Is mark ling a scam? The affilorama review

If you are thinking that the step towards making money online ends with building a website you will be in for a rude awakening.

Experienced online entrepreneurs spend so much time and money learning how to make money every day. There are many online education platforms that teach budding entrepreneurs and old ones how to make a continues stream of income online.

One of such platforms you will come across in your efforts to hit the online goldmine is Affilorama. If you have discovered it and are worrying if it’s a legit online business or not, come with me and let’s find out.


What is Affilorama all about?

Affilorama is a membership site founded by Mark Ling. It teaches its member’s affiliate marketing and provides them access to money making products. It is a site with free and premium membership opportunities and you are offered one month discount to try the premium account for $1 after which you will be billed $67 at the expiration of the trial period.

However, if you wish to opt out of premium service, you are allowed to keep your free membership but with limited features.

A premium member has access to proprietary services which will enable you to earn income as a member. You will also have the tools to take your money making efforts to the next level. Therefore, if your concern is having the best affiliate marketing product, Affilorama is a good choice you want to try.

To some people, Affilorama is a scam while others see it as legit and will tell you how lucrative the program has been for them. We want you to understand the true nature of the business, and this Affilorama review will reveal if it is legit or scam.


How is Affilorama Designed?

Affilorama is structured to give everyone a free option to assess the program before paying the premium fee. Apart from the free membership program, there are other packages including Affilo Blueprint, Affilo JetPack, Affilotheme designed that offer different levels of training and give members more opportunities to understand affiliate marketing and develop skills to run their affiliate businesses.

After the free membership offer, you can test the premium package for $1 for a month. After you have gained traction in your affiliate marketing program, you can also decide to subscribe to other packages listed above for advanced and tailored skill building at extra costs.

Overall, Affilorama is tailored to build its members’ skills in affiliate marketing. Irrespective of your affiliate marketing status, everyone will have something useful to take away from this program.

Is Affilorama affiliate legit?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions in online marketing these days. From my assessment of Affilorama, I would recommend it to anyone looking for a great affiliate marketing product to invest their money in.

The reason for my recommendation is because Affilorama made its agenda clear enough for anyone wanting a legit program to decide for or against it. It has a free offer and also a one-month premium discount for just $1. If after the trial period you feel this is not for you, you are allowed to cancel your premium subscription and still retain your free membership.

Therefore, there is nothing scam or arm-twisting about it. You either go for it or leave it. You have all the cards opened on the table, and you choose what you want.

While some members are satisfied with the benefits they get from Affilorama, you are likely to hear other members complaining about the product. Well, this is life, and if you listen to them, you will learn about their grievances concerning the product.

For the benefit of this Affilorama review, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of Affilorama.

Pros and cons of Affilorama affiliate program

Affilorama comes with some advantages that will spur anyone with some understanding of affiliate marketing to go for it. A few of these pros are listed below.


  • Free membership offer to test the program before investing your money
  • One month $1 discount offer to try premium offer before paying full cost of $67 a month
  • Affiliate marketing forum for additional support to members
  • Avalanche of video training tutorials to facilitate easy understanding of affiliate marketing business
  • Get up to 15 domains as part of web hosting package for premium members
  • Access to successful affiliate to answer any affiliate marketing questions you may have
  • Practical guide to build members from ground up

CONS: These are some disadvantages I can think of about the system

  • Limited training for free membership offer
  • Outdated training which may cause getting penalized by Google
  • Delayed support when needed most
  • The advanced up sell products are expensive

The cons side notwithstanding, Affilorama still has a better positive side that makes it a versatility program in making money online. What we need to look at is how Affilorama conducts its training and who stands to benefit more?

Premium training

As may be expected, Affilorama core training is in the premium products. When you subscribed to its premium membership, you stand to get more tools and training that will open you more to the world of affiliate marketing activities.

However, the premium training may be more advantageous to newbies who are just learning the rope in affiliate marketing than it would benefit the experienced entrepreneurs.

I am not saying expert online marketers may not have anything to gain from the program, but more things that will be covered will be a familiar terrain for veteran affiliates.

However, if you are on shaky ground as an experienced affiliate, buying Affilorama affiliate premium may be good for you. Of course, you have the discount offer to test the water for a month if it’s what you want to spend some time learning.

Apart from the premium training, you have other Affilorama products you can buy. There are Affilo Blueprint and Affilo Jet Pack designed to teach more advanced affiliate marketing training and strategies you will find very appropriate for advanced level affiliate marketing.


I like to sound a note of warning for anyone intending to use Affilo advanced strategies and tactics to make sure whatever is done complies with standing rules of Google as some of the complaints with Affilo strategies, especially backlink building techniques is that they do not go with current Google updates.

I am not suggesting illegality or black-hat strategies, but they are simply outdated tactics which were released in early 2012 and not so relevant today; that may incur the wrath of Google.

What do you get in the addition premium membership products?

Affilo Blueprint 

Affilo Blueprint 3.0 membership is designed for beginners and intermediate marketers who need basic affiliate understanding and costs $197. The product comes with 85 videos that explain some 13 lessons in affiliate marketing. It teaches from how to find your niche to creating your first website and generating organic traffic.

You will also learn basics of WordPress, handling WordPress themes and handling marketing strategies.

Affilo Jetpack

Affilo JetPack teaches more advanced online marketing features. You have to select 5 out of 10 niche packages and come with three ebooks for each niche it teaches. This product aims at helping you promote Mark Ling affiliate products and happen to be the costliest of all the up sell products costing $497.

Affilo Themes

AffiloThemes Package offers one-year free hosting and training on its use.  This product is the most advertised of the three up sell along with Affilo Premium costing $97.  This package is the flagship of Affilo products, and it provides the tools to build outstanding graphics for your website.


When you calculate all the premium offers, Affilorama product is one of the pricey offers on the internet today. But the interesting thing is that it offers good products you want to rate 9 out of 10 if you know that online business is not dependent only on your tutor but making your input to create a unique offer for the market you serve.

Affilorama affiliate gives you the basic knowledge to start making money online. If you are smart enough, you will need to make your input to build an offer that is unique and competitive.

I hope this review was helpful. If you will like to read a review of a competing product, click the link below for my # 1 recommendation for learning how to make money online.   

Cheers Denise

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