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Liveops is mainly a cloud contact center and customer service solutions company. They serve a wide range of industries, including the financial, high-tech, retail, healthcare, and insurance sectors.

To keep up with business needs, they hire highly qualified agents who work with speed and efficiency with a customers first approach.

Liveops was established in 2001 and since then has bloomed into a huge marketplace for call center workers.

The company links more than 20,000 independent call center agents with businesses around the world and has processed over 100 million customer service interactions.

Latetly, Liveops was awarded the prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Award for “Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility.”

Liveops is very dedicated to environmental sustainability by managing the “world’s largest cloud contact center,” providing opportunities for reduced fuel consumption and office space expenses.

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Liveops maintains additional offices in Dayton, Ohio; Portland, Oregon; and Redwood City, California.

They frequently offers work-from-home positions in the areas of customer service, medical and health, insurance, and sales.

Liveops prides itself on maintaining a creative, passionate, collaborative, and calculated risk-taking employment environment.

In the past, Liveops has hired for both full-time and part-time, telecommuting positions throughout the United States.

Learn more about Liveops’ flexible work options in this video or read about the company’s efforts to move flexible work forward at 1MFWF!

How does liveops work?

Applications are submitted online. Visit the Before You Apply page so you can get yourself familiar with the whole thing and all the requirements.

They have a $60 application fee which takes care of background checks and other administrative processes.

If you are hired, you will have a two to three weeks training online. Training is unpaid.

You are also required to take a few hours of continuing education online every month (also unpaid).

You pick your shift and days and you work from home. Pay is usually per call time and is about $0.25/minute (it can be higher depending on the company you are working with).

When it’s time to get paid, it’s your responsibility to submit your invoice using the LIveOps platform.

Payments are made by LiveOps (not by your clients) and can be made by check or direct deposit twice a month.

Job requirements

  • A distraction free and quiet work area
  • You need to complete their certification course (the course is free and you are not compensated for the time you take it)
  • A dedicated phone line
  • A fast internet connection and windows computer (their system is not compatible with apple computers)
  • You must live in the US and be older than 18
  • A background check
  • Voice audition

Type of calls include:

  • Inbound sales: this usually begins the sales process for a company or takes the sale from start to finish.
  • Customer service: Here, you answers calls from customers of retailers, banks, and other companies with questions or with a specific task in mind.
  • Insurance sales: You will need to be a licensed insurance agent.
  • Insurance claims: Involves handling calls for insurance companies from people that need make claims.
  • Technical support: You will help customers with computer setup, software downloads and tons of other technical problems they encounter with their products.
  • Roadside assistance: decipher what the emergency is and get the right service to their location.
  • Healthcare: questions, comments, and concerns about medications or other medical services.
  • Payroll support: helping employees submit their timecard or resolving payroll problems.
  • Food Order taking: taking orders for take-out or pizza on busy nights (very high call volume).

Pros of working for Liveops

  1. Flexible work schedule makes for excellent life work balance (however, there is a minimum weekly hour required for you to stay active. It is different for each client).
  2. Working from home means less time in traffic and more time at home with the family
  3. They pay on time and resolve any issues with invoicing very quickly
  4. Depending on the line group you are representing, you can be paid as high as $25 an hour.
  5. You can make significantly more by working over night and odd shifts that many people shy away from.
  6. They offer, medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, matching 401 k program, tuition assistance, flexible vacation and career development.

Cons of working for Liveops

  1. The pay is not so great; usually $0.25/call munite
  2. Initial and subsequent training are all unpaid
  3. They have many agents which makes it hard to have full time hours. This is more of a side job.
  4. You need to pay for your background check
  5. There is delayed support if you have questions by the email system (In real-time you can ask an Agent Services Rep, but they are only able to provide standardized responses).

Liveops utilizes pipeline listings in their hiring process. This means a single job posting can represent a substantial number of openings.

Bottom line

If you are looking for a side job, Liveops is a great place. You can choose your own schedule.

They offer unpaid training via a certification program and also offer continued education once hired.

You are an independent contractor when you work at Liveops.  The pay is OK and can be better if you work odd hours and over night hours.

If you are a business mind and want to learned how to start your own business from scratch for little or nothing, visit to find out. 

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