Entrepreneuringschool.com review; Is it Legit or Scam?

Today, the desire to create one’s own business, to be one’s own boss and to go after one’s project seems to be a strong desire among young and older people alike. So for the most motivated, why not consider training and giving yourself the keys to entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneuringschool.com is a new online program founded by Ken Taylor. It’s owner claims this program offers education to aspiring entrepreneurs. This is a very new program which was started in 2018. Ken Taylor is also the founder of 39 Consulting, LLC

Before Writing this review to determine whether the entrepreneuringschool.com program is legit or scam, I did a thorough research about Ken Taylor and did not find much to go on. 

This tells me that Ken Taylor might be new and much is not known about him. Also, there is not much in terms of reviews related to both of his programs. 

So this makes it very hard to tell if he and his programs are legit or scams but I will go through his programs and tell you what it is supposed to offer.

I will give you my opinion of how I feel about this program at the end. 

I am mostly a self taught entrepreneur; I learned from experience. However, in business, some experiences can be costly… It has been so sometimes to me and now I am a member of Wealthy affiliate, a renowned entrepreneurship training program.

With them, I have learned to make money faster and easier as an entrepreneur with relatively little financial investment. 

What is entrepreneuringschool.com all about?

On the home page, they explain how they will provide courses that will help you skip the waste of time, energy and money that are almost inevitable when you try it on your own.

Like I said, this school is very new but it seems to have some sound approach to the education of budding entrepreneurs.

This School focuses on an active pedagogy (Meaning you get to practice as you learn, instead of just learning and practicing only at the end of learning).

So rather than teaching only theory, which I have always criticized for traditional pedagogy, it focuses on concrete results. For me, this is a decisive argument, and it makes all the difference in starting a business!

They say this program is devoted to training the next generation of entrepreneurs. Their courses are Accessible and focused on building individual skills.

The school is geared to meeting your unique needs as an entrepreneur. They can supposedly help people from all walks of life, by providing an accessible, flexible and associative experience in an entrepreneurial environment.

They promise to accompany all their entrepreneurs everyday in the realization and progress of their business projects. They will be delighted to assist and support you with yours no matter what stage you are in the entrepreneur course.

Their intensive learning path focuses on the practice and to the implementation of your project. No matter what stage you are in, their courses will allow you to move to the next stage faster and more safely.

My take on entrepreneuringschool.com

Entrepreneuringschool.com state that they are experiencing a period of economic growth, and this is accompanied by a strong intention to start a business!

Yes many people are looking online to start a business to supplement their incomes so there is also a surge in the number of online training programs.

Some of these programs are legit while others are scams. It is hard to determine whether a program is legit or scam when there are no customer reviews available.

There are some testimony reported of people that show enthusiasm in the school but I worry. This program was only started in 2018 and there has been little or no reviews about it since it is so new.

I personally have not enrolled in this school as I am already a member of wealthy affiliate and I am very happy with their lessons and other tools.

Indeed, the number of young people intending to start a business online may have tripled as they state, and the ratio of women going from intention to action may have extremely increased too but there is no proof that these people will actually benefit from this program.

They say they will teach you to go from dream to reality because they will provide tools, workshops, and training to validate your business idea and make it a reality. So they promise to help you start your business on a solid foundation and maximize your chances of success.

Their courses will allow you to optimize specific aspects of your business, whether you are starting up, growing or transferring. They ask the question, “Why learn from your mistakes if you can learn from those of others?”

This all makes sense and if they do what they are promising and people actually benefit from it, then it will be a really good program to join. But until then, look before you leap because they have no trial membership; you are either in or out from the beginning. 

What Does Entrepreneuringschool.com promise to help you do?

  • If you are at business start-up stage, growing, or thinking about selling your business, they will help to build a business model. It will help you think about activities that add value to your business, position you against the competition, see your strengths and weaknesses, develop the basics of your strategies, etc.
  • If your business is active but has not yet reached its full potential? They will train you to excel in the various aspects of business management: strategic planning, digital solutions, accounting, finance, marketing, etc. Here you will be provided with the tools that will help you move to another level.
  • If you are considering the possibility of taking over a business or a franchise, Entrepreneuring school’s takeover lessons will offer excellent business opportunities, but you still need to find them. They will give you the tools to make informed decisions in preparation for the complex process of acquiring a business.

Three levels of Membership

Entrepreneuring school offers three training packages; masterclass, masterclass-plus and masterclass-premium

MasterClass ($499 to start)

This is what you should expect to get from this package;

  • Personalized worksheets
  • Written instructions
  • Video instructions
  • Audio instructions
  • Deeper Dive videos with more granular instructions about aspects of the course
  • Links to outside resources (some offering discounts)
  • The ability to ask questions about the material
  • The ability to post comments and connect with other first-time entrepreneurs
  • FAQs
  • Live Q&As
  • Access to a Private Facebook community to learn from, be inspired by, network and connect with fellow entrepreneurs

MasterClass Plus ($1499 to start and only 50 spots available) 

You will get the following

  • Everything in the MasterClass package
  • Four 1:1 coaching sessions with CEO and founder of Entrepreneuring School – Ken Taylor
  • Get detailed input and feedback on your business
  • Gain valuable guidance and insight on what the next steps are that you need to take
  • Leverage his years of experience to transform your business
  • Gain expert advice for building your business and your brand

MasterClass Premium ($2999 to start and only 25 spots available)

You will get the following

  • Masterclass PLUS as well as a custom branded WIX or Squarespace Website designed by Taylor Street Designs
  • Custom branding – colors, logos, imagery
  • Up to 5 pages of a custom designed website built on your choice of WIX or Squarespace platforms
  • Optimization of your site for mobile responsiveness and search engines
  • Training on your platform and website at launch so you will be able to manage and update your site moving forward
  • Access to Taylor Street designers for help 30 days post launch

They say the enrollment for the class of 2018 will end on October 15th.

Is Entrepreneuringschool.com worth it?

As I said earlier, I have not joined the program. Plus, they won’t launch till after October 2018 so at the time of this review, they have not launched yet.

I can’t say whether they are legit or a scam. I can however tell you that almost all the items they offer for $499 in their MasterClass package is offered free at Wealthy Affiliate. Click here to see for yourself. 

How do you know whether you can be an entrepreneur? There are certain traits, qualities, and values that most successful entrepreneurs have in common in that their business expands. But before you know this, you need to try it first and it is better to do this on a platform that allows free membership for those who are not sure yet.

With Entrepreneuring school you have to pay upfront. They say, Entrepreneur is a life of risk-taking and rewards, but the risk-taking must be rightfully done to attract rewards.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate will help you understand that every entrepreneur needs to balance independence with community. Self-reliance is good but it is better if you do it right with help from the right place or person.

If you are interested in starting a franchise, entrepreneuring school might be able to help you with the following topic;

  • How to Mitigate Risk

To start up an enterprise, you must bear in mind that you will be faced with a lot of risks most especially financial ones.

This course provides you with all the basic knowledge needed to combat those risks like financial shortages and business collapse.

It makes you understand that you have to plan your business, make savings to be used during tough times, diversify your income, ensure your business and all other things you need to know before venturing into any business.

  • Where and How to Get Funding

Many people have had an entrepreneurial dream that is not realizable to them due to capital. Most of them don’t even know where to get funding. Those that know might not know how to go about it.

Entrepreneuring school supposedly offers lessons to help you get your business funded any time, anywhere. This topic will give you instructions on how and where to get funding easily.

  • How to Position Your Brand?

Positioning your brand plays an important role in the growth of every business. This topic will supposedly provide you with all the things you need to know about making your products unique and attractive enough to draw customers.

In all these topics listed above, course materials will be made available to you. They also make provisions of all other things like task checklists that will help you know the effectiveness and efficiency of the steps you take towards building your business.

There are supposedly more topics within the launching your business course. You will be provided with a series of workshops that will lead you through in getting your own business started.

The workshops are 5 in number with 15 lessons that will qualify you to launch your business only after you must have finished the whole of the 15 lessons.


Bottom line

Those course materials listed above are not guaranteed. The information I have given on this page are gathered from their website. This are the things they promise to provide you with when you join the course.

You can see that spots are limited for the plus and premium memberships. Also, in 2018 registration ends in October. This programs maybe easy or complicated. I can’t tell until I have reviewed customer reviews from actual members. 

Entrepreneuringschool.com claims to set the pace that others tend to learn from simply because they talk about launching a business while others talk about starting a business.

Well the word launch and start are synonyms and I doubt that one is better than the other.

Anyway, If you are an actual student of this program, please leave us a review. Let people know if they keep to their words and whether the program actually works or not. Thanks 

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