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CIENCE Technologies Review


CIENCE Technologies provides B2B lead generation services through machine-powered and human-driven solutions. It is a process that starts with customized research involving the target audience of a business before moving to a multi-channel outreach effort.



Through appointment-setting and best practice establishment, the SDR through this agency creates personalized sales funnels for each prospect. These structures generate more meetings to discuss opportunities.

The goal of CIENCE Technologies is to create more targeted leads through a predictable pipeline. This structure results in higher revenues because the model provides the maximum level of results through cost-effective structures.



Does this lead generation company create new sales conversations, or does their marketing language fall short of the finish line?



Benefits of Choosing SCIENCE Technologies


When your B2B company chooses to work with CIENCE Technologies, several benefits become possible through the services provided.



The first advantage is the depth of knowledge the team provides with SDR and lead generation. You receive a weekly call (depending on the service package chosen) to review the performance of the outreach efforts. Changes can happen at that time if any directional changes are necessary because of this process.



That means you are always working with humans. Although CIENCE Technologies uses machine-powered data to generate brand-specific information to encourage better lead generation, your interface is continuous with an assigned specialist. This structure makes it much easier to relate to the outcomes, creating a relationship that makes it feel like you are part of a team.



The entire process with CIENCE Technologies is transparent. Your brand and business know what is happening every step of the way. When you have questions about what is happening with your bespoke campaign, the designated representative to your account gets the answers needed immediately.



Do I Need to Have Lead Generation Services?



The fastest way to fuel new business opportunities is to invest in lead generation. This practice is the art of finding new prospects through implementable marketing activities. These teams work to find the best opportunities – and that is the service that CIENCE Technologies provides.



If you don’t have an in-house marketing team, approaching CIENCE Technologies with your needs could help you to start finding new sales opportunities. Since over 60% of B2B marketers already believe that finding high-quality leads is one of the most significant challenges of their work, hiring a team familiar with these processes can make sense.



The success that is possible through CIENCE Technologies depends on where your business is right now. Companies that are still in the startup phase or unfamiliar with their marketplace may not benefit from these lead generation services because they don’t know who to target. When your definitions for success are fluid, this lead-gen effort doesn’t have room to find success.



Your company may also not be in a position where lead generation services are necessary. CIENCE Technologies works on the first half of your sales pipeline to create improved communication structures. That means the services include marketing targets, working qualified leads, and directing the initial sales process by encouraging value proposition discussions.



It is up to you to host the sales meeting, discuss the proposal, and close. Anyone struggling with the final half of the pipeline is going to find it challenging to progress the qualified leads from the top portion.



CIENCE Technologies can improve the first half of your sales funnel. If that isn’t a need you have right now, it may not be the right investment at this moment.


Issues to Consider with CIENCE Technologies



When you hire CIENCE Technologies for your prospecting and SDR requirements, the team with whom you work isn’t always in-house. Although a core team provides the research and data your company needs for better lead generation, a specific level of uncertainty in the relationship still exists. There is a risk, however small, that your IP or proprietary techniques could get into the hands of someone who could damage your brand.



This process is one that takes a lot of time. The extensive onboarding process that you’ll go through takes at least 90 days to complete. Although this approach to business generates a lot of positive outcomes because it enables CIENCE Technologies to understand your brand, it is essential to remember that instant results aren’t going to happen with this service.



If you operate in the B2C sales segment or function in any other space other than B2B, the services provided by CIENCE Technologies are not going to be beneficial. This company specializes in delivering custom sales funnels that bring more leads directly to your brand.



Your business may also see that the efforts offered by this lead generation company don’t always work on the first rollout. You go through frequent testing and retesting to get all of the kinks out of the system. Most clients start to see results with CIENCE Technologies late in the first year of their contract.



The timing of the meetings or contacts with this lead generation company could also be a struggle for some. Although the teams are available during regular business hours for most agencies, the group operates in Ukraine. That means some adaptability may be necessary because their work happens outside of when you are in the office at times.



Pricing to Expect with CIENCE Technologies



CIENCE Technologies uses a people-as-a-service (PaaS) model for providing services. That means you receive four unique approaches to the sales funnel building work that your brand and business require.



You can choose from an SDR team, inbound SDR only, research, and an unlimited service called CIENCE Now.



The company doesn’t post any specific prices on their website. You must choose the plan you prefer and fill out contact information. That means it can be challenging to budget the actual expenses for lead generation, but this structure also speaks to the customized approach that the company takes to providing services.



Verdict on the Services Provided By CIENCE Technologies



When you choose to work with CIENCE Technologies, the relationship built isn’t based on a plug-and-play model. It is up to your company to deliver a strategy that works to generate a more persuasive sales funnel for future prospects.



You must also provide them with whatever email copy they need to begin running the campaign on your behalf. That process includes a compelling call-to-action that can deliver results. Their team can tweak things as necessary to make the methods work, but you are going to be handling more of the work than you may realize after hiring this lead generation company.



Most B2B companies will find the cost of hiring CIENCE Technologies to be cheaper than bringing on a full-time staff member to do the work in-house. You can take a scalable approach, function as a small provider, or pursue whatever goals you prefer with the bespoke nature of this business.



If you don’t have time to be marketing full-time, CIENCE Technologies gives you a chance to oversee a pipeline of qualified leads. You can still execute your core strategies with confidence, knowing that your outreach efforts are always pushing forward. Although the handoff period can be somewhat awkward at times, the lead generation results speak for themselves.



Any B2B company looking to create more leads should take the time to speak with CIENCE Technologies. It will be time well-spent.


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