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Teletech is a business process outsourcing company which partners with major companies throughout the globe. They help these companies find and train a team of at home employees to handle important business functions that don’t necessarily need to be conducted from a central office building.

The firm provides opportunities for people to truly find a part time telecommuting job prospect that can be done easily and successfully from the comfort of their homes.

We all know that most online jobs are side jobs to complement one’s pay check, more like opportunities that require a lot of time and effort – and many times, a lot of money before steady income can be guaranteed.

TeleTech, on the other hand, genuinely offers a work from home opportunity, which gives you the chance to keep a specific schedule with a steady pay rate and a direct deposit paycheck fortnightly.

Teletach is located in Englewood, Colarado and is a global BPO (business process outsourcing) that has a staff and agent capacity of 50,000 people in about 15 countries.

Although the firm hires virtual (or work at home) call center agents in the United States and United kingdom to services its clients, much of it’s global workforce is office based.

These functions include customer call Service and technical support, “back office processing” such as financial transactions or social media management responsibilities as well as Analysts, Agents bilingual in French, German, Spanish, Dutch and many other languages.

TeleTech specialize in creating lasting connections between companies and their customers so they can acquire, retain and grow even more profitable customer relationships producing thousands of sit at home confortable jobs in the process.

TeleTech’s clients are leaders in Industries such as Automotive, Communications, Media & Technology, Financial Services, Government Solutions, Healthcare, Property & Casualty Insurance, Retail & Ecommerce, Small- & Medium-sized Business, Travel & Hospitality.

Job requirements 

To work with TeleTech there are some recruitment requirements which must be met such as having a dedicated home office that you can ensure will be quiet and interruption free for at least 4-6 hour shifts each day.

You must possess a personal computer with access to high speed internet service (cable,DSL or fiber connection), and a dedicated land line for the purpose of this job only.

Furthermore, you need to be able to work the minimum working hour (20 hours a week, the work averagely take 20-30 hours per week including weekend and holidays ) and should be above 17 years of age.

It should be noted that your personal computer must meet a specified requirements which allow you to run TeleTech’s app flawlessly.

After ensuring your computer meets the requirements, you can go ahead to fill out an online application and take a skills assessment. Teletech usually sends a mail in about three days stating whether, based on your application and assessment, you would be interview for a position.

Interview, hire and pay

If you are successful at the interview, another computer test is performed and an offer will be made. Drug testing and criminal background screening is required but TeleTech finances the test.

After you are hired, you will have to complete a month long training before you can begin earning money, but unlike other telecommuting companies, you will never be required to pay for training.

The average TeleTech agent’s salary ranges from approximately $19,596 per year for Call Representative to $92,601 per year for Systems Analyst.

Average TeleTech hourly pay ranges from approximately $9.50 per hour for Credit Specialist to $21.45 per hour for Account Executives.

For its employees in it’s office buildings the average is about $55,295 a year. Ranging from an average of $32,118 for service delivery managers, $39, 105 for training coordinator and Operations make the most with an average annual salary of $136,751

Compensation for working with TeleTech depends on the position you are being recruited for, the company you are assigned to, and the hours you work weekly. Most TeleTech employees are offered health insurance, and the larger part of employees have dental coverage as a benefit.

About 25% of the employees are paid for vacation and sick time. Nevertheless, many workers take advantage of the 401(k) plan that Teletech sponsors.

Bottom line

Teletech is a good place to go if you are looking for work from home jobs. They offer flexible schedule and your schedule won’t change without notice. Training is paid by the company and there are plenty of hours for remote employees.

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