Rev transcription job reviews 2019

Rev is a site that provides a range of services, including transcription, close caption and translation for people all around the world.

If you have an audio or video which you want to transcribe, you can submit this to them or simply give them an URL to your website and their specialized team will securely work on it for you.

They promise quick services with about 99% accuracy and they will use a team, not a software to transcribe, translate, or caption you submission.

Rev transcription jobs are available to Freelancers. Freelancers are hired by Rev, to translate, transcript and provide caption on a variety of submissions (video and audio). Freelancers are expected to work on these audios or videos and complete them by a deadline.

The job require a quiet environment where you can pay close attention to the videos or audio. It also requires a lot of typing and the ability to listen keenly and type fast is highly recommended.

You can apply for translations, transcription, and close captioning jobs and other vacancies at

They have an average monthly earning of $245 and top monthly earning of $1495. This job is designed to be part time job you do on your spare time, or when you need extra cash. It is not meant to be a full time source of income.

Pros of working at Rev

  • Flexibility: This is a great job for you if you want to work from home. You choose your schedule and you do not have to deal with commuting to and back from work. You also save on gas money and can have your kids with you when you work, so you don’t need day care. 
  • Great part time work: If you have spare time and you are in need of extra cash, working with Rev can help out with that.
  • Supportive co-workers: Although the money you get working for Rev is not much, you can benefit from interacting with other freelancers in forums. Many people are friendly and ready to help out and you can easily learn about better gigs here. There is also a transcription software for freelancers that is intuitive and easy to work with.
  • Develop typing skills: Working here is going to help you develop faster typing skills as the money you are going to make is going to be determined by how fast you can type. Quick typing can come in handy in the future with other jobs.
  • Payment is made every week on Monday through PayPal. Very convenient in my opinion.

Cons of working at Rev

  • There is low payment for strenuous work and many people feel that the grading system is arbitrary.
  • Taxes are not deducted, so, you will have to pay them yourself when you report your income to the IRS.
  • Some of the audio quality is poor. This makes it very difficult to transcribe. It will be nice if Rev made sure the audio submissions were up to a certain standard, before accepting the job.
  • There is very little work on the weekends for freelancers and this is when many people have free time.
  • Unfair grading: Many Audio files are incomprehensible but you are still expected to transcribe it. Your metric must meet the minimum requirements in order to be promoted which is fair till the company changes them without notice. The graders are said to be inconsistent and unpredictable with grading work and you should keep an eye on your metrics. Grading is supposedly done by fellow contractors.
  • Time factor: You should be prepared to work longer than you thought you would on a file if you are a slow typist. This may not be a problem for you if you are a fast typist.
  • Rev is not for you if you are looking for full-time steady income as rev is just for getting a little bit of cash that is mainly for your upkeep.

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  • It is extremely tiring because you are going to work for a long time with a low pay.
  • Sometimes, there will only be the worst projects that you can choose from.
  • Unresponsive management: you are not going to get bonuses for consistent good work and the official support reps will rarely reply you on anything. They ignore many concerns from the freelancers and even the ones that are raised by their contractors.
  • You should also not expect answers to request for clarification on gray areas to the company standards as it is also the contractors that will provide unofficial resources that you can use.
  • There is no guarantee that there will be a job waiting for you the next day if you missed a few words and a Grader lowered your accuracy or formatting score. Your account is going to be suspended if there are many errors in your projects and your overall formatting metric drop below 4.5


You can begin working for them immediately after you passed a few accuracy and formatting tests and working at Rev is good for you if you have a good listening and writing skills in English.

Before you can start, you will have to pass an online test and you will receive an e-mail in less than 3 working days to know if you are hired.

You should also note that 10% of the applicants get accepted and you should try to review your admission test very carefully before you submit.

You can also apply to work as an independent contractor for Rev and when you apply, you will either apply to be a translator, audio transcriptionist, or a video captioner.

You will submit an actual application to be a translator and you must pass the test before you can become an audio transcriptionist or a video captioner and this test is mainly to test your ability to complete example jobs accurately and also following the company’s provided style.

Nоtе: Yоu can work for Rеv іn one оf thеѕе rоlеѕ or all thrее roles as long as you past the accompanying test!

There are three levels of Rev contractors; Rookie, Revver, and Revver+. If you finish the training files and you keep your grades on your first files up, you are going to be promoted to Revver but you will need to transcribe up to 1,200 minutes of audio before you will be promoted to Revver+ and this will give you the chance to pick up jobs and be able to apply to be a grader for other transcriptionists’ files.


It is very difficult to make a minimum wage with Rev but it is extremely flexible. There is plenty of work to do but the pay is kind of low and you will feel like it is getting lower by the days. However, if you have fast typing skills, you are going to make the minimum wage. Some of the benefits include:

  • Improvement of your typing
  • Improvement of your time management because you will want to plan your time so as to earn more money.
  • Provide an excellent training module that provides detailed instructions on how to accurately transcribe and complete projects.
  • This is a great job for you if you are a fast typist and you want to work from home. You will get to work at your own pace and whenever you want
  • The platform can be used easily and you can choose the projects that you want to work on.
  • They have a good support system in the forums. The special section in the forum called “Lend an ear” is where you will get help easily as someone will help you out within 10 minutes but your post will be opened for other people to comment for up to 30 minutes. If you do not receive any help, you have the opportunity to ask again.

Reviews of past and current employees

  • Many documents are difficult to transcribe due to audio quality, and the ones that are easy to understand are almost always taken before you even have time to listen to the audio file to decide if you want it or not.
  • Seriously, unless you only need to fill a tiny hole in your budget, don’t work for these borderline criminals.
  • This company does not value its workers. Work is reviewed by other employees and when a reviewer is in error, there is no recourse.
  • Yes, Rev is a legitimate company that pays weekly.
  • Yes, the hours are flexible. You can take on as little or as much work as you want. Some of the content is even enjoyable to work on. That’s good.
  • Unfortunately, the pay rates are absolutely pitiful. I have contracted with Rev for over three years, and in that time, rates have only gotten lower and lower.

Bottom line

Rev is a legitimate company that hire freelancers to perform transcription, translation and close captioning jobs for them. This job is not meant for everyone. People with fast typing skills will fair better here. The pay is below minimum wage so don’t count on it being your full time job. It is a great part time job for someone who needs extra cash and wants to work from home.

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