year before I made good money. The learning curve is huge and until you learn what you need to know, you will not make money.


Think of it as going to college, you don’t start making money until you graduate. When you join wealthy affiliate, the owners insist that you take the certification courses and apply them as you learn because you will need this knowledge to run your business successfully.


Today, when I start a new website, it usually take it a couple of weeks to start making money because I know exactly what to do and how to go about it.

It is hard to find a program where your hand will be held the whole way through. Those that claim to do this charge about $500 or more a month and I have no idea if they work as I have never joined any.


Wealthy Affiliate is not a job, it is a business opportunity


Many people confuse wealthy affiliate for a job but it is not. A job is something you do for someone for pay as agreed. Wealthy affiliate is a business opportunity. By this, I mean it is a chance for you to start a business of your own online.


Pretend you wanted to start a retail business but instead of finding a physical structure and buying supplies to start, you go online instead an build a store.This is what you learn to do at Wealthy affiliate. When you decided to join, you decide to become your own boss. So if you want to start work at 5 in the morning or sleep in and start at noon, it is up to you.


Your decisions through the course of setting up your business will determine how successful you become.


Wealthy affiliate can be overwhelming for newbies


When you start a business, there is so much to learn. You do things and undo them several times before getting them right. Then you need to socialize, especially with experienced entrepreneurs so you can learn from them and get help from them as much as possible.


The process of setting up your first business is stressful, especially if you are in a hurry to make money. You need to register your domain name, then build your website, then register it on google and several search engines.


After that, you need to write content, publish it and advertise on a variety of social media. However,as you get into your routine, you soon learn to relax and go with the flow. At wealthy affiliate, the training is task oriented and they emphasize on the importance of completing a task before moving on to a new lesson.


Many people tend to skip ahead only to find out at a later date that it was not worth the rush.


Niche selection at Wealthy affiliate


When I started, I was so excited to build my first website and within weeks of joining, that dream came true but it was a mistake. Why? Because I chose the wrong niche to start in.

You see, your success is dependent on the niche you choose to go into. If you choose a niche with extremely high competition as I did, you will have a hard time making money.


If you choose your niche right, you will be able to work less but make more faster.

I spent five months working on a niche that was ultra competitive. When I realized it, I was upset but I was not ready to call it quits, I did a thorough research and found another niche that was less competitive and within a month, I was making money.


I learned a lot from my mistake but I felt like wealthy affiliate should have done more in guiding me towards a lucrative niche since I was a premium member.


I however blame myself too as I asked little or no questions and tried to do t all by myself.  If I took advantage of live chat and the question forum, I would have skipped those 5 months of wasted work.


Wealthy affiliate has since then made some updates to their training especially as it pertains to niche selection. Also, they have added their jaaxy keyword tool at a discount rate to premium members to help with keyword research.


Are there any success stories at wealthy affiliate?


Yes, there are many success stories. You can read them by clicking here. I make enough money to cover most if not all of my monthly expenses. I am thankful for the day I learned about wealthy affiliate. I was a very desperate woman about to fall for a fast money scheme.


I did not make up to $100 for the first 5 months. I almost quit but I didn’t. Around my 6th month, I made $266. I was so happy. I learned from my first failed website and started all over. This time I had experience. Within three months, my new website was making passive income.


This is that website. Since then, I have build two more like it for the exact same monthly fee. And I can build a dozen more and I won’t have to pay any additional fees.


Click here to join wealthy affiliate today for free.

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