The computer procedure program review; legit or scam?

Program: Computer procedure program
Price: $97
My recommendation: Scam, please avoid


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The computer procedure program is supposedly owned by Judy Thompson. The name is an alias and the image is a stock photo.


They claim that the fake name and photo is used to provide privacy to the owner but I think the reason is to protect themselves from angry members who realize this program is a scam and want their money back.


Red flag Features of the Computer Procedure program


  1. They make unrealistic claims; they claim that you can make plenty of money with their system by just spending 60 minutes a day on your computer.
  2. They claim that they have been featured on CNN, NBC, ABC, USA today and Fox news but his is not true. Try researching on any of these websites and you won’t any information about them.
  3. They also use fake manes and images for their testimonials. These same testimonials have been used in several similar scam sites like computer colleagues, computer journey and computer made simple.
  4.  They claim that companies like Walmart will pay you about $15 to pots one link online. This means that you will be paid $60 an hour to post four links. This is ridiculous and very unrealistic.
  5. They claim you need no education, no training or skill to make money with their system. This all sounds good until you realize they were serious that you won’t learn anything from them. They scammed one of my readers and he got nothing out of it.
  6. They use urgency to rush you into a decision by saying that spots are limited. The truth is, it is better for them if you pay fast. Tomorrow, you won’t be able to find them because by then, they would have brought the site down and will be name “Computer XYZ”.


Proof this program is a scam


Multiple sites that look exactly the same


The computer procedure program is exactly the same as a dozen or more sites online. Some of these sites are the computer everyday program, the computer workplace program and the computer assurance program.



Below are the images of this program plus the three programs I have listed above;




Do you see that these four programs are clones of each other? Every thing is the same, except the name of the program.

In some cases, the name of the owners are the same and in other cases they are different.  Regardless, the images of the owner are usually the same (even though it is a stock image).

This shows that the same person’s hand is all over this.


Low fees


The low $97 fee for this program might look like a good thing but it is not. These people claim that they want to make this lucrative program affordable that is why they are giving it away for a low one time fee.

It does not add up at all for them to do that an hide their identity. If this program is as lucrative as they say, it should cost way more than they are charging.


To make matters worst, they act all desperate because every time you try to leave the website, there is a pop up asking you to stay and get a discount.

Really, how nice can they be. If you stay long enough, they will reduce your fee to $47. This should bother you because unlike the computer procedure program, legitimate programs charge a fee and stick to it.



Website shuts down


Finally, they state in their website that

When all the spots are filled, this web page is shut down and replaced with the following notice:

‘We’re sorry, but we cannot accept any new members into our program at this time. Please check back in the future for openings.”


Isn’t that a scary statement? Lets say you bough into the program and they shut it down as they promise, where will you go to get the special system they promise you?

This people never shut down, they simply change the name of their program and start all over. When you go online, you won’t be able to find that particular website anymore.


You wont get the system and you won’t get your money back either. Please don’t be a victim, research any such program thoroughly before joining.


Bottom line


The computer procedure program is not What is says it is. If you really want to learn how to build a successful online business, click here.

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