Nick Peroni’s online profit system scam review

Nick Peroni’s online profit system is advertised online as a proven method to make money online. In the sales video, he explains how it is now possible for people to make a full time income online.

He goes further to explain that at the moment, people are quietly making fortunes online with just their computers.


He states that 95% of people who try to make money online fail for several reasons. One being that online marketing is not easy to begin with. 

Online marketing as he explains is difficult because there is so much information to absorb and it can become overwhelming. 


Furthermore, he says it is hard to identify which business model to use for your business, how to attract customers and what tools to use for your business.

He makes a very convincing argument and says he knows the secret model because he has been in your position and he is there to help make it easier for you. 


The catch!


The things Nick Peroni says about online marketing at the beginning of his presentation are all true. 

  • it is hard
  • it is overwhelming
  • it is confusing
  • it can get expensive
  • Most people who start one fail to succeed


Nonetheless, he begins to get off tract when he states that, “Until I discovered something that changed everything for me. ” He makes a joke about it, saying yes yes, I know you have heard this before.

But that is just it, the statement “Until I discovered something that changed everything for me.” is a popular tag line for scammers.


 I am not saying this program is a scam because of this statement, I am just saying look before you leap. There are many things I looked at before coming to my conclusion.


Red flags


  • Nick says many people fail because they don’t have the right business model. This is true but saying there is just this one model that works is not true. Also, saying all the marketing knowledge in the world can’t save a business is not true. There are thousands of successful online businesses making good money by using known online marketing techniques. I use some of these well known techniques and I make passive income online. Some people cope better with one technique that another because we are not all cut out of the same cloth so trying a one size fit all model can’t be a good idea.


  • Nick says, to be successful online, you need a business model proven to make money. This is somewhat true but the thing is, he never really says what business model he is talking about. This statement might make a newbie excited, thinking that they are set to succeed no matter what but it does not make me excited because I know, no matter the technique you use to make money online, you have to work hard to succeed. And as I mentioned earlier, some techniques will work for some people but won’t work for others. Take the example of you-tube; some people are great at making video tutorials that make money while others suck at it. So no one model is perfect, you need to know at least three so you can balance out.  


  • He goes further to explain that a business model that is guaranteed to succeed is one that trends up year after year and has no chance of saturation or too much competition. Anyone who has a background in business knows this statement is bull poop.  There is no way on earth, that you can find a business model that will never get saturated. The more people know about it, the more competition and saturation will increase. Anyone can see this is basic common sense.


  • He talks about building a 7 Figure online empire in just 2 years. This sounds amazing but it is also misleading to newbies who might think this can be duplicated, especially as he himself claims it to be a true possibility. He even claims that, he made 100K in his first 90 days of using his system. This statement should make any reasonable person think twice. 


The truth about Nick Peroni’s online profit system


This system is a five step training course that will help you build an online business as shown in the image below. Since it is available online, you can buy this course and use it anywhere in the world.

The lessons are in video format and will teach you some online marketing techniques; nothing unique or out of the box. No top secret system, just another guy trying to sell you into buying his system.

If you decide to join this program, go in expecting either to succeed or fail because nothing is guaranteed. As they clearly state at the bottom of their sales page; 


Any income claims or results that are shared are based on real-life experiences that actually happened. The only variable in this training is YOU, which is why we can make no guarantees of any amount of money you might make. Your success with this training is completely dependent on whether you are willing to follow the system and be consistent. All results shared here are not a promise of your earnings, because only you can determine what you earn.


So as you see, the above statement makes it clear that if you fail, it is your fault because you were unable to follow the course as expected. 


Bottom line


Nick Peroni’s online profit system has some merit to it. It gives you the right idea about online marketing; that it is hard. However, it lures you in with testimonials of overnight riches. 

These testimonials can give a new comer the wrong ideas. Also, the idea of a top secret method that is proven to succeed is BS. 


Nothing in marketing is certain. It is true that your efforts and methods matter but you will see that after you have learned the techniques of online marketing,  your effort is what will make the difference.

Like he himself said, there is no push button method. If you will like to learn about an alternate platform, where you can learn about online marketing for $0 as a beginner, click here. 


Fill out the form and start learning the basics for free. Take your time and browse through the program to see if it is what you are looking for.

The free trail does not expire, so you have no need to rush. Take time and learn what you can learn before deciding whether to upgrade or not. 


If you like it, you can upgrade to premium membership.


  1. Nick Peroni. Hmm

    This is one thing that is really repulsive about him. When you post something that is TRUE but it’s not right by him, he will delete your comment and block of his group and website. This has happened to lots of people.

    He is cofounder and co-owner of this fulfillment agency called Wiio and he promotes is heavily…which is fine.
    But what happened to me and lots of other people (and this is not a joke, it’s a serious manner), the company cost as lots of money and headache when trying to scale.
    I’ll give you one example. You place an order from Wiio. You pay for fast freight shipping which promises 5-8 days delivery with tracking. But in reality, the package never arrived sooner than 18 days, and some of them took to 45 days to deliver.
    And tracking? Non existent. Orders would be just marked as shipped. And that was all. After 20-30-40 days you have no idea where it is.
    Now imagine you scale a product and you have over 400 orders….
    And customer support? That is the biggest joke ever. You will get a response eventually, which will be the biggest non answer ever (“Please be patient. It will arrive.)
    Boy, was there a lesson to be learned there.

    But… when you answer someone question in group who inquires about Wiio fulfillment, and you respond to him how it really works, Nick Peroni IMMEDIATELY blocks your from the group.

    Great MORALS from great entrepreneur.

    1. Wow Olivia,
      Your experience with Nick Peroni is very scary. I won’t want that to happen to me. It will be a nightmare explaining be to your customers why their order is taking so long. Thanks for this feedback

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