1. It is obvious that you didn’t really understand what you were getting into when you started. Since Brunette Marketing only charges $87.95 to get the site you were mentioning, I’ve been working with them for a year and a half, learning how to become an online marketer. I have made money, but I needed to learn how first. You didn’t give yourself enough time to learn anything. Sorry, but it was your problem, not theres.

    1. You’re right Toni that I didn’t understand what I was getting into because if I did, I would never have joined to begin with.

      I never said you couldn’t make money from it. It’s the way you make that money that matters to me.

      My readers want to know what I think about the program so I wrote my review and I stand by it.

  2. Looking further into you site, I found out you work for Wealthy Affiliate. In other words, your reviews are bogus stabs at people other than your business. That is not the way a reputable business works. Your review site is a scam. Not the businesses you are unfairly and disreputably panning. Learn to be honest!

    1. Yes I am an affiliate of wealthy affiliate as I am an affiliate of many other reputable programs online.

      No, I don’t work for them, I work for myself.

      When I refer people to wealthy affiliate, I don’t tell them they will make thousands in weeks.

      I don’t flash them with fancy cars and houses. I tell them it will require determination and hardwork to succeed and even then, there’s a chance they might not succeed.

      If brunette marketing worked for you, good and fine. You have every right to aknowledge it just as I will aknowledge that wealthy affiliate has worked for me.

      Best regards

  3. Hi Denise
    My name is Sharon Diges & I am also an affiliate at Wealthy Affiliate. Before Wealthy Affiliate unfortunately for me I tried Rory Ricord & Brunette Marketing. It was a total waste of time & money and I am ever so grateful that I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.
    Unlike Rory Ricord there are no promises of thousands of dollars if you follow like a sheep to the slaughter. There is just great training, honest hard work & building a reputation & business online doing affiliate marketing. By the way, Rory Ricord didn’t invent link marketing, all he invented was a plagerized term for it.
    The only thing I learned at my time with Rory Ricord was what not to do in affiliate marketing.
    I love this website, it’s very professional and so are you!

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