Robin Moore work at home program

I'm humbled and very happy you dropped by today. I am Denise, married mom of four adorable kids. I started this website with the goal of writing as many reviews as I can about several popular work at home programs. To help people looking for legitimate work from home programs find one. As a victim of online scam, I feel it very important to expose as many scams as I can in my reviews. I hope your visit today was rewarding. Come again soon. You can always leave me a message in the contact us box at the bottom of the page. Thanks for dropping by

2 thoughts on “Robin Moore work at home program

  1. I would like a refund for Robert King. I bought you r program twice for$97 each. I would like it if you put it in my credit card. Thank you thats all

    1. You must not have read my review at all. If you had, you would have realized that I do not recommend joining the Robin Moore work at home program. I believe this program is a scam.

      I am sorry to hear that you have fallen for this scam twice. I am not sure how you can get your money back.

      You could try clickbank if they are listed there. Otherwise, your money if gone. Please read between the lines before you join programs that make unreasonable promises about money. They are usually scams.

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