stuart ross six figure mentors scam

In this article, I will review Stuart Ross & Jay Kubassek’s six figure mentors program. For those who have recently heard about it and are looking for  guidance as to whether is it a legit program or a scam, I will break it down for you.

Although it is very possible to earn online from home, finding a legit platform to start with is not that easy. This is not because the sources of online earning are low but the number of scams have increased significantly in the past few years.

I know people who have given up on earning online because it has cost them a lot and they have never managed to earn reasonably. This is why we review online make money programs for you, to guide you on whether you should join a program or not.

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Since the fall of companies like the empower network, many schemes have popped up to replace it. Many of these schemes have names like 5 figure, 6 figure and so on as a prefix to their names.

Schemes like this take advantage of the difficult economy to prey on the desperate. It is my desire to help fellow budding entrepreneurs to steer clear of these scams.

You will find many reviews on the internet about six figure mentors but most of them have been published by their promoters. I will be objective and will help you determine if this is a good opportunity or something that should be avoided.

Lets begin,

What is Six figure mentors all about?

Before making a statement about a program, it is important for you to know what this program actually is.

Six figure Mentors is basically a program that promises to teach you about online business. The main moto of the program is to help you to earn more and work less.

We will not comment on their moto yet. Let’s continue and find out about the features of this program. This program supposedly provides members with the knowledge, training and tools that will help them in establishing an online business and running it successfully.

This is not the end yet. They also offer members the SFM (Six Figure Mentors) package where they can make money as an affiliate. They claim affiliates can make commissions of up to 1000 dollars per sale, Insane (reminds me of the empower network that just crashed finally this month).

They provide a series of videos that provide information about the program and online business to their visitors. But to access these videos they want you to share your email address.

After providing your email address, you soon find out that there is nothing out of the box in these videos. They are really telling you nothing new and worth buying.

You can find similar or may be better videos on the internet for free. You can see the desperate attempt that the marketers Stuart and Jay have made to convince you that this is the right program for you.

How much does the six figure mentors program cost?

As seen on the image above, there are basically four membership levels offered by this program; free, Intro/student, basic/essential and elite.

You can try the affiliate access for free but you wont have access to the digital business system and training.

If you chose to start from the Intro membership, you will need to pay 29.95 dollars as fee up front and then 25 dollars on a monthly basis.

According to the marketer Stuart, there are two reasons to go with this application process. They can evaluate whether you are good fit or not and you can have the time to determine if it is a good program or not.

The fee seems to be on the high side but they give you the option to get refund within 30 days. You will get access to the SFM seminar footage and you will be assigned a personal coach who will answer your question.

This looks good but the coach will keep telling you that you have to upgrade your membership to get the best training. Because with this level of membership, you get little or no training.

To get access to more on the digital business system and training, you need to join the essential membership that is obviously more expensive. You have to pay 297 dollars upfront and then 97 dollars every month.

This will give you full access to the lounge and SFM modules. You will have the chance to be the part of weekly marketing training with a senior business coach. But this senior guy will go hard on you to become an affiliate and to join the elite membership.

Now the elite membership of this program requires you to pay 2500 dollars for a year and then 97 dollars every month. You will get live coaching with the Gurus and you can qualify for the affiliate commission.

Now you know everything about the program, let’s examine these facts before making our conclusion.

Is the six figure mentors program for you?

I have laid down the facts but the final decision on whether to join this program or not is yours. It depends on what your goals are and if you can afford to pay the price.

Lets review the facts,

At first you have to exchange your email to access the videos. This is not a red flag because almost all membership companies out there do this. It is just a clever baiting to have you subscribed to their email list.

The videos in my opinion are not of good value but it maybe because I am already an experienced marketer. People in these videos spend half of the time bragging about their riches which means that you cannot expect much from these videos.

Moving to the application process. According to the owners, the application fees is to determine whether you are fit for the program or not. But suppose if someone buys the elite membership would they turn them away? No chance.

Also, if you get the feeling that all the memberships are geared towards buying the elite membership; you are right since the other two memberships are pretty much worthless.

Although there are some features that you will not get in intro and basic membership, it really matters not since the purpose of all these features is to promote Six Figure Mentors. You will be trained to promote SFM and not any other product.

Another simple thing to consider here is that you are paying a huge amount to become an affiliate. Those who know about affiliate marketing also know that you don’t have to pay to promote products and services.

All you have to do is to spread the word about their products and in return you will get commission on their sales. So, this is a bit fishy for a company to charge to be an affiliate.

Also, the training program is only focused on one thing and that is to promote SFM. And if you have to pay to promote SFM then you can find many other similar programs in considerably less price but like I said, it is up to you.

Also, there are many complaints registered about Six Figure Mentors. Although you can’t please everyone but it can be a worrying sign if the number of complaints become double the positive reviews.

Some clients have claimed that they are provided with the auto responder and if it is the case then it will be complete waste of your money.


If we put aside the price, the training that these program offers contains some of the topics that can help you in internet marketing but their training is all about promoting their overpriced program.

This is the point where we can consider it to be a scheme because a successful marketer needs to do more than just promote one product.

This program is an MLM scheme that reminds me of the empower network program that came down crashing this month.

Also, the moto of the company to make you rich with little effort, makes it controversial itself.

All you are doing is paying high prices and nothing else. Many of you may have different opinions about the program and we would like to hear from you as well.

Check out my #1 recommendation for online marketing. 

Also check out this post listing the top 100 legitimate work from home jobs if that is what you are looking for. 

Cheers Denise


  1. I wouldn’t bother with Six figure mentors unless you’ve got at least £10,000 to spend on their education. I spent £3000 with them over 3 years as a basic member and they teach you nothing you couldn’t learn for free. In that time I didn’t earn a penny using the education they offer at essential. You pay $19.95 for your application, a one off fee of $129 and that’s before you’ve even started, you then pay $97 a month, for nothing more than what are for the most part outdated videos and overpriced web hosting. Once you go through their essential curriculum they immediately try and get more money from you by asking you to go elite at $2500 and if you don’t the things you learn at essential don’t earn you any money anyway. The people are nice enough but the offer wouldn’t be so enticing if they weren’t. I wouldn’t waste your time with this company. I wasted 3 years and earned nothing. Then 4 months after leaving the company they took $97 from me, overdrawing my account and when I requested a refund they claimed I hadn’t cancelled as a member and I’m still trying to get back.

  2. This is an effective platform to take money from you. I cancelled when I realised I was getting nothing. I then moved on to another online business which was semi effective but this lead me to another which has now ment I have quit my job and getting the life I love. Key is keep looking but don’t go in blinked nor negative.

    1. I am happy you found something that works for you. If you don’t mind, will you let us know what this new found love is?

  3. Hello Denise,
    My Name is Cynthia; I appreciate your post about this program. I am a disabled female taking care of a disabled/elderly husband. I was researching programs to try as I truly need a way to make more income while staying home if that really is possible. I will check out your lists I saw. I do not expect to get rich I just want to be able to pay the bills, and go out to eat once a week, maybe buy a little something extra for my husband and I to enjoy once in a while. If you have a particular program in mind that you could recommend as I barely have 50 left a month after the bills to buy food with. Are there any legit ones that have no or extremely low start up costs? A yes or no will be an okay answer as I don’t really know if you would consider personally recommending any programs. Thank you for your blog on this subject! Cynthia

    1. Hi Cynthia
      I like that you are realistic about online programs. I have one you can try for free until you feel comfortable enough to upgrade to premium. This program is Wealthy affiliate. With their free program, you will learn the basics of affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can join today for free. click here

  4. Hi Denise

    Thanks for sharing this post. I too had come across this summer program , but I didn’t join because I too felt something shady about it. At that moment, it was a gut feeling but now I realise I made the right decision. It is too pricey for me anyway.  I  believe there are other programs that offer more for half the price of the six figure mentors program. Your post will benefit a lot of people who are searching for affordable ways to make money online.  Other than Wealthy affiliate,  do you know of any other affordable education programs online? 

    1. Six figure mentors is an OK program. They do provide courses that teach you some important Internet marketing techniques. The main problem is in the high price tag.  Also,  it mainly teaches you how to promote the program.  So in a nutshell, you will pay the fee just to become an affiliate of the program. 

      There are many programs out there that will teach you more for half the price of the sfm program.  One of such programs is wealthy affiliate as you rightly mentioned in your comment. 

      Affilorama is also a good alternative. Finally,  there is the Chris Farrell membership.  I  have heard good things about the last two programs. 

      I am a free member with Affilorama. I have no personal experience with the Chris Farrell membership program. I am currently a member of Wealthy Affiliate for three years. 

      WA is not perfect but it is one of the best out there for those interested in learning about affiliate marketing. 

  5. When I hear the word Six figure  attached to the name of any program online, I take precautions. It s easier said than done and six figures is a lot of money.  I have read series of reviews on six figure mentor scam and I haven’t seen a positive comment on them so far which to me is proof that they are not legit.

    1. People hear the word six figure and they get excited and fail to realize that it is unreal that several people who join a program will all make six figures online as promised. It is smart to investigate as you did before joining such a program. Six figure mentors is an over prices program that sells dreams in my opinion. 

  6. Thanks for writing out this thorough review of the six figure mentors scam. It is sad that companies like this charge a fortune from people just to make them affiliates of their program. I want to run my own business so when I search for educational programs, I am looking for one that will teach me how to make money using my skills and passion. After trying different online programs, I am almost at the point  to give up. Everything is a scam! Is there no genuine make money program online?

    1. I feel your pain Adamu2,

      I too almost gave up searching for ways to make money online. There are a lot of misleading programs online and even the good ones are not a one size fit all. A you rightly said, a program, should help you become successful in a business of your chose. What I have found out is that no one program does it all. I am currently affiliated with many programs as I learn from all of them. I recommend wealthy affiliate to beginners in affiliate marketing. You will learn a lot to start. However, you should be aware that it take a while before you start making money online, regardless of the program. So before you invest some fabulous amount in a program think long term .

  7. Hello Denise,
    I hear about this site six figure mentors today only. Luckily, I had never come across with any scam or unreliable programs. I was searching for a stable job when I met with my mentor. He introduces me with Wealthy Affiliate directly and this is the first online marketing site I have ever join. After joining WA, I got many chances to learn about so many things by reading the articles available here. Thank you very much for your contribution.
    Warm regards,

    1. Hi Ranao,

      You are one of the lucky few who did not fall for a scam before finding a site like Wealthy Affiliate. I was not so lucky. I felt for one of the WAH programs and was scammed  stupid. Six figure mentors is one of those programs that selling dreams to people. Making them believe that they can become rich over night is just wrong. 

  8. Hi,

    Thank you very much for sharing a large informative article about the Six Figure Mentors. From your article, I come to learn hugely about the Six Figure Mentors. I am a newcomer in affiliate marketing for that I had no idea about this site. Now by reading your review, I think it is not so useful. Because of the Cost of the Six Figure Mentors so high. I Will shear this informative article with my friends.

    1. Hi Irin,

      Happy I could help. If you need more information about ways to make money online as an affiliate, dpn’t hesitate to write. I will reply asap. 


    1. Hi Denise,

      Glad I found this column. I received 4 Stuart Ross videos and was considering paying the initial $29 but then I had a sixth sense that made feel uncomfortable about the so easy money making way through affiliate programs. Then he when he started stressing that you can’t make it without other people around you I knew immediately it was an MLM thing so I started looking for reviews and found you. I believe in sweating to make money. Thanks for your information initiative; it will save people money and time.

  9. I first found Stuart Ross online in 2012 while searching for an affiliate business I could start. I did pay the then twenty something dollars to get a foot in the door to have a sneak peak. I then saw the next levels were thousands of dollars and straight away, this put me off, as I just do not have thousands of dollars. He was teamed up with a different guy at that point, but then I noticed that the other guy disappeared and the new guy replace him. I have since paid over $400 to Matt Lloyds program, to which I was promised a weekend face to face learning, but it never happened, and then I was appointed a coach that would call me and see if I had worked through Matts program I had bought in to. This was just the entry level price. Once I started working through the program, and I got to number 6, I was required to invest another couple of thousand dollars, and I didn’t have that money, so I then was shut out of the program, didn’t get my face to face training and when I tried contact them, I found that I had so much difficulty in contacting them. I ended up giving up. Lost that money. The thing is, all these internet marketers are just selling you on how to sell the same thing to others. They are not selling anything tangible at all. All you are basically doing is finding leads to send to them and hopefully someone signs up the same as you have and you earn money. Thats it !

    1. Oh yeah. The goal is for you to buy all the way to the top level. If you don’t, you will be cut off and told you failed because you didn’t follow all the steps recommended by them. It’s so expensive.

      1. Seems like an elaborate ponzi scheme to me. I ask, if they are getting so rich on affiliate marketing, why all the effort on “helping others”
        We are now in the midst of the COVID19 debacle.
        I am a chef, an occupation that bodes ill for the future.
        How could I apply my specific field online?
        Thank you

        1. Hi Patrick,
          I don’t have much experience in your field but I have some ideas. Many people make money from YouTube. Right now, many people turn online to find new fun meals to cook for their families. YouTube is a great place people go and all this traffic translate to money. Also, many people are ordering takeout this time and online is a great place to let your clients know about such services.

  10. Hi Denise,
    I came across this SFM while searching for online business but at first it was very tempting to join and promising to earn a passive income. After several days of watching videos, comments from YouTube and reading articles all about SFM. I came to realize that your reviews is very helpful for me not to pursue to join SFM. Thank you very much!

    On the other hand I want to know if you make any reviews on this program name Easy1up? If so what can say about it?

  11. I was thinking also to join to their program, but now i will think twice. “If something sounds too good to be truth, then probably it is not truth”. Can you tell me, what is resonable amount that someone can earn on wealthy affiliate? Thanks Denise

    1. It all depends on your niche and how hard you work towards it. Some people make 5000+ a month, others less and some nothing. It took me 6 months before I started making money from my first website. So it takes time. Those who make more money do online marketing full time. You have to do many things to get enough income. I currently work in both affiliate marketing and an e-commerce. You can try their free membership to see if it works for you.

  12. Hi Denise, I am glad i came across your post. I signed with SFM and have not made any money, also signed with Max Trubitski, just watched a video where they claim he is also a scammer.
    Where do you go to find good online marketing business, i know they are out there, and I am really interested and need to get something going. I am 53 years old and need to make more money. I live in Canada. What can you recommend?

  13. Hie Denise
    Thanx for the article. I have some questions on WA, Say if one finds their niche and follows the program to the tee and works on it full time and markets the products daily are you saying even then you’re still not guaranteed to make money?
    Secondly are you saying the premium membership of WA will help me set up my own online business which will be ready to function?
    lastly id like to find out if there are any further costs involved in setting up all these online structures besides the WA premium fee?

    1. Hi Acey,
      WA will show you the techniques you need to succeed but it doesn’t guarantee that you will succeed. There are many factors that you have to take into consideration. Firstly is your niche. How much competition is there? Then your content: are you targeting the right people. There are many other factors.

      With the premium membership , you will have access to step by step training. You will use the training to build your own website. As your website age and you work consistently on it, you will see improvements in number of visitors and conversion.

      It all depends on what kind of business you run. You might need keywords research, email marketing and more. These are not included in your WA premium membership.

  14. Thank you Denise, I have just completed wasting my 1 and a half hour by joining their webinar online meeting where Stuart Ross was to train us on Turning Crisis Into Opportunity. He’s fully wasted a whole hour bragging and talking about himself. Felt like leaving as many members were (from 1190- 1020 participants) but I thought may be he’d change the topic with time. Nothing new! Reached a point where I had to listen to the English he’s speaking not what he’s telling us for the sake of improving my English or at least learning a thing.
    That’s why before end of the meeting, I had to search more about him and his program and definitely I wasn’t wrong! Thank God I came across your realistic article.
    NB: Once we start the meeting and indicate names and where we come from, any other thing we write later on during the e-meeting does not reflect on the screen.
    Joy from Kenya

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