Go daddy web hosting review

Go daddy is one of the most popular domain name registrars there is. Go daddy offers a plethora of services for a range of prices. Some of the services it offers are domain name registration, single and bulk domain name search, domain broker, new domain name extensions, domain auction and listing, website builder, online store, web hosting, security and online marketing tools.


Go daddy offers clients a variety of options when it comes to searching  and purchasing a domain name. A domain name is like the address to your website; without which, people won’t be able to find your site on the web. You can search for domain names individually or as a bulk on go daddy. Go daddy usually offer discounts when domains are searched and bought in bulk.

When you search for a domain name on Go daddy, they use their extensive tools to help you find a suitable domain with various extensions. Go daddy currently has new domain name extensions such as .site, . online, .shop and .world.

You can even purchase a personal domain on Go daddy and link it to your social media accounts. You can transfer your domain name from go daddy to another website easily too.

When domain names expire, go daddy puts them on auction. You can place a bid on these domain names and they’ll be yours if you win the bid.

When you buy a domain on daddy with WHOIS, your ID is protected. Each domain purchase gives you the ability to get up to 100 professional emails and 100 subdomains.

Go daddy offers the services of a domain broker, who is someone who negotiates a deal on your behalf. In this case, the broker negotiate with the owner of a domain you like, in other to purchase it. If this person is willing to sell their domain, go daddy negotiates and gets the domain for you at the lowest price possible.

Domain names can range in price from about $0.99 to as high as 1000+  dollars, depending on the extention and it’s popularity.


Websites are very essential for any modern business. It is the place where customers will leave feedback about your product or services. This is where a lot of your income will be generated, especially if your business is online.

Go daddy has a website builder you can try for free to build your website. You can build a variety of websites, including wordpress websites. You can hire an expert at go daddy to help you build a professional website with all the finishing touches like logos and color schemes.

Web Hosting

Web hosting is like earth to home; with home beign your website and earth being the place your home sits on. Without web hosting, no one will be able to see your website on the internet.

Go daddy offers different kinds of hosting packages depending on your need. The basic or economic plan is $ 3.99 a month (now on sale, regular price is $ 7.99) and host one website. The deluxe and the ultimate plans are more expensive and host unlimited websites.

The web hosting platform alow you to install word processing plateforms like wordpress, drupal, joomla and more. You get 24/7 support with all of these webhosting packages.

Web security

To run a smooth online business, you need to have a secured website and your guest need to feel safe when they are using your website. Go daddy offers ssl certificates that allow you to securely collect payment by credit and debit cards from your customers. Their SSL package range in price from $ 59.99 for one website to 269.99 for multiple websites and all sub-domains.

They also offer site lock website security that keeps your site running fast and clean. This package range in price from $ 6.99 to $39.99 per month. Site lock keeps your site clean by routinely scanning for malware, blocking malware attack before they begin and detecting security gaps on your website.

Other services

Other services offered by go daddy include, email marketing, SEO services, social media management, online bookkeeping and local business listings.

Final thoughts

Go daddy is a great domain name registrar and they offer other online services too. If you are looking to add certain features to your website like ssl certificate, site lock and social media links, go daddy is a good place.

If you want a place where you can learn how to run a successful online business and build a free website; wealthy affiliate is the place to go. When you feel like upgrading, you can register a domain name and build your website all in one place. They have site security and 24/7 customer service all for one flat monthly fee of $49. You can try it for free today.

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